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4. Galactic Alignment

The Mayan calendar and the fractal patterns of the McKenna brothers are only human constructs, descriptions of our journey through time. But out in our galaxy there is a giant wheel revolving - we are actually on a slow wobble and the stars are just appearing to revolve. This "precession of the equinoxes" takes 25,800 years to complete one cycle, and within this cycle we can observe conjunctions in the heavens between the stars and our solar system.

Ancient cultures recognised four major dates within each year: the two solstices (when days are at their longest or shortest) and the two equinoxes (when the lengths of day and night are equal). They could tell when these dates were approaching by watching which stars were on the horizon at sunrise and sunset, and where they were relative to the sun. If you watched for long enough, for hundreds of years, then it became apparent that the stars were moving slightly out of position each year. The star that was due east at the winter solstice sunset 70 years ago is one degree out today. The Greek astronomer Hipparchus (c. 190-120 BC) is widely acknowledged as the discoverer of the precession of the equinoxes, yet the ancient Egyptians and Maya were also aware of it.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

Independent researcher (that is, not an accredited scientist) John Major Jenkins has written a long and involved book titled Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 which shows that the Maya not only understood precession, but that their 2012 end-date predicted a special happening in our universe.

Our galaxy has a centre which all the stars take millions of years to revolve around, and it is located in the starriest part of the Milky Way, as seen from Earth. On four occasions within the 25,800-year cycle our galactic centre aligns with the sunrise of a solstice or equinox. The last time it occurred was on a fall equinox 6,450 years ago, approximately the dawn of Old World civilisations.  On Dec 21, 2012, which is a winter solstice (Northern Hemisphere) this centre will align with our sun once more. Jenkins presents a mass of astrological, monumental and mythological evidence to show the importance of this event for the Maya, and how their calendar runs out on this day for a reason. Unfortunately he is not sure what that reason is.His book mentions:

a door into the heart of space and time will open[1]

the cosmos will be reborn or recreated[2]

we will reach the Zero Point of the process - a moment of collective spiritual birth[3]

".our basic orientations will be inverted. On the level of human civilization, our basic assumptions and foundation values will be exposed, and we will have the opportunity to embrace values long since driven under the surface of our collective consciousness"[4]

"On a literal level of interpretation, one supported by many popular writers, the field-effect reversal that mystics and futurists intuitively feel occurring on this planet bodes an impending pole shift, a literal shift in the position of the Earth's North Celestial Pole, an event that would have disastrous effects around the globe. I suppose there is not much we can do about it... I prefer to emphasize what might be termed a pole shift in our collective psyche. This places the possibility of successful, positive transformation squarely in our own hands."[5]

So, what will happen? Maybe the McKenna's flood of change, a global cataclysm or the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? Could there be a new age love-fest in 2012?

Age of Aquarius

No one knows when it starts! The twelve zodiacal constellations are of different sizes, and the borders between them are very indistinct. We will be moving into the New Aquarian Age of western astrology sometime within the next 200 years. There is no singlular date on which it will happen, just a gradual change. In the same vein we find hidden in the fifth appendix of Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 an admission from Jenkins that.

"it would be more accurate to say that the alignment occurs in the era of AD. 2012; because precession is such a slow phenomenon, fifty years on either side might be appropriate." [Author's italics][6]

It appears we must look elsewhere for the why and how of what may happen. It is unlikely that the Mayan calendar end-date coincidentally occurs on a solstice, yet a solstice is only an annual position within our orbit around the sun - a solstice on its own cannot change or harm us. I suggest that 2012 is a year that the Maya always knew of, a year in which a cosmic activity will affect our planet. Their choice of Dec 21 to end the calendar on was chosen only because the winter solstice is the gloomiest day of the year, and the most appropriate day to form myths around.


Why 2012:

1. Introduction
2. Mayan Calendar
3. Fractal Time and the I Ching
4. Galactic Alignment

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Comments from Visitors

Reality: Peak oil will happen (might have already) but all that means is we hit a point of 1/2 used. Problem is that the first half was easy to get quickly but not so much the second half. Of course plenty of oil will remain, but does modern civilasation have the ability to produce it as fast as it is concumed? Duh... It will be a steady decline of peaks and vallies in price hikes and supply declines widing each and every cycle, with growing energy shortages, famin, war, climate wackyness and all that bad mojo, but it won't be quick :( . Sad thing is that in 2003 the "estabishment" everyone thinks is denying the truth to people,are the same people speaking of the ookieness to come. Go google search "oil peak" and see there is an industrial document ($32,000 per copy) saying that the 1/2 way point will probably fully realized no later then 2010-2015 with $100 per barral realities. (These are the industrial authorities speaking). Why 2010-2015 before we see the OHH NOO full force? Fancy handling of current reserves and the living on the buble of total recession combined with liv8ing real time inventories there may be a 5-7 year lag. With 100's of billions of people having lived through out history, some persons imagination is bound to get the *end date* right ( but this ain't the end, just really really hard times).
(11.09.2004, 11:49)

Rob Bast:
That's enough on the oil topic. There are dozens of ways makind can ruin their society and planet, but is won't be a global catacylsm that risks our extinction, and it is a constant problem, and not at all related to 2012.
(11.09.2004, 18:19)

I think the combined gravitational pull of the planets will cause a tide that will wipe out many coastal communities. See you on the slopes. - - [From Rob: If all the planets lined up, their gravitational influence would be less than a 747 flying overhead. Scientific fact, widely published just before 5/5/2000]
(22.09.2004, 15:04)

thomas wazlavek:
Do not be fooled by simply assuming the planets in our solar system are static. the universe is dynamic, always changing and adapting. We are, in fact, more of the second hand of the universe. Our galaxy (and the rest for that matter), is constantly revolving around a center. Viewing the universe as a cartesian plane, our system is going to lapse over from the +x,-y sector to the -x,-y sector, signaling a shift in the poles. Gravity and magnetism are relative and subjective, relying the power of surrounding masses and bodies. When we cross over in 2012, we shall come dangerously close to a much larger body leaving -x,-y and entering our old sector of +x,-y. This will cause the tidal waves of california, the tsunamis of asia, and the earthquakes which hawaii will never forget. The passing of this larger mass will ultimately bring happiness to its survivors, due to the advancements in technologies, we will not die like the cavemen. We must harness this chance to understand the cosmos and our larger bodied neighbor.
(10.11.2004, 12:41)

i think this is factually all correct. Maybe if george bush knew something he would try to help..or not because he's a moron. I do believe that civilization will be affected but not ended. We should have been all dead in 2000 due to the bug of Y2K but we DIDNT! there is proof of things like this occuring in the bible. and im a strong believer of prophocies and such but i am contidicted by obsurd theories that "god will save all Christians" and other moronic comments making stupid remarks to get all people to become Christians. It may all be a reality but it could all be bogus. Depends on how u want to spend your life; drowning in your fear of becoming extint, or living life as best you can until a day comes where u cant live anymore. I choose the second option. - - SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(10.11.2004, 15:07)

I was just remembering a verse from the bible--Numbers 21:2,3 (I think) about a time when Moses was with his people in the wilderness. It's about a pole and a brass serpent (flaming?)set up by Moses to cure snakebite
(23.11.2004, 13:43)

Interesting subject, Q1. If the world did a polar shift would there not be pre-warnings of increased seismic activities on the approach to 2012. Q2. If, as someone suggested the world hierarchy is aware of it. But withholds the information to prevent mass panic would they not be building accommodation and a means of survival in the highest regions of the world, after all if a polar shift occurred the consequential tidal waves would wipe out all but the highest regions. - - What I tend to believe that a comet, like Haileys comet but on a much larger orbital disc may pass the earth altering the worlds gravitational axis, perhaps becoming visible from the Orion region hence the pyramids amongst other things pointing to this region of the galaxy, and if the world leaders are aware then surely the Hubble telescope is the "early warning device".
(02.12.2004, 12:08)

Crystal skulls? a computerized glass skull to encase the brain? Could this mayan prediction be an image-based phrophecy of the integration of man and machine? Of course we'll do it. We do everything. If we have the time right? How did the Mayans create prophecies anyway? Did they gaze into a black mirror like Nostradomas? The black mirror being a device to stimulate the minds eye. Or maybe they just stared up at the sky or pig entrails.
(16.12.2004, 01:30)

If that nanomachine thing is real than the possiblities for matter are endless. Maybe in the next decades we'll create the technologies needed to release the brain from the body with a computerized glass skull equipped with nanotechnology to repond to the chemical and physical needs. But if this happened what would we use this power for? The human ego now encased in an all powerful self-duplicating metal body? Whatever twists and turns may pan out technologically. cosomolgically. The human spirit must not only join in on the ride. but must lead the way. I believe something about human beings' desire for beautiful treasures is at the core of us. The transendance of the Asthetic. But what of transcending the asthetic? that is, releasing ourselves from the forces of sexual selection which have guided us to exhalt certain individuals. "the devil hath the power to assume a pleasing shape". In a world where technology realeases us from the previous constraints of matter the asthetic would lose its previous meaning yet remain no less important in our desire to see it. Thanks. I'd really enjoy seeing comments to any of this by somone else.
(16.12.2004, 01:31)

Rachel K:
I heard that there's a lesser known 13th zodiac sign (forget what it's called, starts with C). How does this affect the Age of Aquarius theory?
(26.12.2004, 16:46)

Glen Thomson:
Well, what do you know? techtonic plate shifts, tsunamis (boxing day) in asia, earth wabble, and magnetic changes in the earths(Gaya) atmosphere + mass bombardment from gammer rays from an unknow source in space! gee,what more proof do you need. We can all asume to presume and ingnore to deplore the evidence that is currently going on around us. We are in a world famon, 10% of the world devour 90% of its recources, there is world wide flooding, world wide drought etc, etc. So ok what will happen, we already know, just have a look within, A prophicy for you, those in Gondwana will head north to be safe. Oh yer the astrological sign is between Gemmini and Cancer (the sign of the spider). The beginning will be 2012.
(02.01.2005, 04:34)

safe places:wind cave-black hills-grand canyon-arizona,switzerland caves,kilimajaro mountains caves-africa, tibet caves, from ANNU TAL
(09.01.2005, 14:39)

any thoughts on venis?
(17.01.2005, 21:50)

Clinton Riley:
As an Arizonan resident, i have seen some of the global effects stemming from the indian tsunami. 2 days after the tsunami hit, arizona and california and parts of new mexico and nevada were expieriencing weather like none have seen in years. California residents slide off of mountaing, covered by mud. 13 of Arizonas 15 counties under extreme flood conditions. And no ending out january, this same system if finishing up its snow dump over the north central-north east( to be measured in feet). another example: oct 5 2004,dec 16,2004, jan 4 2005. These are some of recent volcanic eruptions. none have been extremely life threatening untill you link the sizemic activitys. What i am getting at is that i dont feel the quake in the indian ocean relieved even a fraction of the pressures built. Expect more siz* activity. This is all steering from the point. 2012 the poles shift. this could cause the rotation to reverse. If this happens, the earth will stop(axial rotation) for a brief pieriod, possibly days. ThePolar caps on the side of the planet facig the sun will will melt causing mass flooding, tsunamis, ect. I have strayed from the point, All life will cease to exist at one point and man will be unable to avoid it. Preperation useless. Life is to short to count the days till distruction. Live now, be happy, enjoy life.
(26.01.2005, 02:05)

Yei Ozomahtli:
Pay attention people, the galactic center is below the ecliptic of the sun. The sun will never align with the center of the galaxy because the center of the galaxy sits bvelow the ecliptic of the Sun, What Mr. Jenkins really wants to say is that the solsticial sun will transit through the center of the dark rift of the Milky Way. To explain further, the galactic alignment of the Sun with the dark rift is quite aproximate, IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING! it doesn't happen in one day it takes about twenty years for the solsticial sun to transit through the center of the dark rift. The end of the Long Count wasn't designed to be such a lousy calculation, it is a very precise calculation and the galactic alignment is only secundary, so pay attention if you want to learn something and not just parrot other people's writings. The Long Count is a calculation with a very specific planetary alignment frame, so precise that it would make your eurocentric and apocaliptic brains wobble. It actualy provides proof of something completely different that you will be able to read about pretty soon. The mysteries of the ancient mesoamerican will be revealed before the next heliacal rising of Venus, but until then, rest assured that you are ignorant of what my ancestors knew and hid from the startled european invaders. The Toltec truth will soon be known. Until then don't let your brains wobble to much you might begin to get dizzy.
(09.02.2005, 17:51)

i have heard that in the year 2012 we are to go through a change. that the earth is to go through the milkyway and we are to have 3 days of sunlight. this is to happen in the year 2012.noone knows what will happen. they don't know whats on the other side, some say there is a black hole on the other side. where will we be........
(04.03.2005, 19:59)

Greg Walter:
I can't remember where I heard it, but something is supposed to happen May 5th, 2005. Perhaps a planetary alignment, or some cataclysmic event. Has anyone else heard of an event on this date? [ from Rob Bast: It was May 5 2000, alignment happened, caused nothing ]
(06.03.2005, 19:34)

There's one serious problem here that none of you seem to be taking into account: some people claim to prove 2012 is significant, and others claim to prove it is insignificant. - - What we need is to have some sort of concensus here. I've read websites countering every point made by both sides of the issue. So which side is right? Those of you who are so sure about what's going to happen, most of you have not even an inkling of astronomical knowledge. So hush with your self-assuredness. What we need is a debating of the issues in a clear and logical way so that the various sides can come to some sort of a concensus on what the facts are. Until then, we're all just speculating.
(15.03.2005, 10:48)

Maybe there were two Mayan stone calenders. One ended with December 21, 2012 and the other one started with December 22, 2012 and kept going for another several thousand years. Probably stolen when the Mayans left town and the outlaws took over. It's probably in somebody's backyard in Mexico right now with fern pots hanging off of it. Or on it's side and used as a coffee table in some Internet cafe in Brazil. Relax, guys and gals. - - Why is everybody so freaked over this? You ain't getting off this planet alive, so why freak?
(18.03.2005, 08:20)

john donge:
the calandar ends at 2012? maybe it's maker got exhausted from writing down all the dates up until then. it's understandable.....the calandar had to end somewhere.
(18.03.2005, 21:00)

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