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4. Galactic Alignment

The Mayan calendar and the fractal patterns of the McKenna brothers are only human constructs, descriptions of our journey through time. But out in our galaxy there is a giant wheel revolving - we are actually on a slow wobble and the stars are just appearing to revolve. This "precession of the equinoxes" takes 25,800 years to complete one cycle, and within this cycle we can observe conjunctions in the heavens between the stars and our solar system.

Ancient cultures recognised four major dates within each year: the two solstices (when days are at their longest or shortest) and the two equinoxes (when the lengths of day and night are equal). They could tell when these dates were approaching by watching which stars were on the horizon at sunrise and sunset, and where they were relative to the sun. If you watched for long enough, for hundreds of years, then it became apparent that the stars were moving slightly out of position each year. The star that was due east at the winter solstice sunset 70 years ago is one degree out today. The Greek astronomer Hipparchus (c. 190-120 BC) is widely acknowledged as the discoverer of the precession of the equinoxes, yet the ancient Egyptians and Maya were also aware of it.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

Independent researcher (that is, not an accredited scientist) John Major Jenkins has written a long and involved book titled Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 which shows that the Maya not only understood precession, but that their 2012 end-date predicted a special happening in our universe.

Our galaxy has a centre which all the stars take millions of years to revolve around, and it is located in the starriest part of the Milky Way, as seen from Earth. On four occasions within the 25,800-year cycle our galactic centre aligns with the sunrise of a solstice or equinox. The last time it occurred was on a fall equinox 6,450 years ago, approximately the dawn of Old World civilisations.  On Dec 21, 2012, which is a winter solstice (Northern Hemisphere) this centre will align with our sun once more. Jenkins presents a mass of astrological, monumental and mythological evidence to show the importance of this event for the Maya, and how their calendar runs out on this day for a reason. Unfortunately he is not sure what that reason is.His book mentions:

a door into the heart of space and time will open[1]

the cosmos will be reborn or recreated[2]

we will reach the Zero Point of the process - a moment of collective spiritual birth[3]

".our basic orientations will be inverted. On the level of human civilization, our basic assumptions and foundation values will be exposed, and we will have the opportunity to embrace values long since driven under the surface of our collective consciousness"[4]

"On a literal level of interpretation, one supported by many popular writers, the field-effect reversal that mystics and futurists intuitively feel occurring on this planet bodes an impending pole shift, a literal shift in the position of the Earth's North Celestial Pole, an event that would have disastrous effects around the globe. I suppose there is not much we can do about it... I prefer to emphasize what might be termed a pole shift in our collective psyche. This places the possibility of successful, positive transformation squarely in our own hands."[5]

So, what will happen? Maybe the McKenna's flood of change, a global cataclysm or the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? Could there be a new age love-fest in 2012?

Age of Aquarius

No one knows when it starts! The twelve zodiacal constellations are of different sizes, and the borders between them are very indistinct. We will be moving into the New Aquarian Age of western astrology sometime within the next 200 years. There is no singlular date on which it will happen, just a gradual change. In the same vein we find hidden in the fifth appendix of Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 an admission from Jenkins that.

"it would be more accurate to say that the alignment occurs in the era of AD. 2012; because precession is such a slow phenomenon, fifty years on either side might be appropriate." [Author's italics][6]

It appears we must look elsewhere for the why and how of what may happen. It is unlikely that the Mayan calendar end-date coincidentally occurs on a solstice, yet a solstice is only an annual position within our orbit around the sun - a solstice on its own cannot change or harm us. I suggest that 2012 is a year that the Maya always knew of, a year in which a cosmic activity will affect our planet. Their choice of Dec 21 to end the calendar on was chosen only because the winter solstice is the gloomiest day of the year, and the most appropriate day to form myths around.


Why 2012:

1. Introduction
2. Mayan Calendar
3. Fractal Time and the I Ching
4. Galactic Alignment

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Comments from Visitors

Nanobots will be our downfall, considering the rate of increase in computer tehcnology and the need to replace silicon with carbon, precipitating the development of such technologies.... peaking in 2012. These nanobots will assimilate at an alarming rate, meaning the end of us all as we know it.. at the same time the end of the mayan calendar will result in the final step of evolution... an ascendance from the physical to the metaphysical... saving us from our self imposed technological cataclysm.
(26.04.2004, 10:33)

Without totally disregarding certain eschatological implications, couldn't it be possible that 2012 is simply the end of a calender? We(mankind) have an innate inability to foretell our own future and a track record to prove it. I'm only suggesting consideration of an equally plausible possibility.
(30.04.2004, 14:47)

Xoe Stone:
On 4/28/04, the following was announced: "We constructed a prototype of a medical molecular computer -- several trillion such computers can fit in a drop of water -- that is able to diagnose disease conditions and release a drug upon positive diagnosis," said Ehud Shapiro, a professor at Israel's Weizmann Institute, who led the team. - - It would seem to me nanotechnology might well become one of the keys/advances that could allow our species to travel/live in a space-borne environment; nanotechnology could solve the problems posed by cosmic rays & their mutative properties. The implications of this are dizzying in terms of human evolution & could well result in humans with extremely long lifespans - something to consider futher, I think.
(18.05.2004, 09:52)

Amy Williams:
What do you think this date has to do with the "Crystal Skulls"? Do you have any theories about them?
(27.05.2004, 17:12)

George Bush must have his own 2012 theories, hence his statement when asked what history will say about him and his Presidency, he replied, "There won't be any history, we'll all be dead". - Does he know something we don't, or is he just an idiot? Both may be true! - - Here is my doomsday theory... 4 more years of George Bush, which takes him to 2008, then his evil brother Jeb takes over in 2008 for 4 years, which will no doubt finish us off by 2012. Sound plausible to you? I would prefer the other possible scenarios, galactic or whatever, being much less painful!
(29.05.2004, 19:00)

Pardon me, but I think the lot of you sound like a bunch of potheads. "we must make other people aware" "we have a special job" I mean, are people taking this far too seriously, or something? I'm really quite untouched by all this, but it seems a lot of people are taking this far too seriously.
(30.05.2004, 16:46)

I think President Bush does know something..and he knows many crap that people dont even know..but just doesnt want to tell us the world won't panic.....I am sure something will happen on 2012...i just hope it wont kill us all...cause i wanna live..u know?...oh well let's see what will happen...and president bush is full of shit.. ( i hope he reads this)
(01.06.2004, 14:25)

Steven Martin:
Dear Readers. I have discussed this date with many people over last 5-6 years. We are of the opinion, that either 1 of 2 things will happen. - - 1. Time stops, and all life as we know it, changes. To what? Who knows. - 2. An extra layer of time is added. Which is only possible from the gravity of a black hole or another star, or planet, or moon. - - The moon, is rotating in such a way that it always has a side, which faces from earth, if its spin was changed, this may effect gravity. If the ctr of our galaxy has a blackhole as some people believe, then maybe as we get closer to this date, its gravity draws us closer. regardless, the extra time theory allows for one other thing, the merging of the dualities of existance. Ancient Egyptians, and Muslims today believe in a complimentary world. The world of Jinn, which is ruled by none other "Satan". His appearance is scheduled roughly for the same time, we are approaching. - It will be hopefully better if we prepare for this change, but somethings u cant predict. People, live everyday like it was your last. Mend relationships, do the things which make u happy and spend time, with the ones u love. There is nothing worse than spending eternity with emotional luggage. gl.
(10.06.2004, 06:32)

wow, most of you are crazy! - so isn't the earth supposed to stop for a few days and put us into the fourth dimension. then spin in the opposite direction and put us in the 5th. becouse the moon is slowly moving away from the earth or somethin'?
(12.06.2004, 01:02)

and the mayans have time and space locks on this dimension, that will be lifted in 2012. and were supposed to be ready to take on our multi-dimensional selves, and meet and greet them, or go crazy or disintagrate, huh?
(12.06.2004, 01:14)

yeah, check out barbra marciniak, and search for dna recoding or reconnecting on yahoo!!!
(14.06.2004, 14:03)

Brain Jones: - - This is the best theory for the worlds end yet!
(13.07.2004, 15:16)

Omar Kyamm Ravenhurst:
Great change will come as a river of blood. Enjoy life while you can everybody. Get fat, get drunk, and screw your wives while you can. Chthulu isn't coming, and Jesus isn't coming- But the world is going to hell very soon. - "Happy are the dead, for they did not live to see this day."
(29.07.2004, 02:05)

i see two sides here. 1. something happens that we are not able to predict (to the best of my knowledge) or 2. nothing happens at all and dec 22 and 23 come as they always have in the past. some people keep asking why would the myan calander end? well our calander ends once a year doesn't it? yes we celebrate with a big ball falling at midnight to both bring in a new year and see the old year out, but it ends our calander for that year. i see dec 21st 2012 as just that. yes it's a solstice. yes it's the end of their long calander, but it's also the beginning of something else. maybe that's a cataclysmic end and maybe not. - regardless i still live for today with curiosity of tomorrow.
(11.08.2004, 05:01)

Arya Dharma:
Haila auk Selhu! I'm from Norway, and I've been studying ancient culture since I was twelve(always been interested in the occult and so on), -when I visited Chichen Itza,among other sites. I became obsessed with everything about ancient religion, technology and so on. Since then I've been travelling to sacred sites around the world. I read roughly 1 book per week about these subjects, I can't get enough. Too bad for my people up here north that all the good books are in english,people are lazy in the Kali Yuga, everything must come to them without effort, but I try to preach, hehe. I agree with "Dev" to some extent.. I recommend reading everything you can on: When you've finished the 3 books there, then you will see.. You create your own reality. Know thyself. Greetings from the north! Hail Odinn!
(11.08.2004, 18:25)

Willy Gaspar:
I agree with the polar shift in 2012, but it seems that by the end of this summer we may have a substantial SUN SPOT ERUPTION. If we expect to have a 7 year famine before 2012, it needs to happen soon. Anyway, if anyone of you can get me in touch with Geryl I would appreciate it. (I am a fellow author - Willy Gaspar "The Celestial Clock") Thanks, Willy
(25.08.2004, 16:36)

Willy, I don't think anyone ever said 7 year "famine" in sun spot eruption. Can you substantiate that claim?
(02.09.2004, 09:31)

Thank you for concluding your essay with the words, "the most appropriate day to form myths around," as this pretty much sums up attempts by modern authors to interpret the Mayan calendar to fit theories about galactic orientation which the pig entrail divining Maya could not possible have come up with. As I see very few, if any, comments challenging your work, you will undoubtedly also delete this one as "unsuitable."
(02.09.2004, 09:38)

"If we expect to have a 7 year famine before 2012, it needs to happen soon." - - It's already started: Peak Oil. Take a look at
(08.09.2004, 18:20)

Rob Bast:
Chris: In NZ we had "carless days" in the 1970s, because oil was running out. It didn't. There's still plenty of oil left, it's just that the price of it goes a bit high sometimes.
(09.09.2004, 16:44)

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