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1. Introduction

Here is an idea worth considering:

Thousands of years ago humankind had attained a high-level of technological achievement. They understood laws of nature that are unknown to us today. They explored Antarctica and mapped the entire globe. They made monuments that we would have difficulty recreating with our modern techniques and equipment...

Then tragedy struck in the form of a global cataclysm. They were not expecting it. The disaster was so terrible that most humans perished and many animal species became extinct. Those humans that did survive were forced to live like animals while the Earth recovered.  Memories faded, and knowledge disappeared. Society began again from scratch, returning to pagan beliefs and simplistic lives. But there were some that survived who somehow managed to remember more, that retained some of the advanced techniques and ideas that others had forgotten - and had the foresight and dedication to warn future generations of the next cataclysm. Knowing that it would be more than 10,000 years before the cataclysm recurred, they had to allow for certain possibilities: that in the year 2012 we could be speaking a brand new language, following unpredictable religions and using any sort of numbering system. If they were to leave us clues to help us survive, those clues would need to be big and solid enough to last 10,000 years; and coded so as to be unambiguous - regardless of the culture that interpreted them. Some modern humans, of various backgrounds and disciplines, are working towards deciphering what they have left us.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

We are on the verge of cloning humans, of aping God. Regardless of ethics and laws, it will happen - for whenever scientists have had the ability to do something, they haven't been able to resist - it is in their nature. On the other side of the coin, when there are not enough clues to solve a puzzle, when none of their predecessors have made quality in-roads, they have rattled off stock answers and moved on to something easier. These unsolved mysteries are typically of a historical nature - our scientists have been unable to observe the processes in real-time, and have chosen not to make unscientific guesses. The tasks have by default been given to the independent researchers, the untrained pseudo-scientists, the men and women with imagination, verve and daring. The rebels.

This book pulls together a number of these mysteries. They all relate to the potential for a global cataclysm that may be just around the corner.

Most of the topics are much debated, with radicals and the establishment taking opposing views. Is the Sphinx 5,000 or 12,000 years old? Did the biblical flood really happen?  And if it did was it regional or global? Did modern man once live in the ocean? How was it that separate ancient societies all had the ability to shift giant blocks?

We shall look at ideas that have been endorsed by great thinkers, yet are ignored by the esteemed scholars of today. The idea of a pole shift had the agreement of Einstein; the existence of Atlantis was described by Plato; global cataclysms were hinted at by Darwin.

And we will see evidence that orthodox science has chosen to ignore, evidence that fails to fit their precious paradigms. Artifacts showing human civilisations existing 100,000 or even millions of years ago. Proof of a cataclysmic poleshift 12,000 years ago. And evidence that is strangely missing, such as the missing links of evolution.

Helping bind these topics together I will present some new information concerning mythical creatures and cosmic rays. And I shall explain how a global network of monuments was created for a common purpose - to warn us of our potential extinction. Hopefully these ideas will spark enough debate so that the things we treasure, and the species that we are, continue for a long, long time.

Robert Bast, somewhere, May 2001

Why 2012:

1. Introduction
Next >>> 2. Mayan Calendar
3. Fractal Time and the I Ching
4. Galactic Alignment

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Comments from Visitors

Are we really going to die?
(11.04.2004, 18:18)

Rob Bast:
According to the ancient Mayans, the world will end in 2012. There is no scientific evidence to suggest anything terrible will happen in 2012. There is plenty of scientific evidence that points to a global catastrophe happening in the future, but no-one knows when.
(12.04.2004, 03:07)

Seeing as how the world is evolving now, i think that if we are going to be destroyed in a global cataclysm, it wont happen fast.
(13.04.2004, 07:29)

I like it a lot.
(13.04.2004, 17:11)

well i think your wrong
(13.04.2004, 17:12)

Not only did the Mayans predict the Earth's destruction in 2012, but also the Bible Code, which has predicted such things as Tim McVeighs bombings and the 9/11 attacks, says that not only will an unfathomable earthquake will rattle los Angeles in 2010, but that a "meteor of large proportions" will hit the Earth.I hate to throw religion into it, but personally I don't buy into the Bible, and this seems a little more than coincidence. It does however seem like crap because of all the other predictions of the world's end. I guess we'll all have to wait and see for ourselves what really happens
(13.04.2004, 20:07)

Theo T. Lazybite:
My bet is on the Mayans being right..... they picked their own extinction pretty much to the day.. 11/9 fell on one of the bad/change days.. I dream of cataclysm close to dozen times a year.. I think the mayans actually state we will enter a new golden period of existence don't they?? so we probably wont all die
(14.04.2004, 07:36)

I and many friends have noticed what seem to be 'moving' stars and even venus. There are bright colourfull ones that flash the full spectrum while seeming to roam around a specific area. These appear at different spots in the sky. The north star seems much brighter now and also seems to raom around or 'blow in the wind' .......does anyone else see this?
(15.04.2004, 19:17)

I don't believe it's a co-incidence or even just fashionable that 2012 is the date chosen for the end/beginning. Some minds have the powers to predict, and the probable future is well set out before us. The earth will rumble, Nebiru will re-appear and true assendence will commence for those wise enough to harness the shifting energy patterning. If nothing else, remember that manifestation occurs on a multitude of dimensions.
(19.04.2004, 08:37)

Yes, I too have noticed that the north star seems much brighter. And I also noticed stars roaming and the colorful ones as well not to mention how they seem to blow in and out. I thought I was the only one who noticed that. If you think about all this its kind of scary. I have also had dreams of people not of this time painting eggs black with ancient writings on it and I was on some tropical like island of some type. I am not really sure what all this means really....
(21.04.2004, 01:55)

Come to think of it, the north star is a lot brighter now then it was a couple of years ago
(25.04.2004, 14:51)

Malacalypse 3rd:
It is aparent to me at least , that teh world is permiating a real sence of foreboding in teh last couple of years, an dthe date 2012 is far more significant than I think we know. read the illuminatus trilogy for more insight and the Masonic significance of this date, the mayans knew of it's importance for they still obtained the knowledge of before. (AHD)
(28.04.2004, 04:12)

The observations made regarding the 'roaming of stars', and the increased brightness of the the North Star, can be put down to changes in concentrations and distributions of pollution in the the troposphere. The increased mass in the atmosphere bends the light reaching the earth, causing a wobble in the position and incandescence of stars. In light of recent IPCC findings on global climate change, I think the effect of stars on our future seems to pale in comparison.
(05.05.2004, 01:13)

I have believed that the world will end in 2012 for almost a year now and it all started when one of my best friends brother was trippin on peyote and talked to god. he told my friend to tell me that god told him the world will end in 2012.Then her other brother talked to god and god told him the same thing. since then i have herd of all this bad stuff that will happen in 2012(this was from people that i never told about the thaught of 2012). then they make all thies movies about the world ending. Today i was sitting in lunch detention and was bored so i thaugt i would see if there was anyone els that thaught the world would end(not necessarily in 2012) then i saw this site and i am shaking because it is true.the world really will end. We(me and my friends)have made plans and we will live it up in 2012, and i suggest you do the same.
(13.05.2004, 13:42)

anyone else dream of the year 2012? anything about mountains? angels? (personally, i don't believe in angels, but one spoke to me in my dream about 2012.) the color red or white, or the 'crest of the red dragon?' so many apocolyptic dreams lately. but maybe it doesn't mean anything. we shall see.
(16.05.2004, 11:58)

I had some weird dream of the sky turning red, fireballs flying from the sky, people hurrying about. I don't know about the whole bible code thing, because anyone could make deductions based on scripts. It's like, look: 32498234. THAT'S THE CODE THAT PREDICTS THE END OF THE WORLD! We're all gunna die in two seconds.
(16.05.2004, 15:53)

Xoe Stone:
Again, I see mention of the likelihood of death & destruction on a cataclysmic scale. Yes, massive geological & environmental changes are/will be occurring, as much by our own (human) activity, as by Universal & Planetary forces beyond our control, yet NOT beyond our understanding or our ability to mitigate or minimize in terms of damage control. - - It seems many assume and/or take for granted our own complicity in the situation, as well as our not-so-inconsiderable power when we work together toward a common goal. Thus far many Western practices have been destructive toward the planet & its systems; including many in fields related to/involved in Science. - - I hope those of you who feel Science is part of the problem, will also consider that religion/spirituality play a huge role in muddying the Truth and "waters" surrounding events currently happening to/upon Earth & its inhabitants. We tend to look through the lens of our own biases & limitations. Our Ancestors knew many things that defy our current levels of knowledge, wisdom, and technology - all of which indicate they were at least as advanced as us in the present, perhaps more so. Whether this indicates alien - "interference/activity" is really beside the point, as is the supposed impact of a god-like intelligence. We (humans) are in a very real sense the "gods/goddesses" of this new age & it will be us who decide the course and write the realities of our collective future.
(17.05.2004, 20:20)

dont you think that it is a little bit weird that all these people have the same thaughts,dreams,and ideas about the world ending? We have never talked to each other and yet we all have the same thaughts. I think it is weird that people who dont know eachother and still have the same theries.
(18.05.2004, 13:38)

alright guys..i havn't had any weird dreams about the world ending, or being high and god telling me the world is going to end in 2014. my theory is that man cannot live with sucha great weapon as the nuclear bomb. Man and man cannot coexist without hurting others. My theory is that acouple countries with drop the nuke and we'll all die. But if we kill the people plotting the world's end we might live. - On the year 2014 the world just randomly having a catlysm or whatever i guess is possible though. but what would happen to lead to that?
(19.05.2004, 15:12)


(20.05.2004, 17:13)

It seems to me that the predictions of the Mayan people (our interpretations) could mean many different things. Perhaps the end of this age isn't going to be any sort of natural cataclysm, but maybe something manmade. I've done some research into 'peak oil' and the effects it might have on society and from the statistics I've found (, Saudi Arabia's oil production is going to peak in 2012. That's the last significant oil reserve on earth that still hasn't started to decline in production. Many of you will know how significant that will be for our society. The last bastion of a dwindling nonrenewable resource we depend on for our way of life will start its decline the same year the Mayans predict is the end of this age...That disturbs me considering how much all the nuclear powers need oil to keep the war machine (and everything else) churning. Perhaps the destruction some are dreaming of will be caused by us. We can only start to comprehend what these messages left for us might mean.
(23.05.2004, 01:19)

For eons people have made predictions, published evidence, shown formulas, created models, prayed, prophesized and guess what? They were all wrong. Who knows when it will happen? Not me, not you, not the best and brightest! It will come when it comes. The best advice. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
(28.05.2004, 18:57)

[ sox ]:
Live in fear of what may or may not happen, and I hope that you find warmth, comfort and love in that fear you cling to. Let's all focus on something big and negative happening and count down to our own doom. Wouldnt you rather spend the time enjoying life? focus on the positives people. Love, life, friendship.. I'm going out smiling, 2012 or otherwise.
(31.05.2004, 02:28)

Laura Allen:
this is walderfull but i will like to have information of the spanish vertion of this book
(02.06.2004, 14:59)

The North Star is somewhat brighter during the summer time. It always has been. However, I've noticed more and more falling/shooting stars in the skies at night. I've been seeing at least one every other week for the past 5 months now. I'm in the central part of the U.S. and it's now occuring more and more. I've had no strange dreams of the 'apocolyptic future' but some of the things you people are typing up are just ridiculous. Just wait it out, don't freak out. (Peyote is a spiritual drug, you see and usually can interact with 'spirit entities/hallucinations' when on the drug.)
(08.06.2004, 20:57)

Psychic Man:
I'm psychic too. My psychic abilities come from eating Ring-Dings or donuts. I predict that in 2010 a giant clown will come down on a surfboard from the heavens, fart nuclear gas, and we will all turn into monkeys and eat each other. I caution you, lock yourselves in your basement. You might be safe there. Start hiding now just to be sure. Please people, do as I say.
(17.12.2004, 16:45)

Steven Beesley:
Chinese Winter Solstice: - - Is it also by chance that the Chinese Winter Solstice falls on the 21st December of each year and that end of all days is also predicted as 21st December, 2012? [ from Rob: it is a solstice everywhere on that date, not just China. I believe it is the year that is important, and the date is just to emphasise the worst will happen ]
(30.12.2004, 22:52)

well, i don't really know what to believe. But i do know one thing, the doomsday 2012 theory scares the hell out of me. All the pieces seem to fit the puzzle. It makes sense, the earth must recyle itself sometime. everyday humankind is damaging this beautiful planet. nature always finds a way to survive. Our solar system, like our planet, is on a cycle. 2012 is the beginning/end of another cycle. The more articles i read about doomsday the stronger i believe this event will happen. It definitely scares me, but it also motivates me to enjoy my life and helps to put things into perspective.
(06.01.2005, 16:21)

I have heard alot about "The End Of Days", "Dooms Day", "Judgment Day". What ever you choose to call it. Different times different theories. And the only one I hold any kind of stock in is 2012. I have seen this number from more than one sorce. Mathmatical logarythims, the Mayans, The Tora, and The Bible, all conect 2012. But, am I scared? No not scared but I am definetly curious.
(08.02.2005, 03:49)

Malaclypse the Tertiary:
Listen kids... you've got eight more years. Just try to live them and forget that nothing will exist, or at least nothing larger than a matchbook will exist of us after that. - Fru saves!
(03.03.2005, 16:07)

well this isnt a happy website, i was just watching the simpsons now im all depresed, well im definalty intreeged, so can any1 give me a bried description of whats gunna happen on 2012 exactyl?? cheers if u can
(05.03.2005, 14:04)

EVERYONE of you you make me sick! it is not the end of the world we will be changed our siritual body and physical body will fuse together you know how some people dream of powers they might get those powers people we will become better! BUT one Rule you have to do more good things than bad things or you will not survive! I'm only 10 but I am smart,strong,andcaring i will master sword skills dragons will come back i will protect the weak from evil dragons and collect elements from dragons of earth,water,wind,and fire my friend will become a dragon summoner and a tamer he will collect fire,and earth dragons! People enjoy life remember the RULE i will become a drangon slayer but only defeat the evil dragons people belive me please have hope faith and love for the earth and other people PLEASE help save our planet i have great physical strength every 10,000 years this will happen please keep this site open i want my message to live on forever one question WHAT ABOUT THE LIZARDS?
(05.03.2005, 15:00)

One more thing i am an ancient one i have the mark of the pharoh i am serious i see things that will happen please put faith in me our heros are 10 people from each country and state we can save the earth estro de mooondo escara fursega hirenfkjt fhidnbjdgf gehrdh le de meeegftrea golose ferutuyedhfg mooonde straaaa gejfyf dydjmfgb ffudfbyd defyjufgrej djsdbch sdhgdash jsdhfjk dfhjkd uyrekdasb edhfuirdesndzksdhsd jkdhfsdjf Hope faith love is the power to unlock your heros heart i hope none of my dreams come true except for saving the earth Im with the ELEMENT of wind and water
(05.03.2005, 15:08)

de Paris:
Have you been to Paris lately?? That would freak all of y'all out. I live right next to the Eiffel Tower and there is this huge multi-colored sign on it that says "Paris 2012". Everywhere you go in that city you see signs flashing the year "2012" for all to see. It is quite bizarre. Paris is a candidate city for the Olympic games of 2012. That is why those signs are everywhere. Maybe in 2012, if Paris gets the Olympics, the French will fuck up the games to such an extent the world will blow up. That seems a more likely possibility than all of your cosmic rambles and rants. Yeah, if the world Blows I'm blaming the French. (Vous savez que je vous aime, le Francais.)
(14.03.2005, 09:48)

Hello everyone I had a thought its a bit far fetched but stick with me here.Ok i was just doing some research last week for my personal use on Dragons and I read that they had found a frozen dragon in Romania a bit back it was perfectly frozen and blah blah you look it up i could go on for days.Anyway yesterday i was watching a story on cloning talking about what they need to clone things and how they could bring back animals that had long since been extinct they couldn't use dinosaur bones you know like Jurassic park because there is no genetic data left but then i started thinking about the Dragon they found in romania and it kinda all hit me at once what if they cloned the dragon and it pulled a Jurassic park manuver and reproduced give it about 10 years a god knows what you would have.And to top it off the dreames some people have been having (as said on this site) could be a "vision" or perseption of possible things to come you never know.It would only be fair though I mean we killed off dragons in midevil times what would be more ironic than humans cloning dragons and dragons to come back and get their well deserved revenge. - - Oh and on another note if this does by any chance happen you can guarante people and me included will be defending the dragons just for the sake that they are considered a magical beast and they deserve to be here not us.Feel free to E-mail me if you have and thoughts,questions,or expecialy complaints I love reading hate mail :)
(20.03.2005, 23:58)

Remember the last X-Files episode!? It predicted the date for the Alien Invasion/Takeover in, yes - 2012.
(06.04.2005, 16:14)

Lord Omar:

(07.04.2005, 15:53)

An Old Fart:
Well, since *this* year we've had the BIGGEST Earthquake and most devastating Tidal-wave for some years already ..... Heeeeeelp !! :)
(19.04.2005, 12:48)

Alright, I have also done the research, listened to the prohecies,etc. Evidence points to 2012 as the year that life will cease to be as we know it. I am one of those with visions, of the feeling of running out of time, but this is not something to begin mass paranoia over. That accomplishes nothing. We know that some will survive, they always do, no matter the religious preference, station in life, or ethnic background. Most prohecies point to fire as the end, so figure probably a large rock falling out of the sky or perhaps yellowstone volcano will finally blow. Reguardless, both would have a world wide impact on life globally and for many years. Life as we know it would change, as had been forseen by many. Living in fear will not stop it nor will it make it any easier to cope with once something of a grand scale would happen. Education will be your one weapon to achieve survival. Educate yourself on how to live without present technology, in case the need arises. I am sure many would be surprised at what they could do, if only given the chance to try.
(26.04.2005, 08:29)

I recently read Fingerprints of the Gods, presuming you have read it from what your intro says. It had a profound effect on my vision of the future. Will be back to check your site out thoroughly. This comments section makes entertaining reading!!! I feel greatful for the fact that I live somewhat like an indian already!!! I have loads of horses so sod the oil!!! Not that its probably gonna matter anyway, if only it wasn't for that nagging feeling Ive had as long as I can remamber, Im going to survive...terrifying thought...
(06.07.2005, 07:04)

funny how in the guidelines for posting it says like minded people... I mean listening to people who disagree with you for a change and not being spoonfed supporting facts and speculation would be horrible! - see you all in 2013 when this guys books sales drop to 0 if they already havent.
(18.07.2005, 22:17)

What if humanity works in cycles. Like we gain knowledge up to a certain point and then we start over. I have read that in 2012 computers could make as many connections as a human brain. Could us creating consciousness be what is the end? If a computer did become conscious at that point and was connected to the world wide web it could have limitless information. I believe the Incans had a date of December 23, 2013, which is very close to the Mayans. If you haven't seen it rent the movie Pi, as some of the stuff on this webssite is in the movie, and it just really makes you think.
(26.08.2005, 03:44)

Thursday, 8 April 2004 article - But the big switchover does not take place in one swoop.The so-called flip between the Earth's North and South poles occurs at long but unpredictable intervals, the most recent one occurring about 790,000 years ago. - But scientists have only estimated how long the switching process takes before the new poles become established. Estimates have ranged from a couple of thousand years to 28,000. - Pr.Clement calculated it took 2000 years at the equator and about 10,000 closer to the poles.The reason for this, said Clement, is that in the absence of the main north-south magnetic field, the Earth's core develops a weaker secondary field that has many mini-poles at the surface. Eventually the two main poles are established again, but on opposite sides of the planet, and restore their primacy. - Many aspects of life today would be literally turned upside down, both for humans, given our dependence on magnets for navigation, and for migrating animals that use an inner compass.The shortest interval between flips is between 20,000 and 30,000 years, and the longest is 50 million years.
(09.09.2005, 10:32)

The next harvest cycle will occur in 2015, the souls that are ready at that point will goto another world. The means of the harvest must be in death, particularly death in large numbers. How theses deaths occur does not matter it could be natural desaster, mankind destroying himself through destructive methods, it is going to happen no matter what. Purify your soul and seek out methods to help others, acknowledge love and exsistence, and ignore the material aspect of everything,you are not here to build your kingdom on earth to build wealth is of ignorance and greed.Use your time here to build character, do what you know is right dispite the blur and evil pull around you, unite to the good of mankind and stand as one together - the people of earth.
(10.09.2005, 21:40)

WAIT DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Well it's all related because of the change of frequensy and the vibration that our planet. This will take us to the next dimention and obiously the world is going to change. That's why the so called end of this era, or the end of the world as we know it .Its going to be a trip trust me. Everything in this palnet is eading for a change, a change in all matters especially in frequencies. Our planet is going to vibrate at a highter level , that's why all these changes are going to happend. - Mother earth is going to change by nature, but human kind by will, and only those that carry frequencies that are compateble with the new ones in the earth by 2012 will surbyvewe. AND THAT A LOGIC FRACTOR DON,T YOU GUYS THINK!!!! - If any one whant's to know a little bit more of this hole deal contact me . I will give you tip's on how to raice your frequecies and surbive!!!!
(13.09.2005, 00:52)

WAIT DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Well it's all related because of the change of frequensy and the vibration that our planetwill have. This will take us to the next dimention and obiously the world is going to change. That's why the so called end of this era, or the end of the world as we know it .!!!!!!!!!Its going to be a trip, trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!. Everything in this palnet is eadding for a change, a change in all matters of existance especially in frequencies. Our planet is going to vibrate at a highter level. - - Mother earth is going to change by nature, but human kind by will, and only those that decide to carry frequencies that are compateble with the new ones in the earth by 2012 will surbyve. AND THAT A LOGIC FRACTOR DON,T YOU GUYS THINK!!!! - Higher frequensy higher life.... - - If any one whant's to know a little bit more regarding this theory contact me . I will answer any questions give you tip's on how to raice your frequecies and surbive!!!!
(13.09.2005, 01:00)

Well I don't really know what to say, all I know is that we all expect so many things that some people don't even know what to believe anymore. What will really happen in 2012 we won't know it until then we may figuire out somethings but who knows if it will happen that way or if it will even happen!! anyways by the time it happens we won't be able to do anything to help ourselves. If you know something and you are 1000% sure it will happen please send me an email, because I don't really know what to believe.
(13.09.2005, 16:55)

samuel l jackson:
damn you, you always take my comments away, - I AM GOD
(15.09.2005, 12:11)

love me:
the world is going to randomly explode. - everyone and everything will die instnatly.
(18.09.2005, 22:33)

Anyone who believes this is an idiot, OH NOES I'M DOOMED!!!
(21.09.2005, 17:17)

little johnny:
Will santa claus die too?
(22.09.2005, 11:01)

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