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Author: Patrick Geryl

Pole Shift & Pole Reversal in 2012

In 2012 the next polar reversal will take place on earth. This means that the North Pole will be changed into the South Pole. Scientifically this can only be explained by the fact that the earth will start rotating in the opposite direction, together with a huge disaster of unknown proportions.

In my books I reveal the immense cataclysm that is going to torment the earth in the near future. It is presently assumed by most people and the general scientific world at large, that the rotation of the Earth is stable, however, as expounded in my previous works on this subject, this is not the case. The gruesome reports of the previous catastrophes should, hopefully, be clear to all.

The historical exploration of cosmology in previous books is founded on the translation of hieroglyphs, cracking of codes, unveiling of the magnetic reversal of the sun, study of old maps, decoding of astronomical clues, geological research, and the discovery of the most exciting archaeological find in modern times.
Considering these I came to the following conclusions:

1. With clock-like regularity, sudden reversals and pole shifts are natural to the Earth. The result is worldwide destruction, and is supported by paleo-magnetic evidence and early manuscripts.
2. The reversal of the poles is attributed to the harmonic cycle of the magnetic fields of the sun.
3. Polar reversals can be calculated precisely on the basis of the sunspot cycle theory or the magnetic field theory, which the Maya and the Old Egyptians were privy to. These secrets are contained in the Labyrinth of Hawara, a huge complex consisting of three thousand rooms.

I explained abundantly clearly that life after a polar reversal is nothing but horror, pure unimaginable horror. All securities you presently have at hand, like - amongst others - food, transport, and medicines, will have disappeared in one big blow, dissolved into nothingness. As will our complete civilization. It cannot be more horrifying than this; worse than the worst nightmare. More destructive than a nuclear war in which the entire global arsenal of nuclear weapons has been deployed in one blow. Are you grasping the facts?

The earth will be subjected to total destruction. It will be many times worse than my description. Terrible hunger, cold and pain, and more will rule your daily life: without hope of a quick recovery, because all knowledge and resources will have been completely destroyed. That will be the reality of your daily life after the forthcoming polar reversal. And it is in this scenario you will have to try to survive.

The Riddle of the Magnetic Field Solved

At present scientists still do not know much about the mechanism that generates the magnetic field of the earth, which is more than frightening. Without doubt, our continued existence depends upon this. Thousands of years ago our ancestors knew that when this magnetic field tilts, a worldwide destruction takes place. The present geologists, astronomers and physicists know little about this. For that reason we are running towards our end, without a single acknowledgement from official sources.

So, what do our professors indeed know? Next to nothing. In short, the scenario is as follows: a solid central core rotates in the center of the earth. It is surrounded by a liquid iron-like layer, on top of which the earth's crust is continuously drifting. This whole structure therefore appears to be a huge rotating dynamo. In addition, the liquid layer rotates in the electrostatic field of the sun, recharging itself.

However, this is not at all efficient: more electrical potential is lost than gained. Just like a battery that is almost empty, it is difficult to recharge and it becomes exhausted more easily and quickly. This is the situation with the "battery" of the magnetic field of the earth. For this reason one sees the force of the magnetic field diminishing, almost 60% over the last two thousand years.

At this rate there will not be much left within a couple of decades! And then one can expect a reversal of the poles. But nobody knows in what way this will happen, nor what the consequences will be, in contrast to the Maya and the Old Egyptians who knew the terrible consequences only too well. Their science, their religion and way of life were completely based on them. They encoded their knowledge in Holy Numbers and in their architecture.

I needed days, weeks, months and years to follow their carefully applied clues and decode them. After an exasperatingly long search, I found out that these codes were connected with the catastrophic events on earth that were caused by pole shifts. Some of the codes were terribly complicated, although not incomprehensible. Once you have figured out the cipher, you are able to decipher the different levels of their scientific language. Then you can literally peel away layer after layer until you reach the ultimate result: the naked scientific figures regarding the background of these catastrophes.

Unknown Sunspot Cycle Theory Gives the Answer

The answers to these questions are alarming and devastating. All my deciphering points to a complex and ingenious science. Let me explain. When you, as a scientist, stumble upon results that the present astronomers do not know, you have, without doubt, stumbled upon something terribly important. Everybody will have to admit it, and that is exactly what I have done: I discovered an echo of a long-lost technological terminology; a majestic building with immensely sophisticated keys. Many numbers were based on the sunspot cycle, which they had discovered. A theory that is irrefutably correct and not known by our physicists! It cannot be more alarming!

This theory, in turn, correlates with the periodical polar reversals of the earth. I succeeded in cracking the whole puzzle and a large-scale structure appeared. Its development was such that the mathematical matrix ends on the day of the next polar reversal!

Just like the way we count down to the launching of a rocket, they counted down to the End of Times. On the last day of the calendar the magnetic north of the earth will change into the south. They knew this would not only mean the end of their civilization, but also of the whole civilized world!

Solar Lightning Causes the Polar Reversal

From legends and the sunspot cycle theory of the Maya, we can reconstruct the cause of a polar reversal. It has long been known that when a beam of lightning strikes a magnet, a reversal of the magnetic poles takes place. Let's apply this principle on a broader scale.

Our earth is a huge magnet, with its own North and South Poles. A short-circuit with another external "beam of lightning,” or magnet, can end in a catastrophic polar reversal. This means that the magnetic North Pole changes place with the magnetic South Pole. But what sort of external beam can cause this? What force is powerful enough to stop the rotation of the earth and revert it?

Only one object can cause this: our sun. You know from my book, The OrionProphecy that the magnetic field of the sun undergoes a drastic change every 11,500 to 12,000 years. Once a crucial point has been reached, it reverses instantaneously. Chaotic outbursts accompany this phenomenon and an immense cloud of plasma is catapulted into space. Then a shock wave of particles reaches our planet and the polar reversal of our earth commences.

With unknown power this solar lightning strikes our planet and causes a gigantic short circuit. That is the catastrophic truth behind a polar reversal of the earth. But how can we scientifically describe this fact? What is the precise physical cause that produces this polar reversal?

Solar Storms Cause the Pole Shift

In the book Earth under Fire I came upon the correct theory. More precisely, in the chapter entitled "Solar Storms and Geomagnetic Flips." The astronomer Paul La Violette writes “Field flips have been accomplished experimentally, by shooting large quantities of loaded particles on a strong bipolar magnet. These particles are then caught in the magnetic fields and cause a "ring-stream" in them. At a certain moment this stream speeds up to such an extent that the field of the magnet reverses completely.”

In an equivalent scenario the field of the earth can reverse in just the same way. Astronomers know that the particles of a solar storm can compress the earth's magnetic field and temporarily speed up the power of the earth's field.

When the solar particles reach our planet, the electromagnetically-loaded particles will move in a spiral along the magnetic lines: from the magnetic north pole to the magnetic south pole and back. While passing this north-south axis, they will move into the direction of the equator. When they arrive there, they will join into a super powerful "ring current."

This "ring current" generates an intense magnetic field that is opposite to the earth's magnetic field. In order to overpower the earth's magnetic field you need a solar flame a hundred times more forceful than the biggest one we have ever seen. At the reversal of the magnetic field of the sun this degree will certainly be reached.

From here on, my point of view deviates from that expressed by Paul La Violette. Not only will the poles reverse, but also the earth will begin to rotate in the opposite direction! This can only occur when the "ring current" pushes the inner core of the earth in the opposite direction.

Everybody knows that when you change the poles of an electric motor, it will start turning the other way. The same holds for the interior of the earth. When an external short circuit takes place, the core cannot do otherwise but start turning in the opposite direction!

Destruction & Renewed Life

This catastrophe will not only result in the massive destruction of life on earth, but also its continued existence, however incomprehensible this may sound. Let me explain this.
The magnetic field of the earth is not an accident of natural science. Its primary task is to protect us against cosmic and solar radiation. Without this field, life is practically impossible and in a short time, life on our planet would be extinguished. An all-burning, deadly radioactive radiation would torment the earth's surface.

So here we are talking about an incompatible duality: despite the fact that a huge amount of people, animals and plants will die, life will continue to exist, because the exhausted battery of the earth will be reloaded by the enormous solar storm. During thousands of years the magnetic field of the earth can therefore remain stable, protecting the flora and fauna against the damaging radiation. While doing this job, the inner battery of the earth will run out again and another cycle of destruction followed by creation and mutation will start anew.

For more of Patrick Geryl's ideas, see this book:

The Orion Prophecy: Will the World Be Destroyed in 2012 by Patirck Geryl & Gino Ratinckx

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Comments from Visitors

Blinded by Lies:

(06.09.2004, 03:15)

Scientists haven't come up with a definitive theory concerning the Earths magnetic field. I wonder now if it is BECAUSE of the rotation reversal issue. Back in HS Physics class, I seem to remember something called the "right hand rule", where current flow and magnetic field are tied together. Perhaps Earth scientists remember this rule too, and can't come up with a theory which DOESN'T invole rotation shift. (Current flow in this case being around the core)
(07.09.2004, 14:46)

By the way, roataion reversal DOESN'T require the Earth to stop rotation, and then restart!!! But, the view of the North star will end up in the "Southern" hemisphere.
(09.09.2004, 19:14)

Some people are anticipating an unfathomable amount of disaster ensuing in various plate shifts, and electromagnetically charged particles disrupting layers of the atmosphere literally wreaking total chaos. Some people believe that this also would mark the pinnacle of ugliness and hate in the world, crescendoing with worldwide violence and terror of mankind killing himself as well as odd (global warming, sun flares, whatever it is) tendencies of nature to flare up in crazy temperature fluxuations, gigantic storms and unlimited other happenings. Some believe that after 2012, it would mark the new era, that those who survive would finally be able to start over, living in an enlightened state of consciousness as to the nature of such a culmination of these horrible events. As to whether or not the Mayans and the Ancient Egyptians are right, I believe that they probably are. Time will tell, but there is much ancient knowledge that we cannot begin to fathom, and the fact that they were even able to pinpoint this exact date by starmapping thousands of years ago, in our present time when we can noticeable watch the so-called "battery of the earth" lose its charge and all of these global abnormalities ensue, seems to me to be a little more than a coincidence. Either way time truly will tell, and I think the world should spend more time looking into such possibilities. To brace ourselves just in case it all happens in an instance.
(10.09.2004, 16:13)

Ross L:
Part 1: - A ferromagnetic object can be made into a permanent magnet by wrapping a wire around it and passing a current through the wire. The strength of the magnetization may be modified by changing the amount of current through the wire. The magnetization may be reversed by reversing the current through the wire. The object does not have to be physically turned over to have its magnetic poles reversed. Factors that will govern the strength of magnetization are the permeability of the object and the current through the wire. After the object is magnetized, it has factors called retentivity and coercivity that govern its magnetic properties. - - I contest the assumption made that the Earth's rotation must be stopped and started turning the other way in order to reverse the magnetic field. What is missing from the above article is a calculation of the energy required to stop the Earth's rotation and start it back up the other way. That energy would be an enormous amount.
(22.09.2004, 13:06)

Ross L:
Part 2: - I propose a more simple explanation and I will also make an educated but unsupported guess that the more simple explanation would require far less energy to reverse the magnetization of the Earth than the above article proposes. - - First, the magnetizing current does come from the sun, but does not travel through the Earth's core. The current in the solar wind plasma travels around the Earth in the atmosphere or magnetosphere. This magnetizes the object, the Earth, inside of the circular current flow. This current from the sun controls the magnetization of the Earth. - - All it takes is a reversal of direction of that current to reverse the magnetization. This can happen without the stopping of the Earth or the involvement of any catastrophic earthquakes or dramaticlightning bolts. Sorry to spoil the party, but the doom and gloom is getting thick in here. The Earth could still spin and the north pole could still point a Polaris while a compass points to the south.
(22.09.2004, 13:07)

The sheer reality of the Mayan's supremely accurate mathematics having a finite endpoint, to me indicates substance and weight to the 2012 proposition. However if these polar shifts occur every 11,000-15,000 years (rough guess), and we understand that life has been evolving for what 4.5 billion years? let alone homio sapiens being present and relatively unchanged for over 50,000 years; I don't quite see where the major cataclysmic, apocolyptic destruction fits in. Sure there may be significant changes to life on earth, even civilization collapse, but these are regular events and yet just another twist and turn in the double helix of existence. We shall continue our presence on this planet, we are at a time of metamorphosis, significant change and development. - It is time for the Children of the light to rise. - Peace......
(26.09.2004, 06:33)

Orion Hale:
There are 2 timelines converging on the 2012 date.Time travel created this paradox.It could lead to a cataclysm.Our descendants are here to try to mend time breach-they are the greys and blondes.Humanity evolved after a future cataclysm and branched into various races.These races in turn invented time travel far in the future.They are here to mend the breach in time and space but it could go either way.
(27.09.2004, 17:30)

Paul Combs:
Yes, the earth will stop rotating. It is prophesized in the Bible: Ecclesiasticus 43:13 - (Most bibles will not have this, only the complete ones) - - He made the moon also to serve in its turn, - a perpetual sign to mark the divisions of time. - From the moon, feast days are reckoned; - it is a light that wanes as it completes its course. - The moon gives its name to the month; - it waxes marvellously as its phases change, - a beacon to the armies of the heaven, - shining in the vault of the sky. - The stars in their brilliance adorn the heavens, - a glittering array in the heights of the Lard. - At the Holy One's command each stands in its place, - never defaulting at its post. - - This could only be explained by the rotation of the earth stopping. The stars will not "default from thier post" and The moon will act as a "beacon to the armies of heaven", in my opinion as a beacon to follow, or as a signal or sign.
(28.09.2004, 16:16)

Paul Combs:
The "destroyer" is describes as follows in Ecclesiiasticus 43:thru 5.... - - The sun comes into view proclaiming as it rises - how marvellous it is, the handiwork of the Most High. - At noon it parches the earth, - and no one can endure its blazing heat. - The stoker of a furnace works in the heat, - but three times as hot is the hill-scorching sun. - It breathes out fiery vapours; - the glare of its rays blinds the eyes. - Great is the Lord, its Creator, - whose word speeds it on its course. - - The vapours will in my opinion kill all life in the valleys. I support this notion with the following verse: Isiah 33:21 - - There we have the Lord in all his majesty - in a place of rivers and reoad streams; - but no galleys will be rowed there, - no stately ships sail by. - - This refers to the oceans of vapors or lava, I believe.
(28.09.2004, 16:17)

Paul Combs:
And the only safe place to wait it out will be in a cave on a high mountain. Isiah 30:23-26 - - 23 Then shall he give the rain of thy seed, that thou shalt sow the ground withal; and bread of the increase of the earth, and it shall be fat and plenteous: in that day shall thy cattle feed in large pastures. - 24 The oxen likewise and the young asses that ear the ground shall eat clean provender, which hath been winnowed with the shovel and with the fan. - 25 And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall. - 26 Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the LORD bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound. - - Water will be a problem because it will mostly be frozen. But the water will be guaranteed on every high mountain and hill. Also, reference is made to the sun and the moon shining brighter than norman, a lot brighter.
(28.09.2004, 16:19)

Paul Combs:
Now another verse to support the idea that one should be in a cave upon a high mountain: - Isiah 33:12-17 - - 12 And the people shall be as the burnings of lime: as thorns cut up shall they be burned in the fire. - 13 Hear, ye that are far off, what I have done; and, ye that are near, acknowledge my might. - 14 The sinners in Zion are afraid; fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites. Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings? - 15 He that walketh righteously, and speaketh uprightly; he that despiseth the gain of oppressions, that shaketh his hands from holding of bribes, that stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood, and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil; - 16 He shall dwell on high: his place of defence shall be the munitions of rocks: bread shall be given him; his waters shall be sure.
(28.09.2004, 16:21)

Paul Combs:
What will it feel like to us when the earth stops rotating? Gravity will appear to be greater, because the centrifigal (sp.?) force caused by the earth's rotation will be missing and will not counteract gravity. So we will feel to total effect of gravity, and will feel heavier. This may be what will cause the volcanic activity, as the miles of rock above molten magma will cause increased pressure on the liquid, causing it to fissure out to the surface. - - On the date of 2012: predicts this is the year that the infrastructure goes to pot, due to not having oil for transportation and power generation. The Myan calendar ends abruptly in 2012. Any my personal tidbit to add to this: I have a vision come to me one evening while praying, and after reading several sections from the Bible and putting them all together, went to the Father in prayer and asked when the second coming would be. Immediately I saw a calendar, withe the date of November 7 or 13, 2013. I am going to research the second coming, and see how this would fit in with the events which are going to happen in 2012. - Take care and God bless! - - Paul Combs
(28.09.2004, 16:24)

Ramesh Appadurai:
The shift will happen when the earth passes thro the galactic plane.The shift will be upside down.It means the earth will rotate clockwise or anticlockwise and not by reversing the direction of rotation. - Imagine the galactic plane is having a polarity of positive,when the earth passes it will turn like the compass neddle tilted towards its opposite pole. - - As per nostradomas the shift will take a time of 6-9hrs.The central part of the earth will have a greater chance of survivial - Read this - - My findings are,wherever the concept of religion evolved having a great chance of survival. - Places located with pyramids ,temples are having more chances of survival. - Prophet mohammed given very much importance to the place gabba in saudi arabia.This is because that place will survive during this catastrophe. - In india one place called kumbakonam in tamil nadu is beleived to be survived after such catastrophe. - Konam means angle in tamil.Its in a particular angle from the earth north pole. - Read the following research , - - The researcher amused by the construction accuracy of various temple,pyramids around the world from the earth north pole.He does't know the reason.But for me thease are all indicating the humanity having a geart chance of survial if you live in this places. - - Ramesh Appadurai
(18.10.2004, 08:37)

Mike B.:
Nostradamus was wrong before, he'll be wrong again.... - - As fars as end of the earth.....Scientists on the discovery channel claim the shift has already started and will probably continue for thousands of years as evidence by "spots" in the northern hemisphere that already have opposite magnetic polarity even now in 2004.....Their mathematical model predicted a change every two hundered thousand years or so. And they didn't predict the world would end, merely that we'd have to adjust our maps....Relax, I think your still more likely to die in a car crash. - - For Mr. Geryl - What other prophetic claims have you made if any and how many came true?
(18.10.2004, 12:43)

Cool down, the pole shift will not cause a reversion of the Earth's rotation. It also will not happen at 2012. The last one happened about 800,000 years ago, and the next one is not expected within the next 1500 years. - - The direction of the Erath rotation will not be affected. It did not change since the Earth exists, even the impact with a planet about the size of Mars, that was the origin of our Moon, could influence the direction of the Earth rotation. All higher life forms have a biological 25 hour cycle, that normally is triggered by the daylight, however starts when the individual is seperated from this input. This shows that in the early ages of Earth, the rotation took 25 hours to complete, so actually the Earth rotation is accelerating as in opposite to the opinion expressed above
(19.10.2004, 17:58)

so osm:
I belive that the earth will reverse its direction, however, I think what you siad regarding the time is BS .. and time will prove it to those of us who are still alive in the 2012
(30.10.2004, 08:25)

The Mayan Date of the 21st of December 2012, which will the 22nd to other places in the world, has some significant number factors. - - If you look up the bible chapter and verse in the final book of Revelation, according to the day as chapter and month as verse, which is Revelation 22:12, it is a quote of the second coming. - - There are other factors in prophecies which have a final 7 years period (based on 360 day prophetic years), divided into two equal parts of 42 months. As the MAYAN date lines up, so too do these calcs. - - - - But lets not let religion get in the way of truth. Lets treat each other well, and heed the warnings of what is to come. - - PEace
(09.11.2004, 10:56)

You guys are all a bunch of wierdos. Do you really think that the earth will start spinning around in the other direction as a result of a pole reversal in 2012 as suggested at the top of this web page? I have read the vague guidelines and that prompts me to give a legitimate objection and so it is just this.... - The strenght of the earths magnetic field must reach zero before it can "flip" and it has only dropped by 10% since its strength in level in 1850 and it is presumed that it is presumed that this flip event (if it does actually occur) will atleast take 2000 years to occur which is a long kind of means the world wont end in 2012 as you anticipate...I think it should also be mentioned that the forces recquired to make the earth rotate the other way are enormous. - The direction of the magnetic north has infact very negligible impact on the direction of the earths rotation. - - there I said it. - - In light of these informations which I think you could easily figure out for yourself I think you should actually decide against selling this book ,..becuase now that you know the truth its immoral to lie to say many people about such garbage.
(21.11.2004, 15:57)

Realistic Member of Earth:
Dear anonymous - - I do not think they where talking about rotation but Tilt of the rotation, think of it this way, you spin a gyro, it slows down in a slow spin and starts to wobble until it falls, that wobble is a type of pole spin that the earth is doing, if it moves to a certain degree it will through it in to a gravity game of lets play speed up, when it stops it will spin the globe in reveres magnetic pole. North will be south and South will be north. This is not a good thing, it could cause the Oceans to drop in temp and also could cause many other problems to start. - My .02 cents - PSS. it will take 1,000 to 28,000 years for something like this to happen. - It is time for this to start.
(30.11.2004, 22:26)

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