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The Bast Theory


There are two obvious camps whenever Ancient Mysteries are debated - those that cite a lack of hard physical evidence, and those that trust their instincts. Prime examples are the pyramids and flood myths. These were global phenomenons in ancient times, and the similarities appear obvious to the layman, which is why so many books on the subjects are published and sold. Serious academics, who went through university adhering to strict scientific principals, will argue that there isn't enough evidence to show that ancient societies were in contact with each other. Flood myths apparantly arose from local flooding, and global pyramids... it's all just a coincidence, they say.

It is as if 100 people witnessed a murder, and knew the murderer personally. The murderer fled. Each witness told their children, who in turn told their children. Amazingly, two generations later, the murderer returns to hand himself in. Hundreds of grandchildren of the original witnesses know who he is and that he is guilty, because of the details they had been told. But he will not be punished, because there is no physical evidence, and no original witnesses.

There is little likelihood of anything surviving the ravages of time unless it was specifically designed to do so. Even today, we are finding that we are unable to contain nuclear waste forever, and settle for a few hundred years of safety ( see here ). Ancient texts like the Dead Sea Scrolls have come to us only through a fluke of circumstances.

In the search for answers I have decided that starting with evidence and then developing theories is the wrong path. There is unlikely to ever be enough definitive evidence, and if there was, scientists and academics are the best qualified to do so. So I have begun with a theory, based on instinct and obviousness, and am now trying to gather enough proof to convince the majority of humans that are sane, regular people. I have little desire to change the opinions of academics, but I have respect for some of their methods and standards - where appropriate I will choose to quote academics over laymen, and as much as possible I will provide verifiable references for anything I find. Which means any mentions of Zacharia Sitchin or Erich von Daniken are unlikely, regardless of how well meaning and intelligent they appear to be.

I also choose not to mention UFOs. I wouldn't be too surprised if we had alien visitors from time to time, but evidence is lacking. And it would be difficult for me to remain a non-fiction author with the number of possibilities they allow.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

The Starting Point

In its purest form my theory is based on these assumptions:

  • Ancient cultures communicated with each other in some way
  • Mysterious Elders have appeared from time to time to guide us
  • Pyramids and mounds had a purpose other than burying royalty
  • Evolution doesn't generally occur in small stages
  • Global cataclysms have occurred within the last 12,000 years
  • Our galactic neighbourhood could be more dangerous than is commonly acknowledged

These assumptions are certainly not unique, and many books have been written on each, with perhaps the last being debated less often than the others.

The Theory

In One Sentence: Every so often a force from space causes global cataclysms and mass mutations.

  • The Anicent Mayan Calendar ends in 2012. We would be very foolish to ignore this warning, a doomsday date that may have been given to the Maya by others
  • Pole shifts have occurred in the past and will occur again. There is no known terrestial mechanism that can cause pole shifts, so the trigger could well be extra-terrestial. With the universe being the mystery that it is, we should accept that anything is possible.
  • Mass extinctions and rapid evolution occur at the same time as cataclysms. Rapid evolutionary change can only be achieved via extremely high rates of mutations, and by mutations that are not random. Unicorns and dragons once actually existed, they were mutant strains that didn't survive very long.
  • Cosmic rays cause mutations. A huge influx of cosmic rays would cause high rates of mutations. Although scientists are unsure about where all the cosmic rays come from, the source might be the same as what powers the pole shifts.
  • The ancients were aware of the dangers of cosmic rays and cataclysms and encoded information about them into their calendars, myths and monuments. I also believe that pyramids may have been designed as cosmic ray shelters.

All of these topics are, or will be, dealt with in-depth within these pages.

Why am I investigating these ideas?

As a human it is not surprising that I like humans. I don't want them to be wiped out. And I prefer them just how they are, as opposed to any mutant strain that might occur. The Mayan end-date is not far off, and if it happens to be the date of the next cataclysm, I would like to help some of us to prepare, and survive.

Discuss Survive 2012 at our forum

Give the author your thoughts, and discuss any 2012 ideas with others, at 2012 Forum


Comments from Visitors

T. Charron:
Pole shifts can be caused by the cooling of the planets core which can effect the magnetic field,as the core cools this effects the rotation speed and causes loss of the planets atmosphere. This has happened before on planet earth as there have been ironized particles of liquidrock solidafied with the south pole being stronger and alligning these particles this way.this is a possible scenario for why mars ended up as it has.The cooling of its core the loss of its atmosphere and the remains of evidence of water. There was a great special on P.B.S. about this whole earth, Mars thing that would interest you.I think it may have been "NOVA" This special speculated earth will eventually lose all its atmoshere because of its slowly cooling core which will definately cause Pole shifts but this will take a very long time millions or billions of years but Pole shifts could happen when ever the conditions are right and could be moved forward by global warming, ice caps melting ect.
(06.04.2004, 04:15)

Interesting. I had a dream the world was going to end in 2012. It left a big imprint on me. I can even remember the exact date. 10/16/95 The world isn't going to end per say, but it will be the end to the world as we know it.. The pain & horror I felt was beyond words. I suspect Nuclear Holocaust.. But had no visuals of the events.. Just dates & feelings..
(06.04.2004, 15:44)

M. Walker:
With the newly discovered evidence of "Planet X" or Sedna as its been named, could this possibly be the cause of cosmic rays that could trigger the pole shifts?
(10.04.2004, 22:29)

Rob Bast:
It is too far away and too small to affect us in any way. However, it takes 10,500 years to complete an orbit, which is roughly the number of years since Earth's last global cataclysm
(12.04.2004, 04:52)

Mayan astrology speaks of a 'serpent in the sky' that comes every 5000 years to cleanse the world of 'all obscenities'. - You should look into that.
(13.04.2004, 07:39)

is Marduk Planet X, or Mars...i believe Mars and there is no connect Marduk and 2012..2012 is about precession...and 2012 it isn't end of our cycle but important for end of cycles
(22.04.2004, 14:25)

Don't hold yourselves in fear...that is what they want. Have you ever heard of Desert Days? This is the time of great disturbance and change before a dimensional jump. About the "newly discovered" planet...its real name is Nebiru and it has everything to do with 2012. Look it up. We have a lot to do, just do not fear. I highly recommend reading all books by Patricia Cori...It will all be okay.
(23.04.2004, 12:38)

i have one main comment its a fact that the mayan were avid users of dmt. try using dmt. it has the same effect on everyone and its not bad at all. if you try it, the effect is what the world will be like after 2012
(26.04.2004, 23:13)

paul lomax:
mt.DNA shows a bottleneck 26,ooo years ago
(12.05.2004, 05:01)

Xoe Stone:
As T, Charron so aptly pointed out, Global Warming and the melting of polar ice caps and glaciers result in rising sea/ocean/freshwater levels worldwide. As water levels rise they result in greater and greater pressure/force on land masses, which in turn results in periods of "geological reformation and redestribution". During these "reformation" periods, Earth is subject to increased earthquake and volcanic activity, particularly in areas already known to be prone to such activity. - - Perhaps pole shifts are a combination of factors...? Since events naturally occurring on/inside Earth and in Space are already known and recognized as having an impact on the functioning of Earth and its various systems. - - Also, we must take into consideration our own, human impact/activities on Earth, which have acted as something of a "catalyst" in terms of our complicity in creating conditions favorable to Global Warming and its symptoms, results, and outcomes.
(17.05.2004, 19:30)

Xoe Stone:
Also, what bottleneck is recognized as having occurred 26,000 years ago? I am familiar with the bottleneck that occurred after the eruption of Mt. Toba in Indonesia some seventy-thousand-odd years ago, but I am unfamiliar with any human population bottlenecks occurring after that date. you have a link or more information on that date and the likely cause? If so, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
(17.05.2004, 19:35)

Dave G:
Pole shifts could be caused by the centrifugal force on an asymmetric distribution of polar ice. The earth's oblateness would impede change, but once the process started, it would grow in strength until the ice center of mass had moved to the equator.
(21.05.2004, 22:31)

all of us gonna die at 2012 because of marduk. - and new victims gonna start to live...
(29.05.2004, 20:41)

I consider myself to be an aspiring anthropologist. I am also an agnostic. But the dreams I have must have some basis, as well as the growing feeling that a huge change is coming. - - I have read several theories, including the one on the sun's tilt and warp. I believe there are basis in facts and that the answers are so plain yet we do not have the knowledge or site that the ancients had to see them.
(30.05.2004, 22:55)

Micah Salas:
I found this page very interesting and it opened my eyes to something I knew nothing about.
(05.06.2004, 02:11)

It can not be a mere coincidance that so many people frome so many times and cultures have an "end times" story that corralates with our time...a time of such technilogical, cultural, and population change
(13.06.2004, 21:33)

michael weinstien:
VENUS TRANSIT 2004-2012 - its obvious the clocking of this attention of mass earth consiousness,global planetary "consiousness"needs to become GALACTIC COSMIC CONSIOUSNESS in order to "survive"-survival for what purpose exactly that is indeed a GREAT MYSTERY- - food chain anyone? - why should the "other"non-humanoid species feed upon the human species as the humans feed upon animals?or is the belief(ha ha ha )that humans are the highest evolved species in the universe? ha ha ha-bad joke
(15.06.2004, 16:56)

Ramon Lopez:
I've read somewhere in the Bible about a definite time period where this present system of things will end. If I remember correctly it states that a certain generation will witness the start of the end... a global rise of outmost anarchy and violence that was never seen before. A lot of scholars believe that The First World War of 1918 was the beginning of the end because it was the first time in human history where war was fought globally. Anyway the number of people alive and were a witness to this event of 1918 is slowly and continously dying and for sure not many are still alive today. ( I'm assuming in a few thousands left.) And the Bible states that this generation will not pass away before the end comes.
(21.06.2004, 05:49)

The newly dicovered planet Sedna, at the end of our solar system is beleived to have a year or a complete orbit around the sun every 10,500 years. It is also beleived that something with great gravitational force causes pluto to orbit the sun differantly than the rest of the planets, which sedna could be the causing factor. If we can find out the last time sedna came close to earth, and project its path, and if this celestial body has a great gravitATIONAL FORCE, then WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF IT CAME close to the earth. Could the orbit of sedna that completes every 10500 years be the great cataclysm that destoys our planet? Could this be what darkens the sky, causes a third of the stars to fall, and turns the moon blood red, and also causes the earth to swing to and fro like a drunkard? Are the many predictions of end times caused by such an event as the orbit of a newly discovered planet, that those of ancient times witnessed 10,000 years ago?
(23.06.2004, 10:54)

stop referring all the important information to the purchasing of your book, if you really cared about the world ending you wouldnt care about book sales, because by 2012, what would you do with your profits? you would make the answers and important info from your book available and free for all to view.
(27.06.2004, 20:02)

Rob Bast:
Um, Jeff, all I have written so far is here on this site, for free. When the book is finished, any proceeds will go towards a survival strategy....
(28.06.2004, 03:13)

Estimates from geologists are that the fastest rate at which we will be ever be able to supply civilisation with fossil-based oil is coming soon (ranging from 2-30 years) with 2012 being a popular guess. When we are no longer able to produce at the rate we desire to consume, the fun begins.
(02.07.2004, 15:30)

Okay, kind of scary. I'm a 12 year old girl, obviously no old enough to understand most of this. All I know is that there is a supposed theroy that the world will end in 2112. Even if it is true, no one needs to prepare. If thw world ends, it because because it was meant to do so. Death will catch up with us, we can't hide from death. Worrying about the end of the earth will feel foolish if it doesn't happen. If it does, there is nothing we can do about it anyway. Anywho, thanks for the info, I'm doing a report on this subject, and this iformation helped a lot.
(15.07.2004, 23:17)

Hi Rob, great site, very informative. Have you read about the discovery of O.R.M.E (Orbitly Rearranged Monatomic Elements) It seems to me that this discovery may well be more than coincedence.
(25.07.2004, 11:33)

(28.07.2004, 12:29)

yellowstone national park as you may or may not know is and always has been a active volcano. it erupts every 3000-5000 or so years i believe and we are now in the time of its next eruption, it will have a 600 mile blast radius and will take out much of the U.S i belive that maybe this is what will happen on 2012 this would deffinately effect the whole world it in effect would be much like a comet hitting earth the sky will be blackened and we will most likely all die
(01.08.2004, 15:28)

The pyramid was a communication device with god, it was the "ark" with a Mer-Ka-Ba (three dimensional star of David) on the top made out of Quartz crystal, the sun would often burn passers by, so they covered it with Gold. The pyramid, stone henge, step pyramids all are "arks" The Romans stopped us from communication directly with god to control us.
(09.08.2004, 18:32)

Seth Elson:
I was watching a prgram about the bioble code and it stated that the bible code spells out the end of days as being in the year 2012 also. Do you think that there was a connection between the ancient hebrews and the mayans?? Seems odd that two civilizations thousands of miles away from each other and existing at different times would come up with the same year for the end of the world.. what are the odds?
(15.08.2004, 23:06)

Were you the guy who was on the 1210 AM WPHT radio show " Coast to Coast " this morning? 8/18/04 Philadelphia
(18.08.2004, 04:32)

Rob Bast:
No, that was David Wilcock: - - - 2004/08/17.html
(18.08.2004, 17:47)

the controversial element 115 gives off gravity waves. sedna is most likely made of 115. someone on here said the moon turns bright red, according to nasa sedna is red. the intense gravity could warp the poles, flood the entire planet, cause earthquakes, eruptions, and possible tectonic plate shifts. sedna has already effected uranus's orbit and its only a matter of time before it gets to earth. and has anyone noticed that nasa hasnt said much lately? ther most likely trying to prevent panic.
(30.08.2004, 20:10)

I think you need to decide if you are talking about a magnetic pole shift or a spin axis pole shift. There is a wealth of evidence for the former, and a dearth of evidence for the latter. Unfortunately, the former occuring over periods lasting centuries would be unlikely to cause any kind of cataclysmic upheaval. - - Also, you will need a lot more hard evidence to convince anyone who thinks critically that the ancients knew about cosmic rays.
(02.09.2004, 09:09)

Maybe you should check out , and include something about that in your book, its about this guy whos from the future in 2036, and he talks about them recovering from post WWIII, a nuclear war in 2015, aftr a civil war that began in 2005 in the US, I think its a hoax, but many are believing its true, the guy is so detailed, he even has pics of his time machine check it out -!And also Nostradamus predicted WWIII in 2012 so..
(02.09.2004, 23:30)

Recently I looked at a linear graph of our technology growth and saw that around the millenium there is a very rapid curve. Isn't it impossible for the line to go straight upwards? - For every new technology there are more branches of technology we can aquire from the recent one and so on... Can we ever have too much technolgy? If we do, we could possibly destroy ourselves. Please E-mail me for any responses/comments.
(28.10.2004, 18:21)

d rob from drs:
bishop(you idiot) yellowstone is indeed located on top of a hotspot, and is therefore indeed a volcanically active sight. however, your 600 mile blast estimate is the most absurd thing i have ever heard. for that kind of explosion, a batholith the size of new york would have to exist under this area. Get your sources right instead of trying to b.s. and sound cool.
(03.11.2004, 19:46)

We actually discussed this at our school today. I doubt the world will end in 2012 but some people gave me some weird but ironically real facts. - - 1. The Mayan Calendar stops at 2012. - 2. In 2005, everyone will have the chance to get a "personal ID" inserted into their hand. They say it would be considered to be the Mark of the Beast. - 3. After the mark of the beast is given, all things will go down hill for 7 years(Revolations. - 4. Common Math will say that 5 + 7= 12. So basically, it will start in 2005 and end in 2012. - - The really only excuse to fight those facts is to say that no one knows when the End will be and that the ID might not be the mark of the beast. Only time will tell...
(05.11.2004, 14:52)

about 15 years ago,maybe less. My wife and I were living In Hawwai, (sorry my English is not good....) we were living on the Napali coast in a tarp covered tent,,,now the only contact with the outside world at that time was our monthly trip by trek into to hanalai...where we would stock up with, smokes booze and all other leading essentials needed for the stoner drop out life. - - So one day for really no apparent reason or so we thought, people in the camp where we were, started to behave in a odd fassion..Not everybody was as keen a smoker as me or my wife but we looked on as one does when skinned out and dry mouthed... - - What we both noticed and couldnt quite understand was, people began to become restless and show some sort of anxiety, our camp cat was out of control and ran for the valley hills..not before seriousley disturbing the piece and scratching the hell out of me and the wife. The next really odd thing was, 2 wild goats who had been seen and always ducked out of range before we could get closer to them, jumped out into the camp, stood right in front of us and bleated and stamped hooves...they then legged it off as goats do, and we lost site of them...
(26.11.2004, 14:53)

My wife and I looked at each other with a look, and with a look that said, "ok, what s going on?" I said it first and shes followed saying, "I hoped you noticed it too" - - Within the next 12 hours we had a hurricane hit the place and the Island looked like it had been hit by a H bomb afterwards...we, dug into the earth and made a temp shelter that kept us from being hurt. - - Now many years later, not a stoner anymore, we look around where we go with a very different eye. what we see at present is the same confusion and anxiety, and restlessness in all we meet.(although most dont know they are doing it) - - The hurricane had short term effects, so a short build up was needed for people to prepare, but if your theories are correct, then 2012 would require alot more preperation time in the general Psyche of the worlds living occupants.
(26.11.2004, 14:53)

Bast is a paranoiac who thinks the world will end in 2012, your basic fear-monger. Ignore him, maybe he'll go away. [Great advice considering that this anonymous poster leaves rude comments here almost everyday. I leave this as a mild example of his seemingly vindictive comments - Rob]
(30.11.2004, 01:59)

That really surprises me Bobby--Maybe your readers will leave you once they figure out what a sham this all is. Why don't you go get a real job and quit playing false prophet?
(03.12.2004, 14:30)

wynn free:
I believe you will find some of the answers to the really deep questions about 2012 in my book about The Reincarnation of edgar Cayce?
(07.12.2004, 02:56)

Found in the Sunday, December 29th edition of the Salt Lake Tribune: - "mayan doomsday" - "KENSINGTON, Australia -- There are only 10 years left before the - world ends. That's if you follow the ancient Mayan calendar, which is - considered one of the most accurate ever and mysteriously ends on a - date that scientists say corresponds to December 21, 2012, on the - western calendar. - - - As a result, many people believe the world will end on that date - and one person who is preparing for the worst is Australian-based - doomsday researcher Robert Bast. He believes the ancient Mayans had - the ability to scientifically predict a major cataclysmic event that - will destroy Earth. The smart money is on a polar ice shift, but Bast - says a magnetic pole shift may also cause the equivalent of a nuclear - war. - - - Bast plans to move to a secret mountaintop in West Africa, which, - according to his research, is the safest spot in the world."
(08.12.2004, 03:35)

"Seemingly vindictive comments?" Wake up, Bobby! They are vindictive but not nearly as damaging as the psychological trauma you put your readers though. You state you have scientific evidence and all you have is bullshit!
(10.12.2004, 02:20)

Errr...Bobby, in your efforts to be the control freak that you are, didn't you just forget to DELETE my comment above? C'mon, you're slipping! [Rob replies: "control freak", well it is my site after all. An admission of being vindictive adds light to any other posts you may make]
(15.12.2004, 13:39)

I think visions of cataclysms from movies, tv shows, video games, books and the like are a way to prepare us for the end. I would not know whether to tell the public if a global catastrophe is about to happen. In the movie "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact" (in both) the NASA sends a rocket to destory the an asteriod that's dangerously approaching the Earth. I just found out a rocket is being sent to land on an asteroid to take samples of its surface. What do you think? Am I watching too much tv?
(21.12.2004, 23:47)

Rachel K:
That Mark of the Beast/ID chip thing isn't true, just check I've heard variations on this theme with more vampires mixed in, like we're supposed to evolve into vampires or something. Of course, the kid who told me about all this thought he was a vampire and had been born in 1950 (he was 19, and this was a few years ago).
(26.12.2004, 16:03)

Many of times i have been very RUDE and UNPLEASANT too Jehovahs wittnesses when they came knocking at my door, however i did give them the chance to"explain" if you like there theory of "the end of this system of thing" and the dates they have caluculated. I would be very intrested in hearing from you and too give me your opinion on theyre theory
(29.12.2004, 20:21)

Mrs r smith:
Hello everyone i have just been directed to this web, i find it very intresting i will be doing some of my own research cuase at the end of the day words are cheap. I do have a question for you mister Bast dont u think that if the infomation you are giving happens to be true then you should be sharing "survive 2012" with everyone in the 150-200 languages throw out the world free of charge. I dont think that kind of infomation should have a price too it do you Mr Bast? And anyway if your theory was also true, what would you do wth the profit from selling your infomation on how to survive if the world is going end in 2012. [from Rob: how am I making money? Feel free to translate my work yourself.]
(29.12.2004, 20:34)

lets say the mayan end date is correct that would mean that the starting signs should be evident now the earthquake and tsunami in asia also if the end is 2012 that would mean religous wise a majority of us will be gone in 2005 considering the fact that christ comes then seven years pass and christ comes again then its over well 2012 minus 2005 equals 7 so christs first coming is in 2005 and then again in 2012. if not deleted i hope all of you take this into consideration right your wrongs and live everyday as its going to be your last
(30.12.2004, 13:18)

H.K. people:
Asia EarthQuake is 2012 years The End Of World Have Happen . - I Belive 2005 years Have Very Big Happen !!!!!
(03.01.2005, 02:40)

Im not a Jehovahs Witness but i do understand what they are preaching. The history of man has been involved in a legal case concerning Jehovahs "right to rule". Satan asked the question "Does Jehovah have the right decide what is acceptable and what is unacceptable? Does He have the right to punish those He finds to be wrong doers? Just because He created all things does that give him the right to judge?". So God give Satan a day in court so to speak, to prove his case. Is creation better off without Jehovah and His laws? All the prophesies and signs point to the end of this "day in court" when Satans case will be proven wrong and Jehovah will be proven right. 1914 is the generation that will see the end of the system of things. In the year 2014 they will be 100 years old. Most people do not live that long..
(04.01.2005, 00:24)

After reading the comments and the information/theories you are trying to present, I wanted to wish you all the best. I am actually amused at this point that people are only now beginning to worry about these things. Many of us have known/had theories/or have been studying various subjects you are including in your book. What I would like to question, is exactly what your position on the outcome is. The world is not going to end per say, but what I and others have discussed is 1) Weather changes will continue to cause increased natural disasters, crop failures, decreased drinking water supplies, famine. 2) Much of these are as a result of the pollutants we have put into the air, soil, water, our bodies, and into space. 3) There is going to be a new spiritual/psychic awareness. Some people have already begun tapping in and many more will follow as the time grows closer. 4)12/21/12 is only the beginning of the major changes. 5) There will be another large war after this occurance. 6) The world population after all is said and done should be only 20-25% of what is currently is. 7)The world map will look very different as many land masses will move/disappear. There is so much more and what you are writing about only scratches the surface. But as the time grows closer, you should see an increase in traffic to your site, however, I feel it will probably be too late for most. Much success to you on your quest.
(04.01.2005, 06:11)

It'll probabably be too late for you Christine...Get off the drugs and get a grip.
(07.01.2005, 07:58)

"Anon" lol i have to agree with you there.. get off from what ur on and come down to earth and face the REAL facts. Maybe you to scared to realize what bast says might just be true....
(08.01.2005, 11:26)

I for one think this bulletin board has gotten out of hand and should be shut down, or be open to registered users only. It wastes time to go through all the gargbage people post, those who DON'T believe the world will end in 2012! We need to have our own private furum with a Moderator, because we all need each other in the Last Days which have been prophesised for so long. Ahhh,sweet, beautiful 2012! Such sweetness when the Earth shall finally be no more. I am really looking forward to it and the beauty is I won't even have to spend any money on funeral arrangements since the entire poulation of the worlsd will be dead, anyway. And I believe all these truths to be true because it's so patently obvious from all the credible sources and scientific evidence provided here by Mr. Bast that the worls has had all these prior cataclysms, it's a wonder we're here today. I just hope we don't nuke ourselves before 2012, or it will spoil the Prophecy of the End in 2012! Let's keep our fingers crossed and meditate on that lovely day of 12-21-12 when all shal be no more.
(10.01.2005, 14:34)

12-21-12....RUSH....(SEE:360 AS OPPOSED TO 365 YEAR SPANCE... - Lance - p.s.(2013)Thank you
(13.01.2005, 06:25)

Hey Anon. There are no drugs involved and I'm not to late. Instead of bashing people who don't agree with you, or have different ideas, maybe you ought to open up your mind to other possibilities to broaden your own understanding. It's people like you that the earth needs to rid herself of, and please let me be the first person to say farewell, you won't be missed.
(13.01.2005, 22:30)

Linx Arakuta:
More information on the entities of 2012 can be obatained by contacting my email.
(15.01.2005, 13:24)

I see bobby's been bust deleting things he doesn't "aprove" of! What an important job you have bobby! [from Rob Bast: as I keep saying, it is my site, and at least I put a name to what I write]
(19.01.2005, 02:49)

Anon you are in denial! You know there is a lot of truth on this site! Otherwise you would't be posting here every day. Just accept it, what you fear the most is always very close to the truth. (fear leads to anger and anger to hate, the dark side of the force)
(31.01.2005, 04:34)

if anyone needs info assuming there will be anyone left in the aftermath or anything go to or possibly its useful
(03.02.2005, 09:56)

Yei Ozomahtli:
Your premise is false, the Maya never predicted the end of the world in 2012, absolutaley not, what ends in the year 2012 is the long count and since you obviously have no idea what that implies all you can do is join forces with idiots like Arguelles to promote some really absurd scenario. The problem you and the people that believe you have is one of tremendous eurocentrism and mesianic miopism. Perhaps you should entertain living in the Maya lands like a mayan indian and hubling yourself at their temples, maybe then you could understand not the Lonc Count but just how idiotic your presumption of knowing what the ancient Olmec created, since it wasn't even the Maya but the Olmec who came up with the long count..
(09.02.2005, 17:27)

Dear Yei...please elaborate on the true meaning of the long count...those of us raised in a eurocentric environment can only learn through the kindness of those who have something to teach rather than using their words to intrigue and tantalize. I really do want to hear what you know. It is fairly obvious that Something Large looms on the meta/physical horizon...please share
(10.02.2005, 19:17)

Dick Huybregts:
eli - The long count was based upon the last cataclysm that almost wiped out the entire population.
(15.02.2005, 04:34)

Is there someone that can give me more links about this subject...I'm from the netherlands and information about 2012 is less. - And it's also a fact that the netherlands is called as the lowlands of europe(do ya know what i mean?) And if the day comes of the great cataclysm i want to survive...and be a part of the new era... - Hope that 2012 is just one of the many myths but deep in my mind i know... that what happened before can happen again and the ancient people weren't dumb.. - So please help me on our quest..
(15.02.2005, 05:26)

Love and Fear:
The solution is rather quite simple. It would be in our best interest to build a big, giant ark with magnetic force dispacement theory and load all the people up on it and set sail for 100 000 light years in any direction.
(15.02.2005, 16:49)

Hi, Rob & all, - - I'm pretty skeptical of the whole "end of times" thing, especially any proposal that states a specific date, but also fascinated by it. If something awful happens, it will probably be of our own doing caused by so many people believing it "has to" happen rather than putting that energy into changes that point to long-term survival. - - Of the extraterrestrial "theories," i think it's fairly plausible that we've been hit by big comets periodically, possibly within recorded human history. It's possible the events in Genesis and other legends recall some distorted version of those events, but I think Velikovsky goes WAY too far in suggesting those events were caused by a near-collision with a body that has since become Venus. - - Levi: Please read some valid science. Sedna's a chunk of icy rock no more than 1,000 mi across that can't even be seen w/o a good telescope. There's nothing unusual about it except that it's so far away (well beyond Pluto); it's NOT made of some bizarre new element that gives off gravity waves. There was an interesting article on several recently discovered planetoids out there in a recent issue of Scientific American. - - To others: One of them is NOT Nibiru/Marduk. That's from Sitchin, and his concept of astronomy and orbital physics (not to mention mythology) is so screwed up even I can shoot holes in it, and I'm no physicist.
(16.02.2005, 16:34)

Thank you Guss for a voice of sanity on an otherwise insane website!
(18.02.2005, 01:54)

There is confusion about the dreamspell and the use of the maya calendar, Carl Johan Calleman has an excellent view on that subject and the date 2012. He just wrote a book explaining how the mayan calendar describes the evolution/transformation of consciousness. He also has an interesting website
(21.02.2005, 11:01)

It is true that 2012 is the end of Long Cycle. - According to Olmec-Maya theory there were 4 long cycles in the past, ours is a fifth.The end of each cycle was marked with sort of global catastrofe ( flood, fire, ....) It is predicted that 5-th cycle will end in fire. However, this would not be the End of the World, according to Olmec-Maya theory this will be the "End-of-the-world-as-we-know-it". - Can hardly elaborate of what the practical difference is, but I think there is a chance of survival. Taking into account increase weather disturbance and earthquake activity, I my self have a plan to meet 2012 in a place at least 200 m above current sea level and in the zone of relative seismic tranquility.
(23.02.2005, 12:31)

You speak of mutations following world events that work into evolution. Could this be the reason for the four fingered monkey and the other oddities in the emence ground carvings? Is this part of the message?
(24.02.2005, 14:19)

Ok...some of the stuff seems to be wacko...its easier to see it as a Dreamworks movie than a reality. - - I've been doing my homework also, like many people who post here....and not just on Zetas and ETs - though is it a curious thing that happened that afternoon in Mexico City, 1971 - but I've been reading on physics, time continuums, paleoathnropolgy, etc.., - - After all the reading and thinking (that sometimes drives me crazy! Its hard enough trying to understand particle physics much less string theory!), I believe that a pole shift is near, and it is not uncommon. The pole will shift due to shifts in the sun's core. There's a bunch of yada...yadas on this all over the web, so please do some research on your own. Anyways, it has happened before and is due to come to us within 10 years. - - I wish you all well. - - smdc
(27.02.2005, 01:10)

I believe that all those who are being born now and those who are alive today chose to be here to witness these exciting, changing times. The Earth is nearing the end of its 26,000 year cycle which ends with the pole shift. That shift should be complete by 2012 as I understand it. The only thing left to do is to be as prepared as you can be.
(27.02.2005, 02:05)

Israel is back in the land. The times of the gentiles is being fulfilled and 2012 is very reasonable. Keep your eyes on Jerusalem and the signing of a peace treaty. This is the most significant sign of all. The death of arafat has opened a new door and a peace treaty will possibly be signed this year.
(07.03.2005, 22:23)

A Scientist:
QUOTE "In the search for answers I have decided that starting with evidence and then developing theories is the wrong path. There is unlikely to ever be enough definitive evidence, and if there was, scientists and academics are the best qualified to do so. So I have begun with a theory, based on instinct and obviousness, and am now trying to gather enough proof to convince the majority of humans that are sane, regular people." END QUOTE. - - This is the same pseudoscience Creationists use to support their theory. You cannot start with a theory and then find the evidence that fits it - the result is simply a collection of vague and probably misinterpreted details, along with a host of ignored facts that do not support the theory in question. You must examine all the facts FIRST before you hypothesize an explanation. Science is not about what makes sense. It is not about supporting the logical answer. It is about discovering the truth, and reporting it accurately. No matter how beautiful and logical a hypothesis is, it is always possible that it is false. - - [cont'd]
(10.03.2005, 11:44)

A Scientist:
Science is FALSIFIABLE. Science has evidence supporting it, but can be proven wrong. - - Pseudoscience finds all the evidence and all the loopholes to make it impossible to disprove. For example, saying "there are little green men on the moon, and they hide every time we look or come near so that we won't see them" is pseudoscience. There is no way to disprove it because if it is true, no one will ever see the green men, and if it is false, no one will ever see the green men. In science, there must be separate outcomes if it is true versus if it is false. - - [from Rob Bast: My book is not for scientists. If those little green men were a possible threat to the existence of humans, and I could develop a means of averting that threat, I would again happily use psuedo-science. Better safe than correct!]
(10.03.2005, 11:44)

Mr. Bast seems to present his information in a very logical, scientific way. However, I cannot help but wonder how much of what he presents is fact. I do not doubt his integrity, but the information that he receives surely comes from many other sources. Humans, being an imperfect species, make errors, and are often incorrect. I've read websites that just as logically prove that nothing will happen in 2012. I only wish there were a way for the believers and the disbelievers to argue their points in a civil, logical, scientific manner. It's difficult to know what to believe. But hats off to Mr. Bast for making this website to explore several of the potential realities. I say he's doing a fine job.
(15.03.2005, 11:34)

Stan Poloneus:
(02.04.2005, 00:12)

Read "Fingerprints of the Gods" and appreciate information from whatever decent angle and education acumen. It may be true...scientifically. Also, we - the humankind, we are getting far too bad to carry on. Things have to change drastically! There is no other way.
(07.04.2005, 13:22)

The end is very real. It's on the way. History will repeat itself and we will leave nothing but our own fingerprints. so do the best we can from day to day and expect bad things. keep your wits about you and have as much sex as humanly possible. wise advice, the only advice you need.
(10.04.2005, 18:32)

Daniel Hazelton Waters:
In the year 2007 major technologies will be unleashed. Quantum computers will begin to become viable. Then by 2012 reality as we know it will indeed be history as whole new existences within our world are created. Every moment could be eternities within some of these worlds, there will also be superluminal communication which means any memory or processor can be compounded infinitly. - Of course that is just one of the infinite futures that lay ahead...
(12.04.2005, 23:57)

What are the supporting details eclosing the 2012 theory other then acient civilizations? The apocalyse seems interesting and I've heard 2012 in more then one place. What authentic proof do you offer?
(25.04.2005, 14:21)

A scientist.....if no one uses their imaginations then where will hypotheses come from???? You make a hypothesis then you test it with facts. If at some point the facts prove the hypothesis incorrect then you build a new one. Is this not what the author here is trying to do?
(25.04.2005, 23:18)

Think about it: 12/20/2012 (approximately). Very symetrical. I would not be surpised at all if a pole shift occurs around this time. Hopefully, modern technology will help keep human tragedy to a minimum if/when this occurs.... [depends on which calendar you use - Rob Bast]
(30.04.2005, 12:19)

No amount amount of physical evidence will ever convince a majority of earth inhabitants of the coming changes. Individuals will need to learn to trust their instincts increasing their ability to follow their own connection to REALITY until they are able to grow up and serve a REality beyond their own little internal worlds.
(02.05.2005, 21:32)

Sedna could not effect our orbit. It is so small it is not evenclassified as a planet. if it came near earth then it would simply continue around the sun, since our grvity only extends to a certain distance. it would actually have to pass between the moon and us to effect our orbit, and if it was an orbit of 10500 years, it would have hit us several thousand times already. and, the next pole change isn't due for about ten thousand years. if it did come, it won't matter. all a pole change is is when the north star changes. it won't affect us hugely, except maybe a big scientific scramble if there are any changes
(06.05.2005, 14:56)

L. Cranston:
Robert, - - You have an interesting site. It is well done and covers a large amount of material. One thing seems to be absent. Have you read the Kolbrin? I think it would fit right in. LC [from Rob: It looks like fiction to me, but if anyone is willing to read it all and find relevant quotes, I'll consider it]
(13.05.2005, 13:19)

Harold the Tiger:
I don't get how UFO's are more fiction then "unicorns and dragons"! Can you explain to me how that works out? [what I mean is, unicorns are unicorns, but UFOs could be anything, mean anything, and they are too difficult to assess - Rob]
(14.05.2005, 13:57)

read the Orion Prophecy, it talks all about 2012 and these researchers went to the pyramids of giza which are aligned perfectly with the orion belt , all of the pyramids have 5degree angles and there is a labryinth holding many ancient texts , there will be a magnetic shift and we need to figure out the best place to ride out the global catastrophes
(28.05.2005, 19:06)

well......2012 is a very hard to put your finger on. terrence mckenna dicovered a link between the i-ching and the mayan 2012 thing.......heres a good site to get a good idea!
(04.06.2005, 23:40)

Bob Stone:
every 65 million years or so the solar system pass through the galactic plan. our next tresspassing will be in 2012. The galactic plan is the most dense part of the galactic disk. that will be the best time for something to run into us, or us to run into something. - simple as that.
(16.06.2005, 17:44)

you had me going till you started talking about unicorns and dragons
(02.07.2005, 11:04)

Tecun Uman:
I have just read about the topic I discussed earlier. (How 2012 may not be "THE END OF THE WORLD" or "THE END OF OUR SPECIES" but perhaps a GOLDEN AGE for our world) Click on my name and it will take you to the website. If it does not work simply copy paste this: - - - and heres another: - - - The last one however also relates to a cataclysimic end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it-and-I-feel-fine event
(03.07.2005, 13:01)

7 years until 2012... - The interesting thing is that the Chinese Zodiac, the dragon is on that same year. Perhaps 2012 is the year we become "GOLDEN" or enlightened. All I know is we don't know a lot about the Maya, heck, we don't even know why they left their great cities.
(03.07.2005, 13:05)

Joe Randazz:
Ok people, lets get one thing perfectly clear: We are not in control of anything!(cosmicly speaking). We can speculate, ponder, guess, premonate, research past speculations, premonitions, ponderings and guesses all we like. Realistically, ALL PLANETS GET BOMBARDED FROM TIME TO TIME BY SPACE DEBRIS. It could happen tomorrow, next week or not for another 100,000 years. Unless you have your own "hubble" and a vast knowledge of the stars and galaxies including comet and meteor tracking, you will never know when it will happen. Governments WILL NOT allow the knowledge of an event like a major collision from space to be made public until the absolute last minute possible. The reasons are obvious (mass looting, mayhem, etc.). So, except for entertainment and personal knowledge, the study and reading of these events is really insignificant in our daily lives. My words of advice: if you care about the end of the world and its effect on you or your kin then read, read some more and prepare yourself however you feel necessary. If you don't care about the end of the world then live your life the way you want to (you wouldn't be reading this anyway). In both cases, love yourself, your family, your friends and your neighbors. Be good. Do good things. Think good thoughts. Contribute to your community in a positive way and all will be good in your world.
(05.07.2005, 22:03)

You are ALMOST right. The Pyramids were intended to reflect cosmic rays. I do not think that they are now operational due to the poor state of repair. It is unfortunate we are denied access to the info that is under the sphinx, as that is how to make the Pyramids once more operational. As well as other data as to why we are here and our role in the cosmic scheme of things.
(08.07.2005, 00:54)

I like your site. Just a suggestion but take a look at this from all possible angles and include in your studies the Pyramid at Giza, Stonehenge, the constellation of Orion, crop circle evidence, gematria and Bible prophecy. You might change your thoughts on what will happen in 2012. Good luck and happy hunting!
(10.07.2005, 21:47)

Lora Reynolds:
Has anyone heard of gravity changing along with polar shifting, with the posibility of moving heavy objects similarily as one moves heavy objects through water? And what about the equator? Is it less effected than the rest of earth during polar shifting?
(16.07.2005, 13:19)

Knowledge - In the Indian time cycle's known as yuga's we are in the current Kali yuga which is known for the lowest moral standards for people out of the four cycle's. Interestingly this cycle is about to end. The earth has and will continue to go through destruction. This is the way it is. Unfortunatly people like to turn a blind eye to it. They treat it like death and dont think about it. When the reality finally come's to them it's to late. If anything, regardless of weather a pole shift or asteriod strike's you should be at peace with yourself. Having read dozen's of books on this subject I can say one thing,I have changed the way I live. Should I perish I know I have lived a good life and treated people well. Should nothing happen I have bettered myself as a human. If everybody take's this course of action the world will be a better place. Should a event not happen we will usher in a new era regardless becouse we have changed our state of mind. Please think of it in these terms. The mind is more powerful then we give it credit.Fear will only create more fear. Prepare yourself but not with supplies and material things, but with thought and treatment of your neighbor and you will survive regardless.
(28.07.2005, 13:38)

why do you have a picture of machu pichu on the front page? thats not very mayan. I'm not trying to bash your work in any way, i completely respect you; but that sort of put me off.
(03.08.2005, 00:21)

Ok, I had to leave my own ideas about 2012 here, after reading what other have left. Let me begin with my personal belief. I do believe that something is coming down on or around 2012. I also believe our governments are well aware of this, but refuse to give info in fear of causing a panic. Nowm will there be an astroid, comet or will things be like Y2K nothing happened. I believe that what ever is happening , has to go with climate change, big time changes! If you pay attention, you will see that much is happening. There has been many shows on TV to do with climate change, I am talking about the history channel weather channel and various other channels. I think they are giving us warnings,sutle hints. The wheels are beginning to turn. I believe as wre approch 2012 or whatever date things are really going to start changing. I think its best to head the warnings sutle or not. Red Cross had a whole show on emergeencies, weather emergencies, and said to prepare. I thinkpeople, its time to prepare. Whatever is cooking you dont want to be unprepared! I find it better to be prepared than not!
(10.08.2005, 05:24)

Prof, put down the joint and buy a clue. Nothing is coming at us from space. Why don't YOU do your research:
(12.08.2005, 02:41)

Michael Hendrix:
If you really want the public to listen, just tell it as a discovery. Once you start saying you want to save the human race, people stop listing. You even had me laughing with dragon and unicorns. Dragons could have been real, but it is a bad way to get new people interested. Stating possibilities as facts is simply a bad idea. Your paper would have more of an effect if you just presented it as a theory.
(19.08.2005, 15:40)

shawn l:

(03.09.2005, 01:15)


(06.09.2005, 11:45)

You will have to write a book on Survival then. - Is the future like the film Waterworld or Mad Max in the desert of Australia? No, there will be survivors. But the good news is that a polar shift does not occur overnight but takes more than a decade. Do you have to beleive in the Maya calender ? Or can we forgot it. Meanwhile live in the present, read a book on Survivle if you like. But don't panic. Get information on Polar shift from scientists ang get a more balanced view.
(09.09.2005, 10:40)

Matthew Sugden:
Hi Rob, - - A while back I wrote a small article for myself - it grew a little more recently into the article that Crawford was kind enough to host ( - - I linked to your site from which I wasnt very impressed with - it was TOO overly doom and gloom. From what little I've read so far (mostly peoples views) you have a really interesting website. - - Like I mention in that article above - I dont believe so many people would "feel" (if thats an appropriate description) things coming if they were all to die in horrific cataclysms... - - Another thing I've found in the last few days - there arent very often "original" ideas - for myself I thought I might pose some interesting points, only to discover they've been mentioned elsewhere - but on the other hand, what I wrote was really only for me - to get things off my mind.
(10.09.2005, 18:07)

James Partsch-Galvan:
Are we also gonna see the death and birth of new global political systems by 2012? I believe that Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism are all failed systems of the Old Age 20th Century. I believe in Galvanism. Galvanists are galvanizing the globe. Galvanism will galvanize to victory in this New Age 21 Century. Houston/Galveston is the birthplace of New Age Galvanism. A Global Political, Social, and Economic System for a New Age Man! - We are seeing the beginnings of it right now here in Houston/Galveston where so many of the victims of Hurricane Katrina have come. We have see the extremes of people from Barbara Bush's insensitve remarks about the victims to the many, many people who have given so much of themselves. - I think the great galvanic global galvolution has begun here in Houston/Galveston. - Please galvanize and vote for James Partsch-Galvan for Houston City Council At-Large Position #3 November 8, 2005 (713)528-2607
(11.09.2005, 23:08)

hey, i am not really into all this - but as soon as i saw ur site man im lovin it :) - i really do believe something will happen on 2012
(12.09.2005, 19:46)

dark future:
me too. in 2012 im gonna fuck ur mom
(13.09.2005, 14:50)

Im just gonna jack off and get drunk with Rob.
(14.09.2005, 02:36)

aight. Are you sure about all dis? or are you just some lowlife who likes scaring people? dude. i WROTE A LETTER TO N.A.S.A in 7th grade. they wouldve gave me something about 2012. o thats right. the press isnt "into you" ive read all this. we wouldve had a warning alredy numnuts! ur making a huge emergency out of coronal mass ejections. yea power will go out low- orbiting satellites will be taken down. it happened on 2000! come on! yea i know. you delete "unsuitible comments" every day. just cuz the truth hurts. bite me lozer.
(14.09.2005, 13:57)

aight. Are you sure about all dis? or are you just some lowlife who likes scaring people? dude. i WROTE A LETTER TO N.A.S.A in 7th grade. they wouldve gave me something about 2012. o thats right. the press isnt "into you" ive read all this. we wouldve had a warning alredy numnuts! ur making a huge emergency out of coronal mass ejections. yea power will go out low- orbiting satellites will be taken down. it happened on 2000! come on! yea i know. you delete "unsuitible comments" every day. just cuz the truth hurts. blow me lozer.
(14.09.2005, 13:59)

my sever is messed up so it doubled
(14.09.2005, 14:01)

The fact man:
Well,well,mixed comments and/or theories - Truth be known,the earth will be enveloped in a gassy soup come 2012,that has been wandering the galaxy.The earth briefly touched it about 10 years ago,as the "soup" ebbs and flows in an odd manner.As the earth and the "soup" touch each other again in 2012,it will be interesting. Destruction of the earth?doubt it,but it will be somewhat dangeous to human life.Mother nature will correct the attack on plant life.Either way,,it will definately wake up the world,and our existance will be forever in question.How do i know this?I could have answered that better when i was 7 years old. - Oh,,and by the way,we are not alone,fortunately for us.
(15.09.2005, 01:35)

Cindy A.:
Can you do something about all the filthy remarks on this website? It really should be made into a real board, where it's private. I have a 10 year old and a twelve year old and they really like really all this doom and gloon before bed, it helps them sleep better. But as a concerned parent I can't let them come here anymore becuase you allow all sorts of filthy, licentious, nasty, dirty, hedonistic, sexual remarks to be printed here. It's a shame because all the doomy stuff is just great. Shame on you, Robert Skelton!
(15.09.2005, 02:43)

Hey, "The fact man": Can I have some of whatever your smoking? Maybe the soup is between your ears--hahahahahaha!
(15.09.2005, 02:49)

Has any one ever heard of Nibiru. Does anyone honestly believe the elitist's secret societies do not have members in government,media, private not for profits, universities, and other institutions. They do, research trilatteral commission, council on foriegn relations, bilderberg group, knights templar, and the illuminati, to name a few. Listen it does not matter if there will be "doom and gloom" on DEC 21, 2012. Be wary of all that happens, look for problem reaction solution, in the media coverage of all events. Remember nearly all mass media in the U.S. is owned by 6 corporations and they all own stock in eachother, and they are well connected within our government. Peace be with you.
(15.09.2005, 17:47)

Hey, Rob, let's get together for some brewski's at PJ's tomorrow nite, mate.
(16.09.2005, 02:21)

I dont see any 'surviving' sugestions on this site,so where is the point with that name!
(18.09.2005, 07:27)

Edgar and Diego forever:
We're gay and thats why the worlds not gonna end for us.
(19.09.2005, 13:05)

Edg Duveyoung:
I know little about 2012, but an idea came that I haven't seen in any reports I've read - few that they have been. - - It's this. - - Suppose the ancients REALLY KNEW THEIR STUFF --that means they could calculate the astronomical movements with great precision. Given that assumption, suppose that 2000+ years ago a comet was seen in their skies, and that they calculated the orbit and it's return, and that they knew it would collide with Earth in 2012 when it came back. No modern astronomers were there to see it, so no one know it's just about "back." It's still seven year "out." - - Does anyone know enough to make this theory silly in my eyes? All it would take is some sort of consensus that they didn't have the "math muscle" to pull of such a prediction.
(19.09.2005, 13:05)

some surving methods are: - VISIT MY WEBSITE and download music and become a member. - and masturbate to barney.
(19.09.2005, 13:06)

(19.09.2005, 13:07)

(19.09.2005, 13:09)

(19.09.2005, 13:11)

(19.09.2005, 13:13)

What will hapen is that the Age of Aquarius is beginning. Thus, we see so many nature disasters - flooding in Asia, flooding in India, flooding in New Orleans - that have everything to do with water. - - Now, in some books (James Redfield's 'Celestine Prophecy') it states that the entire Maya society has not disappeared, but gone to the higher vibration dimensions. - - As we know it today, we are in the third dimension. By 2012, the Earth will come up to the 5th dimension. - - The ones who are not ready yet, will die by he nature disasters. Yes, that's sounds awful, but remember - death is just anther start. Then, their souls will be transported to another planet with 3rd dimension, where they will level up onto 5th dimension with time. - - As for the humans here, well it says that only 1/3 of Earth's population will come up on 5th dimension. You will see Light and you will have a choice to come up to the 5th dimension, or remain in the present 3rd one. - - In 5th dimension, you will nave a new DNA string, you will be able to communicate by telepathy, et cetera. - - Right now, many guardian angels, which are connected with each human on this planet, are preparing humans to awaken. Many angels, elfs and space people have chosen to reincarnate here in these times. - - I got all of this information forom Dennis Stanfeld "Book Of Angels". He also describes different alien species - both good and bad. I stongly recommend you to read it if you are interested in this subject.
(20.09.2005, 05:42)

(20.09.2005, 08:22)

Six Foot Duck:
Best way to survive the change? Start changing the way you see and think about the world. The new life coming to this planet will not be like it is now. It will not be a big competition for who owns the most, earns the most etc. - Our western culture is very young and cannot last much longer. Why? Because we take so much from the earth and put nothing back. We do not see the world we live in as sacred. Yet we are just as sacred as anything else because God and nature and life are all the same thing! - We are a part of the same force as the wind, the sunrise, the streams, the food we eat, our thoughts feelings and dreams. Everything is natural. Everything is God. Everything is sacred. We have forgotten this but now is the time to remember! - What we do to the world we do to ourselves, and what we do to ourselves we do to the world. - If you can remember this and see the people you know, the world around you (even the bad stuff!) as sacred then you will have a better life here on earth NOW and chances are you will survive and move on up to the beautiful new level that is coming soon! - So forget the race! Forget the past! Forgive yourself and everyone around you and see the perfection in all things! Watch from a distance and smile! Get really involved and still smile! Feel the glow in your heart! - SEE AND FEEL THE MAGIC!! NOW IS THE TIME!! YOU ARE SAFE -BE HAPPY!!
(20.09.2005, 12:15)

(20.09.2005, 12:46)

selina does make a great point look at all the floods and hurricans katrina just hit and more tropical depressions are out there that well probally turn to hurricans i forgot the name of the hurricane in that just hit florida but they say its either going to keep going and hit texas or louisanna and they also said it might turn into a lvl 4 hurricane. I am coming into a theory that hurricans and floods are going to be the end of life as we know it and well post back once i get more proof and do more reaserch
(20.09.2005, 21:12)

Why not? We are going downhill anyway.
(21.09.2005, 01:46)

Hurrricane Rita (baby):
your damn right your all gonna die bitches and you cant stop me or my hurricane posse.
(21.09.2005, 12:40)

Will you guys just take all your new age bullshit and shove it. it's total nonsense.-Editor
(22.09.2005, 02:04)

Rob, I warned you to clean up all the fucking filthy language and comments about dicks and jerking off because my bastard brat lids can't come here and read all your doom and gloom bullshit without getting an eyeful of all your trashy "contributors". Will you put down the fucking booze bottle and clean up this trashy website?
(22.09.2005, 02:10)

Space Elf-Angel:
I believe that this very Comment Gusetbook shows the commens of those who are ready and of those who are not ready. Of course you will have negative reactions from humans who are not ready to face 2012. What they read in your website makes them be afraid. And fear leads to anger, and thus they react agressivly. They are afraid of the unknown. Don't let those negative comments get you down. You are doing a great job.
(22.09.2005, 02:22)

Space Elf-Angel:
Ryan: - - More and more humans all overs the world start having vision of hurricanes. You have a point there.
(22.09.2005, 02:26)

I'm pulling an all nighter here and have been just trying to read up and ingest some of the predictions and knowledge on ancient, current, and theorized happenings. I've always considered the current world to be harsh and have tried my best to be nice and helpful to all that I meet. I am first to admit that I have many flaws, but the intention is good. The main point of what I've read is that whether people will die, or just become more spiritually connected, a major change is coming. I have to agree. Look at the world, crazy stuff is happening...too much to try and even list. More geologicla, political, war time, etc events are happening in much larger and in more frequent frames. Whether or not this "major event" happens, it is no doubt that we will have to change. Until then, I'm just gonna keep being who I am and try and make the world a better place by improving myself. Nice to see so many mature people on here posting such intelligent comments too.
(22.09.2005, 05:24)

From the Netherlands: - So stupid all these frustrated hormonal reactions about women. - Could this be triggered by us moving towards 2012? - Is it possible that the owner of this site could act as a manager. - Freedom of speech you can practice elsewhere, I think. - - Thank you.
(22.09.2005, 16:17)

it's very hard to belive ...........? - or Not....?
(22.09.2005, 20:26)

Interesting site as I reasearch more into the free energy / electro-magnetic energy that is keeping hidden by the elite. Thank-you for giving the word out as it's having an effect on not only the ignorant, but also the few in the KNOW that hope people will remain ignorant. It's obvious that web-sites that try to expose the truth get ridiculed & bombarded with ignorant non-sense language. Zero point energy & anti-gravity propulsion systems all the way!!!
(23.09.2005, 01:53)

This website is ridiculous.
(23.09.2005, 04:13)

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