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3. Fractal time and the I Ching

  • 10,000 years ago humans began domesticating plants and animals.
  • 500 years ago we invented the printing press.
  • 100 years ago we began driving automobiles.
  • 50 years ago we invented the computer.
  • 30 years ago we landed on the moon.

The speed of change is rapid.  Population, computing power, speed of transport, the sheer amount of known information, and most other things that involve humans, are all increasing at an accelerating rate.  The rate at which they are increasing is increasing.  We are all part of it, with younger people thinking nothing of it, and the elderly commenting on it, but generally handling it okay. But if we were to transport King Arthur to modern-day New York he'd most probably pass out from trying to grasp what was happening. But can it stop, slow down or reverse.  No, for that is not in our nature.

Things will keep changing at a faster rate. Every 18 months the power of computers double. Soon they will be smarter than us, and we are already on the verge of cloning humans and close to using nanotechnology to create atomic size mini-machines. Maybe there will come a time when the rate of change will reach such a speed that change is all that will exist. Various fringe scientists have tried to calculate this point of infinity, giving us calculated dates ranging from 2010 to 2050. Dates that many of us will live to see. Perhaps the date is Dec 22, 2012. Ethnobotanists and fractal time experts Terrence and Dennis McKenna believe so, and they present their ideas in Invisible Landscape: Mind Hallucinogens and the I Ching (1993).

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

Their studies began with the I Ching, which is composed of 64 hexagrams, or six-line figures. It struck them that 6 x 64 = 384, which is exceptionally close to the number of days in 13 lunar months (29.5306 x 13 = 383.8978), and that maybe the I Ching was originally an ancient Chinese calendar. Further multiples had astronomical significance:

1 day x 64

x 6

= 384 days

= 13 lunar months

384 days         

x 64

= 67 years, 104.25 days

= 6 minor sunspot cycles (11.2 years each)

67 years, 104.25 days

x 64

= 4306+ years 

= 2 Zodiacal ages

4306+ years

x 6

= 25836 years 

= 1 precession of the equinoxes

The McKenna brothers arrived at the 2012 end date by using fractals. Starting from a table of differences between one hexagram and the next, they developed a Mandelbrot fractal in which each level is 64 times greater then the one below it. They then laid this fractal pattern on top of a time scale. The peaks and troughs of the pattern relate to the level of connectedness or novelty in any span of time, whether it covers a day, millennia or even since the beginning of time. By matching the levels of the pattern with key periods in history, they determined it would fit best if the end of the time scale was December 22, 2012. This is the only point in which the level of novelty reaches its maximum, and everything that happens is new.  Change feeds upon itself like nano-machines converting every atom in the universe into gold.

The final 80 or so pages of their Invisible Landscape (1993) describe the complicated mathematics and methodology they employed. A base period of roughly 67 years was discovered (all calculations are rough, but not inaccurate).

2012 minus 67 years = 1945, a year of great change

2012 minus 4,300 years (67x64) = 2300 BC, the beginning of historical time

2012 minus 275,000 years (4300 x 64) = the emergence of Homo sapiens

2012 minus 18 million years (275,000 x 64) = the height of the age of mammals

2012 minus 1.3 billion years = the beginning of life on our planet

About what may happen in 2012 they have this to say:

"Achievement of the zero state can be imagined to arrive in one of two forms. One is the dissolution of the cosmos in an actual cessation and unravelling of the natural laws, a literal apocalypse. The other possibility. the culmination of a human process, a process of toolmaking, which comes to completion in the perfect artefact: the monadic self, exteriorised, condensed, and visible in three dimensions; in alchemical terms, the dream of a union of spirit and matter"[i]

On top of all this they state that they calculated the 2012 end date in the early 1970's, long before they had heard of the Mayan calendar. And to their credit, the original 1975 edition of The Invisible Landscape makes no mention of the Maya. If this is true, then it would be prudent to consider their result as much more than a coincidence, and to take their ideas seriously.

Also fitting the model of increasing novelty and the 2012 end date is the idea that on a sub-conscious level humans can sense a great change approaching. Unsure of what exactly to expect, but nevertheless feeling uneasy, we are doing the best we can to "get everything done" while we still have time. A last minute desperate attempt to achieve the peak of our potential. And if we are able to somehow sense a disturbance ahead, maybe birds and animals will pick up on it as well. Maybe in December 2012 the non-human species will suddenly hush, as they have demonstrated prior to earthquakes.

Why 2012:

1. Introduction
2. Mayan Calendar
3. Fractal Time and the I Ching
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Comments from Visitors

give me pseudoscience theory over blind scientific dogma, in fact give me both to chew....mmmm...tastes like phi....
(21.04.2004, 12:55)

The concept of great change approaching is nothing new. Man's inability to predict the future always leaves us uncertain and paranoid. However, I do believe there are too many incidents culminating on this date for it to be merely ignored. Do what we haev always done: prepare.
(11.05.2004, 15:46)

Mahou Sihan:
I am interested in an I ching calendar and in the galactical alignment and how these can fit together with my own research on the secret astrology and astronomy in the moses books.
(12.05.2004, 04:54)

Steven Martin:
Dear Readers. I have used the I'ching on numerous occasions. The last time must have been 3 or more years ago. I asked it a question about aliens, the answer freiked me out, so much so I havent dared ask another question. The book is accurate, there is no doubt, it would be truly amazing, if it served other purposes. Ie. like a calendar, or who knows.
(10.06.2004, 06:12)

May i ask what was the answer?
(25.06.2004, 04:15)

Hi there all, here some story out of the Netherlands. - - There is one force. There is not nothing, otherwise this was not here. Seccond, this force is a 'thing' between 0 and 1 or - and + - - But how to go on? - - The golden rule starts also with 0 and 1, and it seems that this force just 'mirrored' itself in itself. Than you recieve - and -/+ and + This princpiple one can see in moleculoair design and nuclear forces.(ever looked good to the yin yang sign?. there is a 3th force) - - In the Golden section the 0 and 1 becomes 1,2 and 3 ( 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13 etc.. ) - - 1, 2 and 3 are the key. - put them in a triangle - doesn't matter how the numbers are writen - example: - 1 2 - - 3 - - Now add the tree points together - 3 - - 1 2 - - 4 3 5 - - If you add the opposite you recieve 666 - - This is not the number off the Beast but the number of quarks (the smallest partikels in the universe) that can be formed from one energy. The other are represented in the triangle itself. (Iike photons, electrons) - - And about 2012? Hahaha I'm a dr in molecular cellbiology....and see that human do not understand that we start to recieve in the time that we will going to see effects off our destructive, competitative, male nature of Humanity, Earth, Sun well all matter in this solar system is one. One story and one direction to go to. A earth is a flower.
(28.06.2004, 06:39)

Quote: Soon they will be smarter than us. (in regards to computers) ...Actually a computer for all of its calculative capabilities is outsmarted by your average earthworm...Until there is AI that is... a computer is not smart nor is it stupid. It is a tool to be used at our whim.
(13.07.2004, 14:15)

the truth is out no one
(29.10.2004, 15:10)

Note to Rob, consider the consequences, real science is based on potentially falsifiable hypotheses, pseudo science on teh other hand either ignores the facts or tries to be so vague that it cannot be tested. If a pseudo scientist is right, (which hasn't happened yet) it will only be by a lucky guess, since they have no reasons for believing what they do. Styg, referring to logical, scientific reasoning as "blind scientific dogma" is just a way to defend absurd claims from rational dismissal. Dogma goes against everything that science stands for, and there has been a trend recently in our culture to make science into something accepted on faith, to make it look like just another way of looking at the world, no more or less valid that superstitions and outright lunacy. The difference between science and speudoscience is that science allows itself to be corrected and changed as new evidence is gathered whereas this "end of the world 2012" stuff has hung on well after the Mckenna theories have been disproven.
(13.12.2004, 20:16)

I think what's going on here is that many people at this site have a poor understanding of what science is, hey don't be embarrassed, most Americans have the same problem. That's why so many communities have anti-evolution disclaimers forced into thier schoolbooks, it's why people are dying because they reject medicine in favor of herbs and crystals. I used to think Terrence McKenna was a genious, I went to considerable lenghts to get a copy of "Invisible Landscape" a few years back when it was out of print, but I've realised, over the years, that his attempts to predict the future are silly, based only on some events that he deems important, events only really important to western culture while ignoring other events, and that it has failed to predict other important events while mistakenly predicting things that never happened.
(13.12.2004, 20:17)

Rob Bast:
Reply to Ben: I totally agree. However, if there is a minute possibility that there could be a global cataclysm in 2012 or later, and to prove this using orthodox scientific means is impossible, should all 6 billion of us sit on our hands and do nothing?
(14.12.2004, 21:02)

whatever happens in december of 2012 will probably have something to do with the earth itself, as all the natural disasters lately predict it, maybe another disappearance of a great continent, eg. atlantis, or extinction of the human species (which is possible). Alternatively, maybe the sun will burn out as scientists can be and probably are wrong.
(31.12.2004, 01:49)

My mind tries really hard to visualize what kind of "astronomical effects" might appear on decmber the 21st,2012. If I am not mistaken, this was about an alignment of our galactical plane with the celestial equator at the winter soltice sun of that very december 21st. If it is true that the centre of our galaxy contains an enormous supermassive black hole, one might expect an alignment of gravitational forces, causing tidal forces of an unsean size, or maybe solar protuberance bursts reaching our earth's surface... Any one else a try ?
(01.01.2005, 13:22)

The 9.0 12/27/04 Tsumani Quake as shifted earth's axis 2.5 CM accroding to NASA's JPL. It happened on a full moon. Mother Earth is a rock hurling through space, Gravitational forces - Lunar Pull - Astropshyical forces beyond our comprehension are at work. Will they cumulate to something on or about 12/21/2012 ? Edgar Cayce and numerous other seers seem to think so.
(10.01.2005, 05:29)

Dick Huybregts:
It is not the earth or the moon that causes problems. It is the sun with the working of the sunspots as well as Venus that will go into conjunction and accelerate the magnetic solar bursts which will collapse the magnetic poles her on earth. "It will look like the stars are falling down to earth" ( Popul Vuh, holy book of the Mayans ).
(15.02.2005, 05:06)

george druey:
i think that this pseudoscience is very interesting and this theory of 2012 astronomical effects has an answer that the human mind is incapable of perceiving.
(18.03.2005, 21:32)

Consider the possibility 2012 = date of biblical Rapture.
(28.06.2005, 00:34)

Jon Jacoby:
12 21 2012 is another date on the calender that will come and go as any other day. The event will only be importent to the handful of sentient humans on this planet. Fortunatly for the rest of us, it only takes four or five of them to keep the earth from being totaly scorched by ionizing radiation when the magnetic field collapses and reverses. We might notice in the weeks following the event that really cool things start to happen with regularity. For example you may wish that people would treat each other with respect and suddenly find your self in a very civilized culture. It's what ever you want to make it, so why not make it into something that everyone would want to buy into like "Wow the world sure has become a nice place to be and I never knew people had such a capacity to believe in the potential of humanity."
(10.09.2005, 05:55)

Ben, don't give me that guff. Science holds on to its paradigms harder than anyone else, even the church! Haven't you heard, first it's "superstitious nonsense", 50 years later the same thing is gospel, another 50 years laters it's "primitive folly - we know much better now!" How long have we been saying that? Even scientists don't believe each other unless it fits in with their own theories.
(19.09.2005, 01:14)

The theory of singularity is definately nothing to be scoffed at, it is increasingly obvious to me throughout my days of research that it can, and in fact, will happen.
(19.09.2005, 01:34)

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Script by Alex

[i] Dennis J. McKenna and Terence K. McKenna, Invisible Landscape (1993), Harper Collins, p.188

[ii] John Major Jenkins, Maya Cosmogenisis 2012 (1998), Bear & Co, page 7

Note on Precession of the Equinoxes

The Earth spins on an axis, with the northern end at the North Pole. The spinning action is like that of a top; and like a top the Earth wobbles as it spins - but very slowly, with one wobble taking approximately 25,800 years. This causes the location in space that the North Pole points at to gradually change. At present it points to Polaris, the North Star. In 12,000 years time it will be pointing close to Vega. As the pole star changes, so does the position in the sky of all the other stars, relative to our wobbly spinning Earth. Astroarcheaologists mention the precession of the equinoxes a lot, for it explains how ancient stone circles and pyramids have lost their former accuracy in pinpointing astronomical events.  It can also help determine precisely when these monuments were built.

The ancient Olmec (who predated the Maya) were very aware of this slow precession, and periodically re-aligned the pyramid at La Venta so that it could maintain its accuracy.[ii]

Note on Fractals

Fractal geometry is often called "the geometry of nature." A fractal is geometric shape that is complex and detailed in structure at any level of magnification. Often fractals are self-similar- each small portion of the fractal can be viewed as a reduced-scale replica of the whole. Building fractals relies on a repeated formula. Below is one example of how a fractal "grows". And beside it is an example from nature - the leaves of the fern are the same shape as the branch, which itself is the same shape as the entire fern. In nature the depth of detail is limited; in mathematics the depth is infinite.

Note on Nanotechnology

A nanometer is one billionth of a meter (3 - 4 atoms wide). Nanotechnology is the creation of minute objects, with the ultimate goal of using individual atoms as building blocks. Some engineers dream of creating self-replicating nano-bots - tiny devices that create replicas of themselves by manipulating atoms. A much quoted worry is that someone will create self-replicating nanobots that refuse to stop - overnight the universe could contain nanobots and nothing else!



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