- The Aquatic Ape Theory
 - Pyramids as Cosmic Ray Shelters


 - The Bast Theory

the book

Why 2012?
 - Introduction
 - Mayan Calendar
 - Fractal Time / I Ching
 - Galactic Alignment

Cataclysm? How?
 - Maybe Eta Carinae?

 - Introduction / Ouroboros
Africa / Scandic / Babylon
The Americas
Ancient Greece & China
DNA & the I Ching
Were Dragons Real?

Nazca Lines
 - General Info
 - Who created them?
 - What do they mean?
 - Belt of Orion?
 - Other geoglyphs

Pole Shifts
 - Opposing Views
 - Velikovsky
 - How could they Shift?
 - Hapgood and Bowles
 - Evidence Part I
 - Evidence Part II

Global Pyramids
 - Middle East / Africa
 - The Americas
 - Europe
 - Asia and Pacific

Patrick Geryl
 - 2012 Polar Reversal
 - North Becomes South

As well as...
 - Cosmic Rays
 - 2012: Year of the Dragon

Einstein supported both Hapgood and Velikovsky


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Related Fiction

These books may be written as fiction, but they are also well researched and offer interesting insights on the cataclysm 2012 topic.

Domain by Steve Alten

Mick Gabriel believes he has unearthed the riddle surrounding the origins of Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the desert glyphs of the Nazca desert, the temples of Angkor Wat, and the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan peninsula--and that the answer points inexorably to the doom of humanity.

As the winter solstice of 2012 approaches (the day of reckoning prophesied by the myths of the Kukulcan Pyramid at Chichen Itza), Mick attempts tosave mankind from the apocalypse.

Available cheaper from Amazon or other bookstores

The Hab Theory by Allan W. Eckert

"Intrigue, love, high imagination, politics, White House and residential drama, cunning skill, technique and an overpowering sense of disaster. A great experience, it all adds up to a sizzling novel." (Edinburgh Evening News)

The character: Herbert A. Boardman (HAB), was based on an actual electrical engineer named Hugh Auchinchlos Brown and his real-life HAB Theory. The book has the HAB character attempting to assassinate the US president to get publicity for his theory, which warns that 97% of humans are about to perish.

It's contains a lot of real information pertaining to Atlantis, Antarctica, frozen mammoths, fossils, pyramids, forbidden archaeology and prehistoric mapping

Available cheaper from Amazon or other bookstores

Read about how the book came about

The Sixth World by Margaret Evans

Two anthropologists lead an expedition into the lush hills of California’s Central Valley to explore the unimaginable possibility of finding the lost Mayan civilization. They discover hieroglyphics that tell of the approaching end of the world, a treasure of gold and fantastic technology, hidden for centuries awaiting the new age. Ritual killings occur suggesting the Maya have survived to oversee the new age, and it is up to Amy Parrish and Joe Magee to stop the diabolic plot that threatens to destroy the Maya and the earth itself.

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Read a sample chapter


More books related to this site are listed on the main books page








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