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Author: Patrick Geryl

Why the North Becomes South

Years ago I started my quest, intending to discover why pole shifts take place. I found answers that put my imaginative powers heavily to the test. But through my persistent search, I found evidences for it, telling of a highly advanced civilization that was exposed to three catastrophes. Each time, the movement of the earth’s axis was severely disrupted and the whole earth was subjected to a gigantic cataclysm.

From this we can state the following: The graph of human evolution does not appear as a straight line. Towards the end it draws steeply upwards, but after every disaster it slips tremendously quickly downwards. Priests and scientists knew this, and intertwined their knowledge with religion in order to make everybody fully aware of it. But with the passage of time, the knowledge was lost. Fourteen thousand years ago the priests knew how to decipher the secrets of polar reversals.

At present nothing is left of it, and there isn’t a single scientist now in possession of this knowledge; a catastrophic downfall in the pre-primeval age. Hopefully as many people as possible will hear my echo before it is too late. Or will they neglect the messages from our distant past?

The following text shows that in antiquity people were notified about the forthcoming end via The Book of Enoch: "Behold, destruction is coming, a great flood and it will destroy all living things." A great many codes hide in this short sentence, and they are relative to the forthcoming destruction. Scientific knowledge having been interwoven with religion.

The Magnetic Field of the Earth Compared with that of a Dynamo

Everybody knows that the dynamo of a bicycle creates a magnetic field, and therefore electricity. As long as you keep cycling, the inner magnets keep turning around and electric power is generated. The earth has a somewhat similar, though more complicated, principle. Just like the bicycle dynamo, the magnetic field is generated in the earth’s core, because the liquid upper layer rotates with a different speed in relation to the earth’s core. There, the mechanical energy is transformed into magnetic energy, resulting in a North Pole and a South Pole.

Should you want to change the poles of a dynamo, you would have to change its direction of rotation! Expanding this principle, the earth also has to change its direction when the North Pole becomes the South Pole! So here we find a scientific proof for polar reversals. It correlates completely with the statement of the Old Egyptians on this subject: after every pole reversal the sun rose from the opposite direction.

West Became East

Because the earth’s axis turns anti-clockwise, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. These are the plain facts. But, was it always like this? Is this a constant law? When you look at Pluto, you see it rotating from the east to the west, so that the sun rises in the west there. Was this the same situation on earth in earlier days? Shockingly enough, it was!

When you examine the Old Egyptians’ way of encoding, there is no other possible explanation. During their time, the earth underwent sudden drastic changes. Before the previous pole shift our sun rose in the west! From then on in the east, because the direction of rotation changed! When we apply this principle again, the sun will rise in the west after the forthcoming pole reversal!

As our present science knows, our earth cannot continue its undisturbed rotations indefinitely, and will end its task as a chronometer; it first undergoes a deceleration and then an acceleration in the opposite direction. The physical consequences of an abrupt deceleration are phenomenal: continuous earthquakes, cyclones, colossal tidal waves, scalding hot lava streams, et cetera., will wipe away the existing civilization of that time.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. Not only a deceleration takes place, but also a reversal. Instead of turning from west to east, it will start to turn from east to west. It cannot be more frightening, because it will bring along a destruction of immense proportions. Everything that took place beforehand will now happen again.

The magical Papyrus Harris speaks of a colossal catastrophe of fire and water when "the North becomes the South." Plato wrote about this in Politicus: "In certain periods, the universe has its present rotating movement and in other periods it turns in the opposite direction… Of all the changes that take place in the sky, this reversal is the biggest and the most complete."

Read again these words, remember them forever and pass them on to your children. Only in this way will this terrible truth remain in existence. It is the only way to preserve the next civilization from total destruction. Because, without this knowledge, within twelve thousand years it will be thrown back into the Stone Age, just like ours will be very soon now.

Scientific Proof for a Reversal

The proof of previous events is found in the earth layers, the rocky crust of our planet. The lithosphere consists of igneous rocks like granite and basalt, topped by sedimentary rocks. The latter are formed on the igneous rocks, which form the original earth crust. One can regularly find places where the igneous rocks cover sedimentary rocks over large areas. Cuvier (1769-1832), the founder of the science of rib-skeletons was deeply impressed by the image they showed of successive earth layers.

He was convinced that the bottom of the sea had repeatedly changed into mainland and vice versa. From his studies he concluded that huge disasters had destroyed life in extensive areas. In Essay on the Theory of Earth he writes: "When the traveler moves through these fertile plains he will not have the slightest notion that nature has also had its inner wars, and that revolutions and catastrophes have tormented the terrestrial surface. But he will change his opinion when he starts digging in the ground that now looks so peaceful."

What he saw were the destructions caused by countless polar reversals. Doesn’t a sudden deceleration and acceleration of the earth mean a complete destruction of civilizations? The end of billions of animal lives? The Orphic Hymns remind this only too well: "When the arch of heaven, the mighty Olympus, tremendously trembled … and the earth was screaming terribly, the sea fumingly rose, tempestuous of purple waves."

For the survivors of the forthcoming catastrophe, the result of the next pole reversal will be more than overwhelming, as if a gigantic cosmic catastrophe could make the universe rotate in the opposite direction. The inhabitants of the earth will experience this in the same way, because all the stars and planets will now rise on a different horizon. Our sun too, the closest star, will experience this almost unbelievable situation: it will now rise in the west and set in the east, and oceans will also rise. Those are the results of a magnetic field out of control.

Mountain-High Waves

The Choctaws from Oklahoma tell the following about this: "In the north appeared mountain-high waves, quickly coming closer." The Indians of Oregon tell the following story about Mount Jefferson, three kilometers high: "A huge flood inundated the land. Then the water drew back. A second time a flood inundated the land and drew back. Afraid of a next and even bigger flood, they cut the biggest cedar tree they could find and made the biggest canoe they had ever seen. When the flood came for the third time, they chose the strongest and cleverest man and woman and placed them in the canoe, together with enough food for many days. Then a bigger and deeper flood engulfed all the land and all the people."

A long time ago our ancestors gained scientific insight into the catastrophes that took place with a reversing magnetic field. To top that, they knew how to calculate this beforehand… We would now be building survival arks if wars hadn’t caused the loss of this knowledge. But it turned out to be different. All knowledge about the cataclysm that awaits us has been dissolved in the mist of times.

And when the earth reverses its direction of movement, the seas will again gather into immeasurable tides…and planetary lightning will electrocute huge parts of the earth. Without notice the astonished spectators will start fighting a battle they will lose against this planetary violence of nature adrift, and almost all will perish in a horrible way…

For more of Patrick Geryl's ideas, see this book:

The Orion Prophecy: Will the World Be Destroyed in 2012 by Patirck Geryl & Gino Ratinckx


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Comments from Visitors

Steve Martin:
Hi everyone, of all the doomsday predictions, I feel this is certainly one, if not the most likely scenario we will face. I have thought of how the oceans might change, and how the earth will vibrate from the change in direction. Currently, I am at a loss, to come up with a solution for this. How does one survive a flood. No ordinary flood, but the flood of floods. If Noah's story is correct, then mass flooding, with huge waves, will befall us all. So does anyone have any ideas on what type of house, could be built, that would allow it to be submerged for a brief period. Or perhaps even a ship, that could weather the most fearce storms imaginable? I even considered a sub, but how easy, with the oceans mass changing, it could be peirced, by debris, or smashed against rocks.
(22.06.2004, 06:22)

umm... buddy, if Noah's story is correct, God promised never to flood the world again. hahaha so let it go
(09.07.2004, 14:21)

what about going hot air ballooning for a few days in 2012 as Venus flies by the sun?
(20.07.2004, 15:26)

You know what im going to do? Walk outside and welcome the 3k high waves and everything else that follows. What's the use of trying to live in a hot air ballon or a submarine for an extra week or when ever, that's no life to live. In my opinion forget about all this stuff and go on normally and if it happens let it happen.
(01.08.2004, 14:19)

Casey, Scallion, Lori Toye Davis, Nostradamus, and the Pyramid PI scale prophesies of 1999 and 5/5/2000 did not come true. What's to say that 2012 prophesy will be more hot air? Live your life on a daily basis and accept what may come. To prepare for an unknown is impossible.
(03.09.2004, 14:19)

Rob Bast:
Dave: None of the predictions mentioned had any sensible science behind them. Mine does, but the date is only a possibility. Do you have insurance for your car or home? I would call that preparing for the unknown. All I ask is that humans take out a little insurance for our species...
(05.09.2004, 16:33)

Well, if this all happens like I think it will, there is no point in having kids now, we are all just going to die in the most frightful end possible. What a bummer.
(05.10.2004, 16:34)

AV Subbarao:
According to Hinduism, we still have 10000 yrs to go before Kaliyuga ends and Maha Pralaya starts!
(21.12.2004, 20:29)

What my question to you, Robert, or anyone else thas has a vast knowledge of this subject, is if instead of you working alone researching, and inventing ways of survival (ie. where whould be an ideal place to construct a survival sanctuary, or an existing one) that some other qualified, sane, intellectually superior person could help work on this subject alongside you? It seems that "Mountain high waves" and pole reversals cannot be evaded by one researcher/for lack of a better word, theorizer. I am not volunteering, just suggesting, on the behalf of not just our, but our beloved pet's and animal's survival.
(11.01.2005, 22:14)

i read the orion prophecy by patrick geryl. todays date is 1-27-2005, even if we humans do everything we can possibly imagine, plan, and execute to "survive" such an event as pole shift, there really wouldnt be any surviving to it after all, because of what will be left of the earth. - it takes a long time for topsoil to evolve, for gases to disperse, for atmosphere to turn back into what we breath as "air". - seriously, we all know how society has changed from the time the last pole shift happened. - lets be honest, people arent like they use to be. - there are still going to be criminals, dangers from our own kind, manipulators claiming to be leaders, etc. - and,the ones who do survive will perish, due to various causes that we arent even thinking of,so,what child will survive that? - think about it on its true scale people, - i think we should really try to live life as much as we can now,right now,today. - who knows when we will die,a person could get ready for this event for the literal "rest of their lives", and step out to get that last thing, and get shot, hit by a truck, or have a heart attack. - you know? - dont give up because the end is near,but enjoy what is here, now. - they say "busy livin',or busy dyin'" - its true people,count your life as you live it,i am. - thanks for letting me voice my opinion - pamela.
(27.01.2005, 16:45)

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