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The Bast Theory


There are two obvious camps whenever Ancient Mysteries are debated - those that cite a lack of hard physical evidence, and those that trust their instincts. Prime examples are the pyramids and flood myths. These were global phenomenons in ancient times, and the similarities appear obvious to the layman, which is why so many books on the subjects are published and sold. Serious academics, who went through university adhering to strict scientific principals, will argue that there isn't enough evidence to show that ancient societies were in contact with each other. Flood myths apparantly arose from local flooding, and global pyramids... it's all just a coincidence, they say.

It is as if 100 people witnessed a murder, and knew the murderer personally. The murderer fled. Each witness told their children, who in turn told their children. Amazingly, two generations later, the murderer returns to hand himself in. Hundreds of grandchildren of the original witnesses know who he is and that he is guilty, because of the details they had been told. But he will not be punished, because there is no physical evidence, and no original witnesses.

There is little likelihood of anything surviving the ravages of time unless it was specifically designed to do so. Even today, we are finding that we are unable to contain nuclear waste forever, and settle for a few hundred years of safety ( see here ). Ancient texts like the Dead Sea Scrolls have come to us only through a fluke of circumstances.

In the search for answers I have decided that starting with evidence and then developing theories is the wrong path. There is unlikely to ever be enough definitive evidence, and if there was, scientists and academics are the best qualified to do so. So I have begun with a theory, based on instinct and obviousness, and am now trying to gather enough proof to convince the majority of humans that are sane, regular people. I have little desire to change the opinions of academics, but I have respect for some of their methods and standards - where appropriate I will choose to quote academics over laymen, and as much as possible I will provide verifiable references for anything I find. Which means any mentions of Zacharia Sitchin or Erich von Daniken are unlikely, regardless of how well meaning and intelligent they appear to be.

I also choose not to mention UFOs. I wouldn't be too surprised if we had alien visitors from time to time, but evidence is lacking. And it would be difficult for me to remain a non-fiction author with the number of possibilities they allow.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

The Starting Point

In its purest form my theory is based on these assumptions:

  • Ancient cultures communicated with each other in some way
  • Mysterious Elders have appeared from time to time to guide us
  • Pyramids and mounds had a purpose other than burying royalty
  • Evolution doesn't generally occur in small stages
  • Global cataclysms have occurred within the last 12,000 years
  • Our galactic neighbourhood could be more dangerous than is commonly acknowledged

These assumptions are certainly not unique, and many books have been written on each, with perhaps the last being debated less often than the others.

The Theory

In One Sentence: Every so often a force from space causes global cataclysms and mass mutations.

  • The Anicent Mayan Calendar ends in 2012. We would be very foolish to ignore this warning, a doomsday date that may have been given to the Maya by others
  • Pole shifts have occurred in the past and will occur again. There is no known terrestial mechanism that can cause pole shifts, so the trigger could well be extra-terrestial. With the universe being the mystery that it is, we should accept that anything is possible.
  • Mass extinctions and rapid evolution occur at the same time as cataclysms. Rapid evolutionary change can only be achieved via extremely high rates of mutations, and by mutations that are not random. Unicorns and dragons once actually existed, they were mutant strains that didn't survive very long.
  • Cosmic rays cause mutations. A huge influx of cosmic rays would cause high rates of mutations. Although scientists are unsure about where all the cosmic rays come from, the source might be the same as what powers the pole shifts.
  • The ancients were aware of the dangers of cosmic rays and cataclysms and encoded information about them into their calendars, myths and monuments. I also believe that pyramids may have been designed as cosmic ray shelters.

All of these topics are, or will be, dealt with in-depth within these pages.

Why am I investigating these ideas?

As a human it is not surprising that I like humans. I don't want them to be wiped out. And I prefer them just how they are, as opposed to any mutant strain that might occur. The Mayan end-date is not far off, and if it happens to be the date of the next cataclysm, I would like to help some of us to prepare, and survive.

Discuss Survive 2012 at our forum

Give the author your thoughts, and discuss any 2012 ideas with others, at 2012 Forum


Comments from Visitors

Dick Huybregts:
eli - The long count was based upon the last cataclysm that almost wiped out the entire population.
(15.02.2005, 04:34)

Is there someone that can give me more links about this subject...I'm from the netherlands and information about 2012 is less. - And it's also a fact that the netherlands is called as the lowlands of europe(do ya know what i mean?) And if the day comes of the great cataclysm i want to survive...and be a part of the new era... - Hope that 2012 is just one of the many myths but deep in my mind i know... that what happened before can happen again and the ancient people weren't dumb.. - So please help me on our quest..
(15.02.2005, 05:26)

Love and Fear:
The solution is rather quite simple. It would be in our best interest to build a big, giant ark with magnetic force dispacement theory and load all the people up on it and set sail for 100 000 light years in any direction.
(15.02.2005, 16:49)

Hi, Rob & all, - - I'm pretty skeptical of the whole "end of times" thing, especially any proposal that states a specific date, but also fascinated by it. If something awful happens, it will probably be of our own doing caused by so many people believing it "has to" happen rather than putting that energy into changes that point to long-term survival. - - Of the extraterrestrial "theories," i think it's fairly plausible that we've been hit by big comets periodically, possibly within recorded human history. It's possible the events in Genesis and other legends recall some distorted version of those events, but I think Velikovsky goes WAY too far in suggesting those events were caused by a near-collision with a body that has since become Venus. - - Levi: Please read some valid science. Sedna's a chunk of icy rock no more than 1,000 mi across that can't even be seen w/o a good telescope. There's nothing unusual about it except that it's so far away (well beyond Pluto); it's NOT made of some bizarre new element that gives off gravity waves. There was an interesting article on several recently discovered planetoids out there in a recent issue of Scientific American. - - To others: One of them is NOT Nibiru/Marduk. That's from Sitchin, and his concept of astronomy and orbital physics (not to mention mythology) is so screwed up even I can shoot holes in it, and I'm no physicist.
(16.02.2005, 16:34)

Thank you Guss for a voice of sanity on an otherwise insane website!
(18.02.2005, 01:54)

There is confusion about the dreamspell and the use of the maya calendar, Carl Johan Calleman has an excellent view on that subject and the date 2012. He just wrote a book explaining how the mayan calendar describes the evolution/transformation of consciousness. He also has an interesting website
(21.02.2005, 11:01)

It is true that 2012 is the end of Long Cycle. - According to Olmec-Maya theory there were 4 long cycles in the past, ours is a fifth.The end of each cycle was marked with sort of global catastrofe ( flood, fire, ....) It is predicted that 5-th cycle will end in fire. However, this would not be the End of the World, according to Olmec-Maya theory this will be the "End-of-the-world-as-we-know-it". - Can hardly elaborate of what the practical difference is, but I think there is a chance of survival. Taking into account increase weather disturbance and earthquake activity, I my self have a plan to meet 2012 in a place at least 200 m above current sea level and in the zone of relative seismic tranquility.
(23.02.2005, 12:31)

You speak of mutations following world events that work into evolution. Could this be the reason for the four fingered monkey and the other oddities in the emence ground carvings? Is this part of the message?
(24.02.2005, 14:19)

Ok...some of the stuff seems to be wacko...its easier to see it as a Dreamworks movie than a reality. - - I've been doing my homework also, like many people who post here....and not just on Zetas and ETs - though is it a curious thing that happened that afternoon in Mexico City, 1971 - but I've been reading on physics, time continuums, paleoathnropolgy, etc.., - - After all the reading and thinking (that sometimes drives me crazy! Its hard enough trying to understand particle physics much less string theory!), I believe that a pole shift is near, and it is not uncommon. The pole will shift due to shifts in the sun's core. There's a bunch of yada...yadas on this all over the web, so please do some research on your own. Anyways, it has happened before and is due to come to us within 10 years. - - I wish you all well. - - smdc
(27.02.2005, 01:10)

I believe that all those who are being born now and those who are alive today chose to be here to witness these exciting, changing times. The Earth is nearing the end of its 26,000 year cycle which ends with the pole shift. That shift should be complete by 2012 as I understand it. The only thing left to do is to be as prepared as you can be.
(27.02.2005, 02:05)

Israel is back in the land. The times of the gentiles is being fulfilled and 2012 is very reasonable. Keep your eyes on Jerusalem and the signing of a peace treaty. This is the most significant sign of all. The death of arafat has opened a new door and a peace treaty will possibly be signed this year.
(07.03.2005, 22:23)

A Scientist:
QUOTE "In the search for answers I have decided that starting with evidence and then developing theories is the wrong path. There is unlikely to ever be enough definitive evidence, and if there was, scientists and academics are the best qualified to do so. So I have begun with a theory, based on instinct and obviousness, and am now trying to gather enough proof to convince the majority of humans that are sane, regular people." END QUOTE. - - This is the same pseudoscience Creationists use to support their theory. You cannot start with a theory and then find the evidence that fits it - the result is simply a collection of vague and probably misinterpreted details, along with a host of ignored facts that do not support the theory in question. You must examine all the facts FIRST before you hypothesize an explanation. Science is not about what makes sense. It is not about supporting the logical answer. It is about discovering the truth, and reporting it accurately. No matter how beautiful and logical a hypothesis is, it is always possible that it is false. - - [cont'd]
(10.03.2005, 11:44)

A Scientist:
Science is FALSIFIABLE. Science has evidence supporting it, but can be proven wrong. - - Pseudoscience finds all the evidence and all the loopholes to make it impossible to disprove. For example, saying "there are little green men on the moon, and they hide every time we look or come near so that we won't see them" is pseudoscience. There is no way to disprove it because if it is true, no one will ever see the green men, and if it is false, no one will ever see the green men. In science, there must be separate outcomes if it is true versus if it is false. - - [from Rob Bast: My book is not for scientists. If those little green men were a possible threat to the existence of humans, and I could develop a means of averting that threat, I would again happily use psuedo-science. Better safe than correct!]
(10.03.2005, 11:44)

Mr. Bast seems to present his information in a very logical, scientific way. However, I cannot help but wonder how much of what he presents is fact. I do not doubt his integrity, but the information that he receives surely comes from many other sources. Humans, being an imperfect species, make errors, and are often incorrect. I've read websites that just as logically prove that nothing will happen in 2012. I only wish there were a way for the believers and the disbelievers to argue their points in a civil, logical, scientific manner. It's difficult to know what to believe. But hats off to Mr. Bast for making this website to explore several of the potential realities. I say he's doing a fine job.
(15.03.2005, 11:34)

Stan Poloneus:
(02.04.2005, 00:12)

Read "Fingerprints of the Gods" and appreciate information from whatever decent angle and education acumen. It may be true...scientifically. Also, we - the humankind, we are getting far too bad to carry on. Things have to change drastically! There is no other way.
(07.04.2005, 13:22)

The end is very real. It's on the way. History will repeat itself and we will leave nothing but our own fingerprints. so do the best we can from day to day and expect bad things. keep your wits about you and have as much sex as humanly possible. wise advice, the only advice you need.
(10.04.2005, 18:32)

Daniel Hazelton Waters:
In the year 2007 major technologies will be unleashed. Quantum computers will begin to become viable. Then by 2012 reality as we know it will indeed be history as whole new existences within our world are created. Every moment could be eternities within some of these worlds, there will also be superluminal communication which means any memory or processor can be compounded infinitly. - Of course that is just one of the infinite futures that lay ahead...
(12.04.2005, 23:57)

What are the supporting details eclosing the 2012 theory other then acient civilizations? The apocalyse seems interesting and I've heard 2012 in more then one place. What authentic proof do you offer?
(25.04.2005, 14:21)

A scientist.....if no one uses their imaginations then where will hypotheses come from???? You make a hypothesis then you test it with facts. If at some point the facts prove the hypothesis incorrect then you build a new one. Is this not what the author here is trying to do?
(25.04.2005, 23:18)

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