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1. Introduction

Here is an idea worth considering:

Thousands of years ago humankind had attained a high-level of technological achievement. They understood laws of nature that are unknown to us today. They explored Antarctica and mapped the entire globe. They made monuments that we would have difficulty recreating with our modern techniques and equipment...

Then tragedy struck in the form of a global cataclysm. They were not expecting it. The disaster was so terrible that most humans perished and many animal species became extinct. Those humans that did survive were forced to live like animals while the Earth recovered.  Memories faded, and knowledge disappeared. Society began again from scratch, returning to pagan beliefs and simplistic lives. But there were some that survived who somehow managed to remember more, that retained some of the advanced techniques and ideas that others had forgotten - and had the foresight and dedication to warn future generations of the next cataclysm. Knowing that it would be more than 10,000 years before the cataclysm recurred, they had to allow for certain possibilities: that in the year 2012 we could be speaking a brand new language, following unpredictable religions and using any sort of numbering system. If they were to leave us clues to help us survive, those clues would need to be big and solid enough to last 10,000 years; and coded so as to be unambiguous - regardless of the culture that interpreted them. Some modern humans, of various backgrounds and disciplines, are working towards deciphering what they have left us.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

We are on the verge of cloning humans, of aping God. Regardless of ethics and laws, it will happen - for whenever scientists have had the ability to do something, they haven't been able to resist - it is in their nature. On the other side of the coin, when there are not enough clues to solve a puzzle, when none of their predecessors have made quality in-roads, they have rattled off stock answers and moved on to something easier. These unsolved mysteries are typically of a historical nature - our scientists have been unable to observe the processes in real-time, and have chosen not to make unscientific guesses. The tasks have by default been given to the independent researchers, the untrained pseudo-scientists, the men and women with imagination, verve and daring. The rebels.

This book pulls together a number of these mysteries. They all relate to the potential for a global cataclysm that may be just around the corner.

Most of the topics are much debated, with radicals and the establishment taking opposing views. Is the Sphinx 5,000 or 12,000 years old? Did the biblical flood really happen?  And if it did was it regional or global? Did modern man once live in the ocean? How was it that separate ancient societies all had the ability to shift giant blocks?

We shall look at ideas that have been endorsed by great thinkers, yet are ignored by the esteemed scholars of today. The idea of a pole shift had the agreement of Einstein; the existence of Atlantis was described by Plato; global cataclysms were hinted at by Darwin.

And we will see evidence that orthodox science has chosen to ignore, evidence that fails to fit their precious paradigms. Artifacts showing human civilisations existing 100,000 or even millions of years ago. Proof of a cataclysmic poleshift 12,000 years ago. And evidence that is strangely missing, such as the missing links of evolution.

Helping bind these topics together I will present some new information concerning mythical creatures and cosmic rays. And I shall explain how a global network of monuments was created for a common purpose - to warn us of our potential extinction. Hopefully these ideas will spark enough debate so that the things we treasure, and the species that we are, continue for a long, long time.

Robert Bast, somewhere, May 2001

Why 2012:

1. Introduction
Next >>> 2. Mayan Calendar
3. Fractal Time and the I Ching
4. Galactic Alignment

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Comments from Visitors

Are we really going to die?
(11.04.2004, 18:18)

Rob Bast:
According to the ancient Mayans, the world will end in 2012. There is no scientific evidence to suggest anything terrible will happen in 2012. There is plenty of scientific evidence that points to a global catastrophe happening in the future, but no-one knows when.
(12.04.2004, 03:07)

Seeing as how the world is evolving now, i think that if we are going to be destroyed in a global cataclysm, it wont happen fast.
(13.04.2004, 07:29)

I like it a lot.
(13.04.2004, 17:11)

well i think your wrong
(13.04.2004, 17:12)

Not only did the Mayans predict the Earth's destruction in 2012, but also the Bible Code, which has predicted such things as Tim McVeighs bombings and the 9/11 attacks, says that not only will an unfathomable earthquake will rattle los Angeles in 2010, but that a "meteor of large proportions" will hit the Earth.I hate to throw religion into it, but personally I don't buy into the Bible, and this seems a little more than coincidence. It does however seem like crap because of all the other predictions of the world's end. I guess we'll all have to wait and see for ourselves what really happens
(13.04.2004, 20:07)

Theo T. Lazybite:
My bet is on the Mayans being right..... they picked their own extinction pretty much to the day.. 11/9 fell on one of the bad/change days.. I dream of cataclysm close to dozen times a year.. I think the mayans actually state we will enter a new golden period of existence don't they?? so we probably wont all die
(14.04.2004, 07:36)

I and many friends have noticed what seem to be 'moving' stars and even venus. There are bright colourfull ones that flash the full spectrum while seeming to roam around a specific area. These appear at different spots in the sky. The north star seems much brighter now and also seems to raom around or 'blow in the wind' .......does anyone else see this?
(15.04.2004, 19:17)

I don't believe it's a co-incidence or even just fashionable that 2012 is the date chosen for the end/beginning. Some minds have the powers to predict, and the probable future is well set out before us. The earth will rumble, Nebiru will re-appear and true assendence will commence for those wise enough to harness the shifting energy patterning. If nothing else, remember that manifestation occurs on a multitude of dimensions.
(19.04.2004, 08:37)

Yes, I too have noticed that the north star seems much brighter. And I also noticed stars roaming and the colorful ones as well not to mention how they seem to blow in and out. I thought I was the only one who noticed that. If you think about all this its kind of scary. I have also had dreams of people not of this time painting eggs black with ancient writings on it and I was on some tropical like island of some type. I am not really sure what all this means really....
(21.04.2004, 01:55)

Come to think of it, the north star is a lot brighter now then it was a couple of years ago
(25.04.2004, 14:51)

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