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Einstein supported both Hapgood and Velikovsky


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Poleshift / Cataclysm Books

Hamlet's Mill : An Essay on Myth and the Frame of Time
by Giorgio De Santillana & Hertha Von Dechend

This book is heavy going, as if they never considered that others may want to read it. Otherwise, there are so many new insights into myths about cataclysms here, that authors like Graham Hancock have yet to paraphrase all of them. I repeat, it is not an easy read, but is required reading for anyone serious about human survival studies.

Available cheaper from Amazon or other bookstores

Earth in Upheaval by Immanuel Velikovsky

Experts had dismissed his previous works Worlds in Collision and Ages of Chaos as un-scientific. In response Velikovsky produced this landmark book about global catastrophes. It is pure, fully refenced, fact. Anyone who reads this will probably dismiss the uniformatarian views of most scientists today, and embrace the more believable cataclysm theories.

Probably not available new from Amazon so try secondhand bookstores

Pole Shift: Predictions and Prophecies of the Ultimate Disaster by John White

Scientific predictions and prophecies about the ultimate natural disaster

A cataclysmic inversion of the planet's axis of rotation, up to 180 degrees; a sudden slippage of the planet's solid crust around the molten core.

Has it happened before? Could it happen again?

Top researcher John White probes deeply into ancient history, modern science and psychic prophecy, drawing on experts from every field, to reach his astonishing conclusions about the possibility of a pole shift.

                     He also discusses:

                    Great civilizations lost long ago in Pole Shift!
                    How nuclear war could trigger Pole Shift!
                    "Safe" geographical areas during Pole Shift!
                    The secret that could prevent Pole Shift!

            Too many coincidences and warning signs are being discovered
                            by scientists for us to ignore White's important work.
             Dr Jeffrey Goodman, author of "We are the Earthquake Generation"

             With photographs and illustrations  

Available cheaper from Amazon or other bookstores

Cataclysm!: Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 BC
aka When the Earth Nearly Died

by D.S Allan and J.B Delair

Like Earth in Upheaval, this is pure science with little speculation. With maps, charts, diagrams and thousands of references, this is an full-on assault of evidence: halfway through you will be yelling at the book "Enough, enough already, I believe you!!"   I personally prefer 10,500 BC as the date of the last big disaster, but otherwise it gets 5 thumbs up. 

Reader's Review
This is an excellent, well-documented book that basically disproves the ice age as it has been believed in the last 200 years. Methodically explores mythology, biology, geology, botony, astronomy and so much more to show there is no scientific proof for a long ice age or series of ice ages and that most of what is blamed on an ice-age and moving glaciers is in error. Shows the probable explanation is that an extraordinary event occured involving some type of body entering our solar system and effecting each planet and ultimately the earth causing major axis shifts, global earthquakes, land upheavals, hurricanes, floods, tidal waves, fires, and so on. I highly recommend this book if you are interested in earth mysteries, sacred sites, mythology, geology and more. from California U.S. , October 18, 1997

See article at Atlantic Rising ( also discusses Earth Under Fire )

Available cheaper from Amazon or other bookstores

Not by Fire but by Ice : Discover What Killed the Dinosaurs...and Why It Could Soon Kill Us
by Robert W. Felix

Forget global warming. The next ice age could begin any day. Beginning with the dinosaur extinction of 65 million years ago, Not by Fire but by Ice explores the relationship between mass extinctions, ice ages, and geomagnetic reversals (times when compasses would have pointed south instead of north).

Check out his homepage

Available cheaper from Amazon or other bookstores

The Path of the Pole
by Charles Hapgood

Hapgood's tour de force is back in print! This riveting account of how Earth's poles have flipped positions many times is the culmination of Hapgood's extensive research of Antarctica, ancient maps and the geological record. This amazing book discusses the various pole shifts in Earth's history-occurring when Earth's crust slips in the inner core-and gives evidence for each one. It also predicts future pole shifts: a planetary alignment will cause the next one on May 5, 2000! Packed with illustrations, this book is the reference other books on the subject cite over and over again.

Available cheaper from Amazon or other bookstores

The Earth's Shifting Axis
by Mac B. Strain

Strain's book, The Earth's Shifting Axis, presents a captivating analysis of the forces nature utilizes to continually remodel our planet. While most elements of his theory can be found in scientific literature, his treatment of the whole far exceeds the sum of the parts by explaining the driving forces responsible for exchange of lands and oceans, crustal distortions, climate swings, and life cycles.

Available cheaper from Amazon or other bookstores

The Gods, Gemini and the Great Pyramid
by James Bowles

"The combined gravitational effects from the sun and the moon, and to a lesser extent that of the planets, pull at the crust from this oblique angle, relentlessly wearing the crust down until it is wrested from its moorings and fails from fatigue."

This is a wonderful book in my opinion, and I use some of Mr Bowles' ideas in my work. Author Colin Wilson says It's a well-written and deeply interesting book, and its semi-autobiographical approach gives it an important personal touch"...

Available cheaper from Amazon or other bookstores or Direct from the Author

The Orion Prophecy
by Patrick Geryl & Gino Ratinckx

In the year 2012 the Earth awaits a super catastrophe: its magnetic field will turn over in one go. Phenomenal earthquakes and tidal waves will completely destroy our civilisation. Europe and North America will shift thousands of kilometres northwards into polar climate. Nearly the whole earth's population will perish in the apocalyptic happenings.

Available cheaper from Amazon UK or other bookstores

More books related to this site are listed on the main books page








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