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Will the world end in 2012? No, it won't.

Will there be a major cataclysm in 2012? Quite possibly.

Although this book concentrates on a potential global catastrophe at a random date within our immediate future, there are three powerful arguments for that date being Dec 21, 2012. I present them here, not as certainties, but as possibilities worth considering.

2. The Mayan Calendar

The Maya

The Maya civilisation inhabited a region encompassing southern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize & western Honduras, and flourished between the third and tenth centuries AD, but by 1200 AD their society had collapsed for reasons we can only guess at. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived, descendants still occupied the area, and still spoke the Mayan language, but were unaware of the cities their forefathers had created.

It wasn't until the late 18th century that explorers first investigated the dense Guatemalan rainforest and came across plazas, monoliths, temples and pyramids, each decorated with pictures and hieroglyphs. The ancient Maya had been keeping historical records - using a script which mixed ideographic and phonetic elements. Some of their writing still exists on stelae (stone monuments) that recount civil events and record their calendric and astronomical knowledge.

Spanish Conquest

Diego de Landa was a Spanish priest who visited Mexico on a charitable mission, became the Franciscan provincial of Yucatán in 1561 and is infamous for his destruction of priceless Maya documents and artefacts.

Although Landa was very interested in the Mayan culture, he abhorred certain aspects of their practices, particularly human sacrifice. In July 1562, when evidence of human sacrifice was found in a cave containing sacred Maya statues, a bout of religious self-righteousness saw Landa order the destruction of five thousand idols. He decided that their books were also the devil's work and saw to it that they were burned, with only three books surviving.  Consequently the majority of Mayan knowledge and history was lost. 

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

Yet despite his actions, we are also indebted to Landa for his acute and intelligent opus on Mayan life and religion, Relación de las cosas de Yucatán (1566), which remains the classical text on Mayan civilisation. This book, which was not printed until 1864, provided a phonetic alphabet that made it possible to decipher roughly one-third of the remaining Mayan hieroglyphs.

The most important of the surviving books was what is now called the Dresden Codex, named after the city where it was lodged. It is a strange book, inscribed with hieroglyphs, which no one understood until 1880. At that time Ernst FØrstemann, a German scholar who worked at the same Dresden library, managed to crack the code of the Mayan calendar making it possible for other academics to translate the many dated inscriptions found on buildings, stelae and other ancient Mayan artefacts.

He discovered that the Codex contained detailed astrological tables, which calculated the year to be 365.2420 days long, more accurate than the Julian calendar that we use today. The tables were used exclusively by the Mayan astronomers to predict the solstices and equinoxes, the path of the planets in our solar system, the cycles of Venus and Mars, and other celestial phenomena.

Other information we have today has been gleaned from the Popol Vuh and Chilam Balam - books written just after the Spanish arrived. The knowledge found in these books and codices, combined with the uncovering of mysterious pyramids, demonstrate that the Maya had an intelligence to rival the Greeks and Egyptians.

Mayan Calendar

The life of the Maya revolved around the concept of time. Priests were consulted on civil, agricultural and religious matters, and their advice would be derived from readings of the sacred calendars. Time was of such importance that children were even named after the date on which they were born.

Maya math uses only three symbols - a shell-shaped glyph for zero, a dot for one and a bar for five to represent units from zero to 19. For instance, the number 13 was represented as three dots and two bars.

Zero was an advanced concept in those days, something that the Romans were not aware of. Yet the Maya were comfortable enough with it to use a shell as its symbol, a tangible object representing an abstract concept. The Maya also used metrical calculation and place numeration, which were very clever for a culture that didn't use the wheel!

Although they had many calendars, they marked the passage of time with three cycles that ran in parallel.

The first is the scared calendar known as the Tzolkin. It combines the numbers from 1 through 13 with a sequence of 20 day-names. It works in a similar manner to our named days of the week, and their date within each month. So you might have 5-Chikchan (like our Sunday the 5th) followed by 6-Kimi (as we would have Monday the 6th). After 260 days the same number/name combination will re-occur, and the calendar starts anew. Their use of the vigesimal (base 20) numbering system probably relates to fingers and toes, whereas the 13 nicely fits the growth phase of the moon which isn't visible when new and appears full for two days on end, thus appearing to have a 13 day growth cycle. Alternatively, the length of the Tzolkin may be related to the human gestation period of nine months (273 days). It has been suggested that 260 days is the time between a woman suspecting her pregnancy (she doesn't menstruate) and when she gives birth.

The second is the agricultural calendar known as the Haab, or vague year. It consists of 18 months, each of 20 days. An addition of a five-day month (a period of apprehension and bad luck named Uayeb) gives us 365 days, an approximation of a year. This calendar's primary purpose was to keep track of the seasons, for seasonal and solar events would occur on roughly the same day of each year. The Maya were aware of the annual quarter day discrepancy, but it is not known if they ever did anything about it.

These two independently running calendars each begin again every 260 and 360+5 days. However, every 52 years they coincide:

"The Tzolkin and the Haab ran concurrently, like intermeshed cog-wheels, and to return to any given date, 52 years, or 18,980 days, would have to elapse (because both 365 x 52 and 260 x 73 = 18,980). In other words, the Tzolkin would make 73 revolutions and the Haab 52, so that every 52 calendar years of 365 days one would return to the same date. A complete date in this 52-year cycle might be, for example, 2 1k 0 Pop (2 1k being the position of the day in the Tzolkin, 0 Pop the position in the Haab). Fifty-two years would pass before another 2 1k 0 Pop date returned.

It was expected that the world would end at the completion of a 52-year cycle. At this time, among the Mexica in the Valley of Mexico, all fires were extinguished, pregnant women were locked up lest they be turned into wild animals, children were pinched to keep them awake so that they would not turn into mice, and all pottery was broken in preparation for the end of the world. In the event the gods decided to grant man another 52 years of life on earth, however, a night time ceremony was held in which the populace followed the priests through the darkness over a causeway to the top of an old extinct volcano that rises abruptly from the floor of the basin of Mexico, known today as the Hill of the Star, the hill above Ixtapalapa. There, with all eyes on the stars, they awaited the passage of the Pleiades across the center of the heavens, which would announce the continuation of the world for another 52 years. When the precise moment came, a victim was quickly sacrificed by making a single gash in his chest and extracting the still palpitating heart. In the gory cavity the priests, with a fire drill, kindled a new flame that was quickly carried by torches across the lake to the temple in Tenochititlan, and from there to all temples and villages around the lake. This was known as the New Fire Ceremony among the Mexica, and in some way this same completion and renewal of each 52-year cycle was recognized by all Mesoamericans."[i]                    

This is not unlike how the end of the last millennium may have felt for many Christians or doomsday cult followers.

Our modern Western calendar was first introduced in Europe in 1582.  It was based upon the Gregorian calendar, which calculated the Earth's orbit to take 365.25 days.  This was 0.0003 of a day per year too much, but still exceptionally accurate for scientists living over 400 years ago.

The Mayan calendars were derived from those of their predecessors, the Olmec, whose culture dates back at least 3,000 years.  Without the instruments of 16th century Europe, these Central American locals managed to calculate a solar year of 365.2420 days, just 0.0002 of a day short.  More accurate than the Europeans, and much earlier.

The Long Count

A Mayan date utilises three calendars. The third calendar, known as the "long count", is a continuous record of days that starts over every 5000 years or so. The current Long Count began in 3114 BC. And it will end very soon.

A typical Mayan date looks like this:, 3 Cimi 4 Zotz

4 Zotz is the Haab date.

3 Cimi is the Tzolkin date. is the Long Count date.

The basic unit is the kin (day), which is the last component of the Long Count. Going from right to left the remaining components are:

  • unial........1 unial = 20 kin = 20 days
  • tun..........1 tun = 18 unial = 360 days = approx. 1 year
  • katun.......1 katun = 20 tun = 7,200 days = approx. 20 years
  • baktun.....1 baktun = 20 katun = 144,000 days = approx. 394 years

            The kin, tun, and katun are numbered from 0 to 19.

            The unial are numbered from 0 to 17.

            The baktun are numbered from 1 to 13.


The Long Count is a great cycle of 13 baktuns (roughly 5,126 years), where the use of 13 may again represent the growth of the moon from new to full. The current cycle began on 4 Ahau 8 Cumku which correlates to Aug. 13, 3114 BC.

In Mayan mythology each Long Count cycle is a world age in which the gods attempt to create pious and subservient creatures.

The First Age began with the creation of the Earth, and it had upon it vegetation and living beings. Unfortunately, because they lacked speech, the birds and animals were unable to pay homage to the gods and were destroyed. In the Second and Third Ages the gods created humans of mud and then wood, but these also failed to please and were wiped out. We are currently in the Fourth and Final Age, the age of the modern, fully functional human. Is it possible that these Ages referred to evolutionary change? If they did, then what might occur when the current age finishes on December 21, 2012?

Why 2012:

1. Introduction
2. Mayan Calendar
Next >>> 3. Fractal Time and the I Ching
4. Galactic Alignment


Discuss Survive 2012 at our forum

Give the author your thoughts, and discuss any 2012 ideas with others, at 2012 Forum


Comments from Visitors

you guys are very weird i dont even know how your calendar works and im doing a school project.
(30.03.2004, 13:27)

A. Gamboa:
I read a book about this, and I am basing my extended essay on the mayan calendar so can you send me some more information please.
(01.04.2004, 13:54)

i have read a book called pole shift several years ago and between that book and what i have read here i believe that a pole shift is probable although i do not know when
(06.04.2004, 11:51)

Good site, very stimulating! Thanks for sharing! I have something of interest to add...the lost classical Mayan civilization may have further lessons to teach modern humanity. I saw a PBS special "Lost In Time", where archaeologists made a good case for their current theory that the classic Mayans didn't disappear as suddenly as once thought (perhaps over a couple of centuries), and that their society's disappearance was most likely due to overpopulation and destruction of their local environment, resulting in widespread famine and their downfall. A situation which is sadly similar to the plight of modern farmers in the same area of modern Copan, who are rapidly breeding and slashing-and-burning their way towards another implosive ecological disaster--the current plight of our entire Earth in microcosm. That said, I do believe in the validity of the date of 2012. I have had compelling dreams about that date. I feel very strongly that *something* (or a collection of "somethings") will happen then, something indescribable. The end of the world? Probably not. The end of time? That's more intriguing to me. How would a humanity living outside of time express itself? But I think we'll have plenty of "wake-up" challenges prior to that date. One thing seems sure to me--through this bottleneck of history, humanity will either pass trimphant to our next stage of evolution, or become the fossil fuels of far-future species to follow us.
(07.04.2004, 04:51)

dirk burkinson:
this is going to rule
(12.04.2004, 14:28)

We are ascending to a higher consciousness, A greater understanding of Who we Really are...An awakening We are moving into the Fifth Dimention. A world of Peace and Tranquility. Rolling Hills, green meadows and the smell of sweat grass....We are Ascending..
(13.04.2004, 01:43)

12/21/2012 will be my 46th birthday and quite possibly my last. It will definitely be one to remember.
(13.04.2004, 16:44)

Dirk Burkinson:
yeah, i so agree that the world is going to be filled with peace and free love after the cataclysm, NOT! dude its a cataclys meaning billions die, its going to be filled with and destruction which is sweet. much better than love and all that hippy crap
(15.04.2004, 14:11)

Why us and why 2012 to me it is so creepy and exciting at the same time but I better start acting very good!
(17.04.2004, 18:43)

I won't even get to finish college ,be a vet , get married and have kids by the time comes .............well that just stinks!
(17.04.2004, 18:47)

This is truth, it maybe your's, but every man must find his own truth. Every answer to every question is inside your soul. Ask yourself the right questions and your brain will search for the answers. This apocaplyse as the greeks called it was inevietable.
(17.04.2004, 23:44)

if each long count cycle is aprox. 5000 years and the 1st cycle began w/ the creation of the earth and we are nearing the end of the 4th cycle, that would put the creation of the earth at about 20,000 years ago. problem?
(18.04.2004, 10:32)

Im glad the world is ending while im alive. It would be cool to be the last generation on earth.
(19.04.2004, 16:36)

that is tru... but who would know we were tyhe last generation alive after were gone?
(21.04.2004, 12:08)

This is so scary and though ppl don't believe it i do. I'm scared but i think we should just live life at its fullest b/c who knows maybe tomorrow we will die. Man i'm only going to be 24 my baby sister won't even have her quinceanera i won't even have kids it SUCKS.
(25.04.2004, 21:30)

Tonui Andrew:
2012AD may the beginning of a new dispensation, a period of prosperity and wealth as prophesied by Isaiah 65:17-24. To the christians it may be a period when the six thousand years from Adam and Eve is being completed, a start of the 7th millenium of peace when the dragon, that ancient serpent- that is the Devil or Satan- will be chained for a thousand years, so that he could not deceive the nations any more until the thousand years were over. After he must let loose for a little while. (Revelation 20:1-3). - Nostradamus, the French prophet Michel de Nostredame of the 1500s who was of a Jewish decent, a later convert from Judaism to christianity; had prophesied, - ( century 10, number 74) - the year of the great number seven - it appears during the games of slaughter - not far from the new millenium - when the dead will come out of their graves - - To the Jewsseven is a number of completions, a symbolic number of rest. Considering its happening at the dawn of a new millenium could this then be 2012AD? Alas the new dispensation will be preceded by war(games of slaughter) and a strange phenomenon, the raising of the dead.
(26.04.2004, 00:09)

ok first of all i dont believe a single damn thing u guys say on this site. I agree with that c: dude if each long count cycle is aprox. 5000 years and the 1st cycle began w/ the creation of the earth and we are nearing the end of the 4th cycle, that would put the creation of the earth at about 20,000 years ago. Modern science has known that the earth was created over 26million ago before a single human was even created so the entire beginning of earth was 20,000 is a bunch of balogna. Even though their calander has been right for the past thousands of years wat makes u think its gonna happen?? A stupid piece of stone that says a portal will open and a guy looking like a serpent will come out. Second of all though we might have wars the dead will NEVER rise unless so crazy scientist makes a syrum stuff to bring them back to life. So for my conclusion this 2012 stuff is a whole bunch of hockus pockus. But hey this is only my opinion and i guess we'll see when it does come!
(29.04.2004, 06:56)

Robert H. Thornley:
I am glad that I will be able to enjoy at least one year of retirement before the world ends. I do not mind. It is time.
(29.04.2004, 22:45)

ill live through it.
(01.05.2004, 09:14)

Matt, you're mistaken. - - There is no such animal as "your own truth". That's "belief". Faith, if you want. Not truth. Truth is quantifiable, solid and easily demonstrated as such. The fact is that we_don't_know why this calender ended with 2012. It doesn't mean anything. So far...
(01.05.2004, 17:12)

well if we make this theory of the mayan calendar n bliblical matter toguether well we are near to the end. the aticrist revelation and well here in california()well lotory numbers for june 6 1996 wus 666 the birth of the anticrist well by 2012 the anticrist be 16 years old but well this is just a thought of a crazy man trying to b heard n well we'll see
(02.05.2004, 01:37)

2012 could very well mark the raising of the dead. To me that means cloning, the day we clone a human being. Another thought i had was Artificial intelegence, that would be the next form of evolution which could indeed make us obsolite. Just my thoughts i would put money on one of these.
(16.05.2004, 05:50)

Wojtek, Poland:
For anyone interested in the subject I suggest you read two books which are SOOO different in their approach to the 2012 problem - I wonder whether there is any way to tell who's right... One is "The Maya Factor" by Jose Arguelles. In it, the author argues that 2012 will mark a new enlightment and elevation of the soul. The other book (whose title escaped me now) is by Patrick Geryl and the author, with cool mathematical and astronomical precision, forewarns about the greatest cataclysm that Earth has ever experienced. Only a handful will survive and these are the ones (in my opinion) who will be the kernel of a new, advanced civilisation (advanced spiritually and metally, not just techologically).
(21.05.2004, 07:46)

Creepy...but exciting at the same time. I guess we'll just have to wait until that time comes and see what really happens.
(21.05.2004, 16:30)

(25.05.2004, 21:37)

john ramsey:
im scared
(27.05.2004, 12:45)

when this date come's to pass and nothing happens the sky doesn't open up, the dragon never shows it's face, will we then stop believing that we can just figure all this out? I hope so. THEY USE FEAR TO CONTROL US . DONT LET THEM SCARE YOU, ALL I KNOW IS THAT I REALLY DONT KNOW ANYTHING. THE TRUTH ISNT SO BAD.
(09.06.2004, 00:23)

so far, the only one close tho the truth around here is C.M...
(12.06.2004, 13:04)

michael weinstien:
dumbass people who really believ that somehow we are separate from the universe,and that we arent totally connected to the planets cycles,are like people who used to believe the earth was flat,the cycles are as clear as the moon full and new,the myans knew the timings the roman catholics tried as hard as possible to erase this culture-they failed utterly-and here we are the world didnt end on the year 2000....did it?so the chain of "events"unfold...look at the game david icke has outlined its pretty hard to deny the "reality" of the illuminati,the question is how to get rid of the billions of people....the end time could be the global nuclear "war" triggered by a super virus-financial global meltdown-ecological ....douglas gillete's book the shamans secret states otherwise
(15.06.2004, 17:10)

geoff Cur:
What if 2012 is the begining not the end. What if some people survive (talk to any Jahovas Witness, 144000 survive gods vengence), Nostradarmus's predictions go through to 3000 odd years, Edgar Casey will reincarnate in 2067. There are many more examples of predictions going beyond 2012. But many of the previous mentioned people have said that mankind will suffer a massive reduction in numbers (A good thing I think) because of his own stupidity. I for one would not be upset if 95% of the human race disappeared tomorrow.
(19.06.2004, 06:23)

Scientists created time travel in 1943 by accident, yet they did manage to master it by 1983, and they can't get the damn thing to get past 2012ad!! Psychics can't either!!!!!!!
(11.07.2004, 23:21)

non beleliver:
Scientists created time travel in 1943 by accident, yet they did manage to master it by 1983, and they can't get the damn thing to get past 2012ad!! Psychics can't either!!!!!!! - - next you will be saying that aliens have been abducting people for years - if time travel was possible dont ya think they would have brought back loads of new technology?????
(13.07.2004, 18:26)

Malaclypse the Tertiary:
The Maya were the descendants of the survivors of Atlantis- They would be the ones to know about these things. -p.s. we will run out of oil in about ten years- (go to and see for yourself.) coincidence? nope.
(16.07.2004, 03:25)

I too have found these facts in my own research and am excited to see others that are enlightened. There are more and more artifacts showing a great global civilization 10500 years ago. The Chineese Junks that were the size of aircraft carriers circled the oceans leaving huge round ancors found off the coast of Australlia, North America, and Africa. Two beutiful Burial masks made by the same artist with the same jade and gold thread for two emperors, one in China and one in Azteca. The placement of all the pyramids around the world match up with constellations: Egypt-Orion, Cambodia-serpant, ect.. A salor could tell what city he was going to by the constellation that reflected it. - What made ancient people so determined to build huge cities to the exact demensions of cosmic patterns as they were positioned in 8500B.C.? I believe there will be a major change in 2012. I have heard it translated to a major change in exsitance not simply the end of the world. Look up harmony in all the languages in the world, that word is pronounced stangly similar.
(19.07.2004, 21:33)

Listern, other theories in the past never came true so why now? You're talking about a civilitation which worshiped many strange Gods and dod bloody sacrafices and dances plus they don't excist anymore, hence the Mayan's were a bunch of crazys. There is also no scintific evidence into it anyway. The only thing that i think will happen in 2012 is the cosmic ray theory but it won't kill us all.
(23.07.2004, 06:08)

Spartean 03G:
What global effects could a polar switch incur? - 1. Field reversal so the standard magnetic flow through "all" Processors and electric devices with a set + and - - 2. A drop in gravity, If the spin of the earth was slowed down wouldn't centrifical force kepp us less attached... Hmm how would a civilization 600+ years ago move gigantic blocks of granite... well. - - 3. A solar flare colides with the Earth and causes equal effect as the initial asteroid that wipe out the dinosaurs X Million years ago and plunges us into a global ice age. - - 4. The animals will revolt and danger will arive for all those who mistreated animals.
(24.07.2004, 14:59)

david goodman:
During October at a national science convention, I am presenting evidence including three replications for a 260-day emotional cycle detected in an adult male. - Since the findings is so unprecedented, I am presenting the data for everyone to peruse. - Just thought that you would like to know. - - Sincerely, DAG
(26.07.2004, 08:27)

Rob Bast:
Spartean: - - Centrifugal force is not what keeps us on the ground, it is gravity. If the world stops spinning, gravity will remain the same.
(26.07.2004, 21:13)

Omar Kyamm Ravenhurst:
Oh you think the Mayans vanished do you? No, they flew the last of their Sakuna Airships to the NW coast of N America- there they became the Tlingit tribe, among others. Their traditions continue, although they hide their secrets. - oh, and yes, we're all screwed.
(27.07.2004, 23:37)

If you wish to refer to one of the bible code books that have been published over the last couple of years, you will find a section which claims to have decoded that an asteroid will hit the earth in 2012!! This appears to agree with the Maya Calendar.
(28.07.2004, 12:16)

I like what the comedian Bill Mahr (I don't think I have spelled his name right)said the other night on his program. "17% of Americans polled believe the world will end in their lifetime, compared to 1% in the 1980's. He feels it is incredibley narcisistic.(punchline) 'The world will end on my watch!'" I love it. - - Having been facinated by the existence of the universe and our interconnectedness to the whole I would like to remind people that we have gone through alignments before, and it's entirely possible that the Myans stopped calculating at the winter solstice 2012 because that was an infinite date at that time, kinda like the oversight of the millenium scare with the computers. I say just pick up where it left off for heavens sake! Certainly there can be a computer programed to perform this task with relative ease. If not, let's get on it. - - All of this fear mongering is a deversion away from okayness. Does anyone have any suggestions as to who, where, when, or how this computer program is or is being developed? - - Later, Interesting site. Sincerely, - Ellen of Wales, Citizen of the Universe
(22.10.2004, 12:07)

All i know is that ive heard many intelligent people that i respect reffer to 2012 as the end and just look at all the chaos happening all over the world. Iraq, the tsunami, russia designing a superior nuclear weapon(why?)as well as numerous other things. Also, the mayans seem way too smart to miscalculate something, the whole thing with them calculating the days in a year is amazing.
(01.01.2005, 12:02)

I watched a documentary on the Maya recently and really enjoyed it. They were such clever people and we have a lot to learn from them. Their calendar's are incredible! Also...I enjoyed reading this website.
(02.01.2005, 00:01)

wow, this is definately incredible. i think this has got to be one of if not THE most informative sites concerning the 2012 theory out there.
(04.01.2005, 01:14)

The sands of time are growing thin, our icy layers are melting too...I often wonder, if perhaps other planets had been inhabited by humans but then something happened, the planet had to "start over" replenish itself, and in order to do that, it had to exterminate the rodents within it (humans) perhaps this will happy again, I don't know. But I appreicate having read all the different comments. I agree with the first one I read, lets be good to eachother, lets find love and not let go...smell the flowers....before there are no flowers left to smell be that by a disaster or by the enivtability of time.
(04.01.2005, 16:23)

Primal Scream:
quoting michael weinstien in one of the posts on this page: - "dumbass people who really believ that somehow we are separate from the universe,and that we arent totally connected to the planets cycles,are like people who used to believe the earth was flat..." - - The Mayans also believed that the world was flat and that the sky was held up on each of it's four corners by giant trees of the gods...
(05.01.2005, 16:45)

I dont think its so much zn end of the world theory as much as a major catastrophy....look at the tsunami - it came without warning and blitzed a substantially large area of well populated land. It left so many dead in it's wake - but how many millions survived but still affected by it..... theres lives are totally devastated by it and will take years to rebuild - if they survive the disease and poverty etc. What if something like that was to happen in the atlantic - what would happen to the UK and to the east coast of USA?
(05.01.2005, 20:35)

If this is the final age, then this could mean that at this stage, people could best pay homage to the gods, and so would not be wiped out, but be "redeemed". Some scientists say, that because of the increase in the Schumman Resonance, 16 hours today, for example, corespond to 24 hours in 1980. This means that time is passing 1.5 times faster now than 25 years ago. The Schumman Resonance is currently hovering at about 12Hz, and it is thought that by the time it reaches 13Hz, terestrial time will cease. The consequence of this fact are that we will pass into a superior dimension, the 4'th. This is thought to happen on 21 December 2012. The 4'th dimension is itself a transitionary one towards the 5'th, in which we will pass in the year 2013. This is how a number of scientists explain the biblical "redemption". We will be immortal beings with supernatural powers. We will obtain what we want by sheer thought alone, and this could explain the presumption that in the Lord's Kingdom we will have everything we need by praying. If you take a closer look, you will find amazing corelations between the Christian, Sumerian and Mayan philosofies. I will leave those interrested to discover them for themselves. May God be with you all!
(08.01.2005, 07:08)

Eric L. Downer:
Well I have been thinking about this idea my self for some time now and I found others that do too. I have just one thing to add to all tthis knowleg the bible says ther will be 7 years of tribulation befor the end of the world and the day after x-mas the year of our lord there was a sunami. Only 7 years untill 2012 and i herd the date was 12/22/12 mm/dd/yy.
(09.01.2005, 01:42)

Enjoyed the page! There will be a catastrophe in 2012? What do you call all the changes the earth is undergoing now, tsumais, earthquakes,warm winters in the north all this will be a factor in the upcoming years leading up to 2012. We are experiencing the beginings of the end.
(11.01.2005, 21:19)

We all need to stop and think for a minute. Who believes this is the first Tsunami. On this planet there have been bigger Tsunamis, more devastating hurricane seasons, massive earthquakes, and even asteriods that have hit the earth. The only difference between now nd then is we did not have CNN to inform the entire world about it. A thousand years ago no one in North America or Europe would have had a clue about the tsunami that just occurred. These things have been happening for thousands of years and will be happening for thousands more.
(14.01.2005, 07:17)

I believe that the world is coming to an end but I don't really have all of that knowledge to back it up. Another factor, which I believe is desiese. In animal populations, when they reach a point where there are too many animals a desiese always wipes them out. With the use of science we fought off many diseases, only leaving room for worse ones that we can't cure.
(19.01.2005, 19:05)

Yei Ozomahtli:
You should ayt least aknowledge that the Maya didn't invent the so called Tzolkin or the Long Count, it was the Olmeca people and your eurocentric prophesies has nothing to do with the ancient people of Mesoamerica, you are misguided implying such nonsense since you don't even know what you are talknig about. Leave the knowledge of the ancient Olmec out of your fibulations people, until you know what it is about. [Yei - my premise is simple... there have been global cataclysms before, and there will again. We don't know when, but it *might* be in 2012. Who gave the calendar to the Olmecs? - Rob Bast]
(09.02.2005, 17:34)

Angel Roig:
There are alot of speculation that the world will end in december 2012 ,but we will never know until we find out,scientist say that the gravitational pull will create disasters but we dont know where or how so we will see ,nature will take its course expect the unexpected.Mayans and nostradamus have it all set for us so we might take it in consideration or not and ignore it let see what happens you never know.
(21.02.2005, 21:53)

Just because this is a new century does not mean the end has to be now. People in 1700 said 1800 would never come, people in 1800 said 1900 would be the end... and so on and so on. Maybe the Mayans stopped because they thought going as far as 2012 was far enough. I personally expect to live to see most of this century, seeing as in sixty years many people will be embarassed for even believing the Mayan Calendar theory... besides, there are historians and other websites which say the Mayans didn't do this to mark the end of the world. If people took this seriously, the world would have been buckling down and panicking from this information long ago.
(08.03.2005, 22:29)

Yellowstone National Park in wyoming features a Supervolcano whose eruption is 40,000 years overdue. If it erupts, it will release energy equivolent to 5000 Hiroshima atom bombs per second, blowing out enough volcanic ash to block out the sun and to cause the first nuclear winter of human civilisation. - - And there have been some strange occurances at yellowstone lately...
(11.03.2005, 18:16)

I think that somehow the ancient Mayan civilization may tie into the lost city of Atlantis. The early Greek philosopher Plato derived an ancient document from an unknown man in Egypt that had a map and information of an unknown island in the mid-atlantic. However, this evidence was destroyed due to the burning down of the library of Alexandria. Legend has it that the Atlantians developed technology so powerful (such as nuclear reactors) that they eventually destroyed themselves and the city of Atlantis sank into the depths of the ocean. However there were some survivors that escaped and made their way to North America, where they started to build advanced civilizations. This may explain why the Myans were able to calculate almost the exact time of a year, and many other things. Two years ago there was what looked to be an underwater road discovered in the Bermuda Triangle, which may have been one of the roads leading to Atlantis. Since then there have been dozens of other unexplainable phenomena in that area. Ofcourse, it IS the Bermuda Triangle. It sounds too far-fetched, but it is very interesting, and may tie into many other unexplainable phenomena around the world.
(20.03.2005, 17:43)

I am kind of confused about all of your comments. It really sounds like yall are very excited about the end of the world, its as if you cannot wait. I would think there would be more discussion here to disprove the theory. I think the prospect of the world ending is just plain exciting to most of you(nevermind the real consequences). I think you view this possible event as just something new, something interesting, and i'm not excluding myself, that is why i am here! but seriously, the world will not end in our lifetimes. like ellen said about the bill mahr comment, that would be supremely narcisistic. i think the theory likens to the golden age prospect and not the earths destruction. i know the destruction would be super cool, but cmon people grow up. the end of the mayan calendar symbolizes the ensument of a golden age and not the destruction of our way of life. is the golden age explanation that boring! [Will - dozens of other websites explain the "golden age". I don't want the world to end, I just want to prepare just in case - Rob Bast]
(05.04.2005, 22:09)

Malaclypse the Tertiary:
simple truth time: - - The survivors of Atlantis, equiped with flying ships and guns, came up from their underground labyrinth city and founded the Old Kingdom of Egypt approx. 3000 b.c. The Old Kingdom fell in 1500 b.c. and the royal families flew to China and founded the Shang Dynasty (1500 bc.) They were ousted violently around 800 b.c. and this time flew to central America to become the Olmecs. The families warred and battled for power. Eventually the reassembled as the Maya. Then around 600 a.d. a massive drought forced them to again move. This time they split into two groups. One went north to become the Tlinget Indians. The other went to Japan. 600 a.d. is the approximate time of the mythic arrival of Japan's first emperor. - How do I know all of this? From art. Study the portraiture of the Japanese and compare it to Old Kingdom Egyptian faces. Compare the "tao-te" or "ogre-mask" of the Shang with the headresses of the Mayans. Compare! Compare! Compare! You'll see.
(07.04.2005, 16:08)

I want to comment on what Jack said, on the whole yellowstone thing...I heard about how they are expecting it to erupt at anytime...That volcano could have some what of a play, into the end of time...In my own opinion, I think it will have something to do with it...But time will tell... - - However, I'm not totally convinced that a calendar can predict a horrible catastrophe...It may very well happen...I'm not saying that the Mayan Calendar is rubbish...I just need more proof, and/or fact's that it could happen...
(08.04.2005, 13:38)

Catastrophies have been happening since the beginning of time on this planet, more so in the beginning when this Earth was young. It WAS a very violent place in the beginning. About 500,000 years ago 95% of life on earth was exterminated, mostly marine species. There is speculation that it was a meteorite or a gigantic volcanic eruption. These things will happen periodically, that is the only certaintity. I doubt that the Earth will end "all of a sudden". It will take decades if not hundreds of years before all life is killed. Most people think of Atlantis as being destroyed suddenly, whereas Edgar Cayce said it happened within hundreds of years, I believe about 300 years or so. I believe in cycles, and cycles reverse themselves. As in the beginning there was Earth and then animals and then humans, so I believe that humans will die first and then animals and then Earth will be left alone once again, this time to die slowly into a barren and lifeless body. I really think that is what happened to Mars and now Venus is at the stage of the young Earth, hot and liquid and gaseous. Some time in the future Venus will be the next Earth.
(08.04.2005, 16:29)

{{About 500,000 years ago 95% of life on earth was exterminated, mostly marine species.}} - - CORRECTION: Sorry, that was supposed to be the Permian extinction period, about 250 million years ago. According to an article in National Geographic, only 5% of the marine species survived and less than one third of the large land animal species survived, nearly all of the trees died. After this extinction came the age of the dinosaurs, probably evolved from the surviving synapsids of the Permian extinction at the end of the Paleozoic era. Sorry for the inaccurate info in my post, it pays to check your facts.
(08.04.2005, 18:08)

I watched a program on the history channel about the Mayan Calendar and it stated, (if I am remembering correctly) that the Mayan Calendar ends on May 12, 2012 instead of December. Did anyone else happen to watch the program? - [...edited by Rob]
(09.04.2005, 06:56)

Something may go down 12/21/2012 at 11:11 p.m what will happen, we don't know. the event 2012 may result in a natural event. Or at that time, the planet Nibur will again neighbor with Earth's orbit which will lead to another visit from the "fallen angels." Only time will tell. It seems that everything in ancient history from the pyramids in Egypt, parts throughout Asia as well as central and south america all have a connection. why are there pyramids all over the world? why is gold the most sought material, who showed the Indians, the Native americans, the Asians, the original swastika(b-4 the Germans and Hitler ruined the image)? why in different ancient folklore tales about a great flood? this all seems to connect. when will we find out, is only a matter of time.
(22.04.2005, 20:45)

heres a thought. If the world ends in 2012, and the tribulation period in the bible is seven years, shouldn't the Antichrist rise to power this year??? And no i'm not a nut. I just felt like connecting these two nuggets of info.... Have a nice day! :)
(24.04.2005, 03:25)

I have enjoyed reading the comments regarding the year 2012. With regards to the connection between worlds end in 2012 and the Antichrist appearing in 2005, I just want to say that I think your onto something. My studies have revealed that the 10 day tribulation may have began in 2001 which would be 2002 by Jewish reckoning at Rosh Hashanah. 2005 would place us 3 years in with regards to the comments in the bible that you shall have tribulation 10 days. Another 3/12 years into the 10 concept will be 2008 on Passover that will be the next sabbatical year. Elijah is expected to appear during a sabbatical Passover seder which would be mid-tribulation in regards to the rapture occurrence. Another 31/2 years would put us at the end of both the 10 year tribulation concept and the 7 years Rapture/Wedding concept and just in time for the festival to be fulfilled which is the Feast of Booths in the year 2012 for the millennial reign of Christ. It may just be a lot of coincidences but there sure could be something to think about too.
(24.04.2005, 11:30)

If you have already mentioned this elsewhere, I apologise. - Will - Have you read David Icke's The biggest secret? If you have, did you formulate your theory before or after reading it? If you haven't, then we can almost be certain of something HUGE taking place on that faitfull year. - b.t.w: Where is the exact spot you plan to go to in Western Africa once 2012 hits? - Thanks for sharing your knowledge. One day many will look back on this site and remember it, whether something happened or otherwise
(08.05.2005, 12:21)

I'd like to place a comment about this whole side conversation of yellowstone blowing it's top.. if i'm right yellowstone blew it's top 60,000 years ago didn't it? and it didn't destroy the world.. atleast not this world.. i live er.. 500 miles from yellowstone.. chances are that there will be a massive earthquake before there is a eruption. i am not sure what's going to happen.. if any 1 is please be sure to tell me ;)
(29.05.2005, 01:00)

For Spanish conferences, will contact whith me in CARTAGO Colombia, JUAN JOSE GRISALES ZAPATA - THIS THEME ITS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ALL PEOPLE. rest any years for have information, all people need actions for that days.
(01.06.2005, 01:46)

Fact; Earths magnetic field is lessening exponentially - Fact; Weather patterns changing radically - Fact: Fatal diseases (AIDs SARS etc) on increase - Fact; Catastrophic astro-partical colision overdue - Fact; Major supervolcanic eruption overdue - Take out a loan amd go to Disneyworld folks.
(14.06.2005, 21:58)

well is the world going to end sooner
(19.07.2005, 06:02)

K for all those retards that I just read. It is Yosemite that is next supervolcano to explode. Yes Yellowstone erupted only a few tens of thousand of years ago. Irrelevant. Yosemite is the one to watch for. Hasn't anyone here seen the Discovery Science channel's documentary on Supervolcano's?? Not too mention that the last one erupted 600 thousand years ago and almost wiped out the human specie to a mere few thousand from over 300,000 spread all across africa. The magnetic poles flipping might have a correlation with the supervolcano...b/c that too has been occurring every 600 to 700 thousand years. Giving earth just enough unprotected radiation from the sun to set Yosemite a BlOW@! Enjoy....and seriously, take out a loan and go to disneyland already! Yay, party. If you hadnt realized..there are already signs that the earth's magnetic poles are flipping. Ready set...Enjoy it while you can man.
(21.07.2005, 15:20)

Sam and Emily:
We're a couple of teenagers interested in what is going on. Obviously, we're not at an intellectual level or attention span to grasp long-winded theories and arguments stated above. But we'd like to be informed. What we have gathered is that the end of the Mayan Calendar ((who goes by this calendar?)) in 2012 and odd happenings ((can I have a specific example or web link?)) with a supervolcano in Yellowstone are being linked, leading to the belief of the end of the world. What's with the magnetic poles flipping? Isn't that supposed to happen a long time from now? - - We may be very far off, and any clarifications or responses would be very appriciated. In simpler and shorter terms, as once we get the general idea we're capable of doing our own research.
(22.07.2005, 20:36)

Hi there, I too am a Christian, but by believing that there might be a possibility that the world might come to an end in 2012 or whenever doesn't void your Christianity beliefs. - - Ruth Montgomery, a journalist for the Washington Post, wrote many books. Her last book, "The World to Come," tells about the world ending around 2012 too. For some of you this might be a bit too much to conceive, but it's an interesting idea and she's a credible source. You can find her book on - - From what I've gathered, there's going to a shift in the earth that's going to change the earth drastically, but we'll survive. Ruth's book is insightful and leads us to believe that we shouldn't be scared. - - Here's a sight I also found about the shift - - - - There's all sorts of stuff on this, not just the Mayan's. Just do some research on The Shift and you'll see some of the ideas out there. It all could just be a bunch of Y2K worrying, or is it something more? You can make your own decisions but I've hope I've provided you with some more reading material. Once anyone read's Ruth Montgomery's book, I'd love to hear what you think. I'll be laughing with everyone else if the earth is alive and well in 2015.
(26.07.2005, 17:16)

Tecun Uman:
There is a website that completely blows the "end of the world theory; 2012" out of the water. Click on my name for the website or simply go to: -
(27.07.2005, 20:37)

Professor ew:
The Mayan Calendar is remarkable and respected as the most accurate calendar to date! Passionately obsessed with measurement, time and astronomy; The Mayans predicted, due to the transitional changes in our shifting universe, that "time" would change. Forced to adjust our measurements, the relevant timed cycle we all are accustomed to, i.e., comparative minute, hour, day, month, year... will no longer be precise. Cosmic gravitational influences will stimulate global climatic change, and may even be sporadic at times. - - My suggestion? Install better insulation, a more efficient heater, a highly efficient air conditioner, invest in energy stocks and write your congressmen supporting energy distributing reform.
(30.07.2005, 09:47)

I have gotten a shocking reading. An asteroid is to hit or come perilously close to earth. The asteroid is named 1950 D.A. You can tell an asteroids toghness by its spin. The slower the weaker. And vise versa. 1950 D.A spins very quickly. For those who might worry, it is to happen in 277-278 years. As for the pole shift, my friends mock me. I think it may happen. After all, were overdue! It is said to happen every 200,000 years. If you can find info on how to survive, I'd appreciate it if you e mail me. Just type what website you found it on and I'll do the rest. Thank you.
(28.08.2005, 17:12)

The connection between the pyramids around the world and the stories surrounding them, containing hints and clues of a lost sonic technology are written in almost every acient civilization. It suggests a very advanced form of mathmatics which has also been shown in the alignment of the pyramids around the world and the placement of equinotical markers, leading me to believe that if the Mayans have a timeframe for a cataclysm that has been thouroghly mapped to precision over a long period of time of observation and possibly even more ancient records forever lost to the times.
(08.09.2005, 20:17)


(15.09.2005, 23:16)


(15.09.2005, 23:17)


(15.09.2005, 23:19)


(15.09.2005, 23:20)

The Tribulation will last for seven years and at the end of this Jesus will return to the earth and establish the Kingdom of God for a thousand years (Eze 43:1; Isa 2:1). Remember this, the Holy Bible teaches us that the true Messiah Jesus will come to the earth, and everyone will see him when he descends from the clouds. When he touches the Mount of Olives, the entire earth will shake by a Great Earth Quake and the very mountain will spilt into two parts (Zec 14:1).
(15.09.2005, 23:20)


(15.09.2005, 23:21)


(15.09.2005, 23:23)


(15.09.2005, 23:23)


(15.09.2005, 23:23)

life is beautiful:
you people sit here and scare people..i know youre trying to follow religion and say that we should worship god daily, but in all actuallity GOD forgives all his children for their sins and welcomes them with open arms, even if they DIDNT worship him daily, go to church (which is a profit orginization anyway if you really think about it...although i dont object to people who go) i just dont understand how some of you can controdict yourselfs on so many levels. and if the world really is going to end, enjoy life for every second you have left...dont prepare for what you call the proficy...because if it doesnt happen youll feel like assholes, but if it does, we wont be here to worry about it anyway, so enjoy life for everything its worth, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!
(19.09.2005, 12:41)

hannah ;....
(19.09.2005, 14:16)

America will fall it will be a righteous time for the biggest tyrants of the world come crashing. Are SUPERPOWER cause many to starve and die. It is like the worlds biggest GANGLAND. It is put in such a fashion were it looks like were doing right, but were all wrong. MEDIA has been COVERING THE TRUTH since it was able to by individuals that control it. This time of war is Egypt rising the lost era, by delusion. What are now Palistinians are trying to rise. Neither Arabs or Jews will win individually, but they will win together. Water and Fire, Space and Time. When more people start feeling slugish, dizzy,and time is moving slower like a hot summer day. And by like winter they fall into there trances, rise in intellect, and leave this world without materialism (America, China, Blood and Money). Back up within yourself, find yourself, retreat. I don't think the world will end at 2012 only ending as we know it. Live in the Kingdom of God( Yourself) which is made and fabricated based on others ( Love,Hate,Sorrow,Happiness) Emotions(The 6th sense). Do on to others as you would do onto you. Abuse is not righteous for it renders the experiance, and meaning useless, anything useless is not worthy to life, true death then spreads your spirit would be battered.
(19.09.2005, 19:13)

the world can't end in 2012 bcuz god says in bible code he'll crush it, and the year 2126 is in bible code which is proof we'll be around past 2126.
(21.09.2005, 21:44)

plz jonathan, the bible code says it could end in 2006.. my personal view is that all this is bogus. cmon people! how long has mankind been on this planet, how long has life been on this planet, going right back to the dinosaurs. as with these implants with american people. im just glad i dont live in america. oh and the EU having an elected president, thats no way going to happen, in my view the EU states are going to stay as they are or splinter off after the constitution defeat in fance. i hear so many stories and dates of MAD! yes MAD people who think they know when the world will end. on my account people said it would end in 97 and in 99 and to be honest these people are just sick! you know, keep your made theories to yourselves instead of trying to cause panic. if nothing can be done to stop it, why mention it? oh and all those bible quotes are moer than likely from the same poster, get a life! (im not saying you shouldnt belive in god, you should and i encourage people to readf the bible, but saying what you did is un christian)
(22.09.2005, 09:04)

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[i] Weaver, Muriel Porter. The Aztecs, Maya, and their Predecessors. (1972) Seminar Press, p.103-4

Note on massive spans of time

Although they are not part of the Long Count, the Mayas had calculated larger time spans, some so long that only modern day scientists would ever use them, and suggesting that perhaps the ancient Maya were aware of something we have yet to discover for ourselves.

1 pictun = 20 baktun = 2,880,000 days = approx. 7885 years

1 calabtun = 20 pictun = 57,600,000 days = approx. 158,000 years

1 kinchiltun = 20 calabtun = 1,152,000,000 days = approx. 3 million years

1 alautun = 20 kinchiltun = 23,040,000,000 days = approx. 63 million years

Note on Correlation

This book uses a correlation between the Gregorian and Maya calendars known as the Goodman-Martinez-Thompson (GMT) correlation, which places the long count katun ending 13 Ahau 8 Xul on 14 November 1539 (Gregorian). Another less popular correlation has the Long Count ending two days later on Dec 23, 2012, and for our purposes makes a negligible difference. A further 50 or more different correlations have been calculated; some by non-academics, usually based on disputing which similar astronomical events occurred in which year. The GMT is generally accepted by academics because it has been proven with carbon dating, and because it is still in use by modern day Quich¾ Maya


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