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Real Dragons?

Did the dragon once live?

All of the Oriental dragons were intimately associated with water.  Dragons lived in lakes and rivers and seas, even in raindrops.  They controlled the tides, floods and rainfall.  If they really existed, then a source that immediately comes to mind is the Chinese alligator, Alligator sinensis.  They are not as large as their American cousin, ranging from an average two metres in length to sometimes three metres.  But they are dangerous, reptilian and water-based - all good reasons for linking them to the Oriental dragon.  But only if you haven't heard of the predecessors of the real-life Komodo dragon .

Australian monitor lizards all belong to the genus Varanus.  They are easily identifiable by their streamlined shape, elongated neck, semi-erect posture, and a forked tongue - which can give the effect of fire-breathing.  They all look very similar except for their size differences, which are extreme to say the least.  The smallest is the pygmy monitor Varanus brevicauda (20 centimetres long, weighs 8-10 grams).  The largest in Australia is the perentie or Varanus giganteus, which can attain a length of two metres.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

Larger still are the Komodo Dragons (Varanus komodoensis) of Indonesia, a country that the ancient Chinese would certainly have visited. [20]  They can reach lengths of three metres and weigh 150 kgs, [21] making them the world's largest lizards.  They are formidable predators, like crocodiles that are able to run quickly across land.  They were probably the reason that the stegodonts (pygmy elephants) [22] became extinct in this area. They might even have wiped out the 1-metre tall, miniature humans, Homo floresiensis, who lived there up until 12,000 years ago.

These dragons were previously more widespread, with evidence of them once occurring in Mongolia coming to light. [23]  And in Queensland, Australia, only becoming extinct 19,000 years ago (take that date with a pinch of salt), was a bigger lizard still, a cousin of the Komodo dubbed Megalania prisca.

Megalania prisca

Megalania prisca, as we have learned from fossil evidence, grew to be a staggering seven metres in length and weighed 600 kgs [24].  Although it was technically a lizard, it must have had the presence of a dinosaur, and almost certainly ate a few of the humans of that era.  But it's usual meal was more likely to have been rhinoceros-sized wombats.  [Strange days indeed with gigantism seeming to be rampant.]  These meals are believable when you consider that Komodo dragons have been known to kill water buffalo weighing three times more than themselves. [25]

Which brings us back to ancient Rome!  Pliny, the Roman naturalist, said that the dragon of India was

"so enormous a size as easily to envelop the elephant with its folds and encircle with its coils.  The contest is equally fatal to both; the elephant, vanquished, falls to the earth and by its weight crushes the dragon which is entwined about it."

He also mentioned the dragons of Ethiopia, which, with a length of only thirty feet, were too small to kill elephants.  Other European myths state that dragons always jumped onto elephants from out of trees.  Is this all just fantasy, amazing stories concocted to scare children with?  Or is it just as reasonable to suggest that dragons once lived?

So where are we heading?  On the one hand there are myths connecting dragons to global destruction and rebirth.  On the other are links to DNA, ancient languages, ancient calendars and the I Ching.  And now I am taking a big breath and suggesting that the mythical dragons were rooted in reality, that knights in shining armour actually killed real dragons, and somehow it all makes sense.  This is where a new theory of evolution comes in.. stay tuned.

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Dragon Myths

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2. African / Scandinavian / Babylonian
3. The Americas
4. Ancient Greece & China
5. DNA & the I Ching
6. Were Dragons Real?

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Comments from Visitors

Billy Dempsey:
I love this website. I am currently working on a Social Studies Fair project entitled: "Dragons: Myth or Reality." This website has helped me alot and I will be competing in the state competition and plan to win.
(04.04.2004, 12:31)

Why try to survive 2012. If something is going to happen its going to happen. I belive it will be transcendence, we will all become free of our physical bodies
(23.04.2004, 20:21)

this is an awesome thing that this dude is writing, I believe that he should definetly try to finish it soon because my friend and I would absolutely love this
(01.05.2004, 13:07)

Shadow Unity:
Your ideas are intresting to say the least but i still fell you are missing a link. Try looking at snakes.
(03.05.2004, 15:27)

awesome page full of information better than the nyu library
(03.05.2004, 17:01)

dutch dragon:
another great site... - DRAKEN - search for DRAKEN whith google ( - and click the first link...
(25.05.2004, 03:19)

Xoe Stone:
Although this is just speculation on my part, it seems perhaps gigantism could perhaps be related to and/or the result of the same genetic mutations mentioned elsewhere in this site?
(02.07.2004, 15:27)

Xoe Stone:
Also, in re dragons...I certainly believe there is ample evidence to suggest dragons did indeed exist in a physical form (perhaps several) and, further, that their "memory" remained in popular folk lore and history because they so deeply impacted our earliest ancestors. I would think this would especially be the case if our earliest ancestors found themselves on the "dinner menu". What now is considered myth and legend most likely started as a survival mechanism. At least, it seems so to me.
(02.07.2004, 15:39)

Dragons...dragons...dragons...they existed, at least before, if not now. - - drago
(04.07.2004, 21:32)

zeus god of lightning:
I of all people complete agree with what you are writing and i think you should try and finish what you have started.....i lvoe dragons :)
(10.07.2004, 17:23)

Dragons are definity real they are just waiting for something to awake them
(21.07.2004, 13:13)

John Blackburn:
Meteorites, trailing fire and roaring as they fall to earth, could well be interpreted as dragons. Likewise, when they landed and were later discovered, they could have been thought of as dragon eggs...taking 1000 years to hatch! - Just a theory of my own.
(09.09.2004, 14:25)

That be cool if the government sent out a search thing to find, maybe uncharted islands or a undiscovered continent. Maybe just maybe there's some mythical beasts. (dragons exc.)
(12.09.2004, 09:37)

I also think that, wait, look up a the sky, there are millions of stars, or distant suns. Each supporting their own planets. I think that they could hold life. God could of gotten bored, and mack some more life on other planets. To adapt to their envoroment, i think unreal beasts are real, and could posibly live some where out there.(sighs)if only we could reach them.
(12.09.2004, 09:44)

If we find dragons,on our planet i think that if we use proper technecs, we could catch them. Then,like horses,train them to ccarry riders. Think about the advantage in war. Their tough scaley hide portecting them frommost of the firearms. or just for pleasure rideing fealling the wind in our faces. It's not fair! Where are they!
(12.09.2004, 09:50)

I think that we could make dragons. Conjoin lizard and eagle. Give human hormone growth junk and it could grow to the size of a whale.
(12.09.2004, 12:59)

Has anyone ever thought that Dragons may be Dinosaurs? I can see the resemblance.
(13.09.2004, 14:29)

I believe that dragons did exist(maybe still exists) where else would we get the idea.Alot of people say they are all faifry tales but every fairy tale has to have been inspired.Think about it,where would we get the idea of dragons?Yeah snakes,crocodiles and lizards do resemble dragons but none can fly.My theory is that dragons did exist but some reason became extinct(rarer) like the tasmanian wolf,dodo bird etc.As for the fire breathing part I believe that is exaggerated.Thanks for hearing me out peace.
(17.09.2004, 18:49)

Sarah Carter:
I agree with this Les chick. I'm sure all these scientists that "claim" they have found dragon fossils have actually just come up with some unknown dinosaur fossils.
(25.10.2004, 18:02)

jackie laferla:
It's strange how the dragon is the only 'mythical' animal in chinese horoscope. Must have existed before. Or it is a combination of 3 animal elements; lizard, eagle and lion.
(01.11.2004, 13:20)

if it is a combination then it would have to be a snake or a monitor lizard(tongue),crocodile(skin and jaws),deer(horns or antlers),tiger not lion as they are not found in china(claws) and a catfish(whiskers and the assiciation with water)
(26.11.2004, 20:55)

There is evidence that the ancient Greeks and other mediterranean cultures uncovered dinosaur fossils 2,000 years ago. If they found the bones of a pteradactyl or other flying dinosaur, this could easily be why they belived in dragons. All they could tell from the bones was that there were or are giant flying animals. Their imaginations probably did the rest. And if Greeks found fossils, so could others all over the world.
(28.11.2004, 23:15)

The history and discovery channels have programs on these topics and theyre awesome, especially when your blazed. You can learn alot from watching tv.
(28.11.2004, 23:19)

Thank you so much for this! I have just completed a would-be otherwise boring R.E. project, but i decided to do about dragons!!! And this helped me with loads of ideas; my inspiration!!! *huggles!!!* Thanks!! - - Lol, im a bit crazy at the moment.
(30.11.2004, 12:36)

Finally somewhere I can explain my theories about these mysterious creatures. First of all, I believe they were once real. And I'm still debating whether or not they were dinosaurs. They might've been but that, to me, is pretty far fetched. I'm thinking more it's its own race. Dominant to all others and, in a religious perspective, mabe God killed or dormented the creatures for the sake of man kind. In the bible it says that God wanted man to watch over all his other creations but that would also leave the questrion, "Why would He have left the other animals, such as the lion, shark, tiger, etc. if he wanted us to rule all other species?" This is still a mystery to me but after I do more research on this theory I'll post A.S.A.P.
(04.12.2004, 20:39)

Black Dragon:
i am hokked on Dragons just like some people are hooked on cars or music... - i think Dragons are talked about too much to be a myth.but the storys of Dragons have been around too long for them to be untrue... - but there again, the story of jesus has been debated for a very long time too. - there just isnt enough evidence to prove either existed... - personally,id belive there were Dragons before i would belive in jesus. - offence to religion.also i might add that i take my passion for dragons the same way as some would respect thair religions.
(10.12.2004, 14:35)


(19.12.2004, 13:15)

Ancalagon the Black:
As far as fire-breathing is concerned, certain chemical compounds found in hissing lizards such as desert monitors are in fact flamable. From this it is not too far fetched to believe that by simply exhaling with a mixture of this secretion, if a spqrk could be formed (possibly through teeth or otherwise friction-based kinetics), a breathed napalm would in fact be possible. And I am absolutely convinced that dragons were and at least hopefully are alive on Earth.
(20.12.2004, 23:53)

Though I'm usually the biggest skeptic of theoretical science, mysticism, and religion. I simply must state that there are many stories and historical writings that contain simple refereces to dragons.(whatever they may be) The stories could be of a subject matter having nothing to do with dragons. They may be in a casual description of the surrounds or in a reference to them as a predator. So...dragons were around. It would be ascinine to think otherwise. This is easily proven with the fosils available(dinosaur bones). As for the way they looked? I'd be more inclined to trust an ancient artists' drawing (who was actually there) than a theoretical drawing of someone guessing today.There were also giant octipi and squid terorrizing ships which are extinct now as well as "dragons" Many creatures are dissapearing on earth and science changes even faster! Whatever reality is...we're in it and we'll be gone soon too!
(27.12.2004, 02:33)

Chinese Dragon are not komodo / lizard crocs/ - cause i heard a story about dragon living in the china sea (ha i forgot were i found that) - they says that their body was some kind looking like milipede but the creature doesn'T look like milipide and it is rumoured that they still lived in those chinese sea ( you know those place with lots of beautiful mountain landscape in the sea )
(01.01.2005, 16:37)

if you guys live in the U.S. and have animal planet tune in march 20th 2005 at 8:00 pm E.T. - they are showing a documentary that provides solid evidence that dragons existed - e mail me for more info
(09.02.2005, 21:35)

dragons were mentioned in the opening of the book Ivenhoe along with the War of the Roses. In the Bible, it talks about the Laviathan; a scaled fire breathing monster. Dragons and dinosaurs are most likely the same thing, but becuase people think the idea of a dragon is too crazy and mythical, they called them dinosaurs to try to make it logical. also, dinosaurs didnt die out before people arrived. proof: Australian aborigines drew pictures on cave walls of a creatures resembling the platyosaur. likely that dragons still exist- sure, lizards, etc. had to evolve themselves to fit in with their surroundings, thats why they're not the big, scaley creatures mentioned in old stories or drawn on cave walls
(11.02.2005, 21:52)

Janice Baker:
Almost every culture has a legend or story about dragons dating back thousands of years. These cultures didn't intermingle...were separated by continents...yet still they have the stories. Makes a believer out of me. If they don't exist now, it's because, like everything else on this planet, man has over-run, extinguished or exterminated them.
(16.02.2005, 18:13)

I agree with the most said at the top... But I just have to disagree with those claming that dragons, dinosaurs and lizards are all the same.... There are hundreds (if not thousands) of different species of Dragon mentioned in all cultures all around the world.. Fire breathing, sea habitating, flying, etc. and yet they're all described pretty much the same.. Not in the sense that they all look the same but are described as for e.g. birds - again there's a great number of different kinds, all have their own specific look, abilities, etc. and again you know a bird when you see one.. - - Now, again, I don't believe that dragons, as these huge, powerfull, godlike predators could be "over-run" by the puny human race, or that they were forced to become tiny little reptiles from the giant fearsome predators that they were.. - - I don't know how they got extinct IF they did, or where are they now.. But I'm sure if they're alive now, they're nothing less than that described by all the nations in the world!
(22.02.2005, 16:22)

Dragon master lore Manny:
They could have breathed fire but not from there lungs they had to rocks put in there lower lips like lime stone and had poisones breath,so when they jiggled them they created a spark making it possible to breath out fire.I read this from a dradonologoy book explaning about dragons and they are real!Viva las dragons!!!!!!!!!
(22.02.2005, 16:40)

i know dragons never existed but its fun to think they did. i would think people found bones and dreamed up the tails but who knows. maby there is something to it we havent found yet. i know most fantasy animals are baised on real animals that either existed or still exist and i believe the truth can be stranger than fiction.
(24.02.2005, 21:41)

hey there is going to be a show on dragons on the discovery channel u want to now when the website is just thought youd want to see it its preety cool
(25.02.2005, 18:41)

Dragons they're real just like Atlantis .Scientists said that platapuses and okapi were'nt real ,but they were proven wrong.If you see me as crazy watch Animal Planet March 20th 8pm.DRAGONS!!
(01.03.2005, 19:47)

What I have finally decided is that dragons were NOT dinosaurs. They were close in classification probably up to the Class step. They were a type of reptile, no doubt, but calling Dragons Dinosaurs is like calling a lizard a komodo dragon. There again, same class but cut off at the Order. Maybe not Order, maybe something a little further down the line such as the Family but no closer. When they existed, they, like everything else, were there own Species. Too much logic and explaining has gone into these creatures to just quit researching them and just say they're Dinosaurs. That was some lazy work by whom ever said that first and, in my opinion, very disappointing.
(02.03.2005, 23:13)

Amy Reeds:
It is strange that religons that have never met all came up with the of dragons- maybe because they were real.
(06.03.2005, 05:01)

I believe dragons are real at one time and who knows maybe they still exists you know kind of like reign of fire. There are still a lot of places in the earth that we have never see. point is that fiction, fantasy, myths and legends all come from some kind of fact. If you want to talk to me about it please e-mail me, i like to hear other ppls opinions.
(07.03.2005, 07:49)

I think your explanation for beliefs in dragons were extrodinary! I wouldn't be suprised if it were world famous!( Hope that happens!)Thank you for writing this!!!
(08.03.2005, 17:21)

I believe dragons exist, for there is too much dragonlore for it to simply be a myth. And what with all these different species of dinosaurs, a dragon-like species may well have evolved. To anyone who say the documentary entitled 'the last dragon', it gave plausible proof and a voice to how they evolved and, most interestingly, how they breathed fire and flew. I think they have been driven back to the caverns of the world, and can never return to the earths plains. Imagine the chaos - They would be caught and put in zoos, sudated, they would live a life of sadness and squalidity, which would just prove the hyprocracy of existance, as dragons symbolise freedom and myth. That is why the do not show themselves, and have remained a myth ever since men first started to hunt them
(10.03.2005, 11:14)

ps: has anyone read Eragon?)
(10.03.2005, 11:16)

Dragon extremeist:
Dragons had to be real, or still are.There are to many stories about dragons for them to be made up.I mean look at the book Eragon!!! Maybe dragons were smart or dumb but they had to exist!!!!
(10.03.2005, 15:50)

L Mosey:
I think you will find after some research that the dragon, serpent link in history points greatly towards the Dogon Tribe see below.. - and QUETZALCOATL...
(12.03.2005, 18:27)

Kio: - 2 Hour special on Animal Planet all about dragons. - - There's "myths" of dragons in every culture practically. Most of these myths started before the cultures had contact with eachother. They all share similar images, similar creatures. This has to point to somthing.
(13.03.2005, 17:46)

willie tejeda:
they found the body of a dragon, go to animal planet, and get the facts, also, they are showing a documentary based on what they found. and you know whats more interesting of all, the dragon they found is frozen, and frozen means frozen blood, frozen blood means, only one thing, PRESERVATION OF DNA, cloning could easyly be done...........get the picture........
(16.03.2005, 12:12)

noah(dragons are real):
if they cloned them there would only be one sex of dragonsso i doubt theyll stand off unless they are hermahodites - (dragons are real u have to be of humble heart and mind to see them)
(17.03.2005, 15:29)

In my opinion, dragons (or something dragon like) had to have existed at one point in time. As has been pointed out before, every culture in the world had dragon mythology of some form. And we have already found that 23ft lizards lived in..I believe it was Australia, around the same time that a 1 meter tall species of man existed. Didn't they kinda dissapear at the same time? Hmmm....
(20.03.2005, 13:47)

correcting anonymouse:
The Animal Planet special does not present solid evidence, it presents what it would be like if evidence were found.
(20.03.2005, 19:59)

well first i want to say jesster Kommoto dragons are lizards and i want to thank you for this site i needed to do a speech convincing people dragons are real so thanx
(20.03.2005, 21:11)

Correc, Correc Anonymous:
the animal planet special does give evidence they had a dead baby dragon and they presented their hypothesis on how it died connecting laws of nature evidence and the lore of the land that the dragon was found in. Dragons were real.
(21.03.2005, 15:16)

I would have to say, that after having watched the animal planet special... I would have no problem believeing they existed. People claimed that giant sea monsters such as the "giant" ship-destorying squid of so many sea tales were rediculous. Go figure that we have since identified several sub-species of giant squid which are documented to have reached sizes comperable to those of myth. Given past experience in dealing with human ignorance on so many subjects, I refuse to believe that something so highly regarded in so many cultures in so many times could possibly be bogus. - - Simply I say this. We give far to little credit to the intelligence of our ancestors, and give far too much credit to ourselves. - - Not only is it possible, but I am leaning toward a probability.
(22.03.2005, 02:22)

Has anyone heard of Volodimir Kapusianyk, Ph.D, following link; - - he claims to have seen the last living dragon... - has anyone seen any images...?
(22.03.2005, 18:58)

Just because you cannot see something today, does not mean it did not exsist thousands (or millions) of years ago. A dragon could possibly have been a type of dinosaur that exsisted years ago. They seem to relate rather well since some of you keep insisting they are associated with water and flying. Maybe a dragon really is some type of dinosaur and fantasy keeps meddling with our minds, telling us they still exsist somewhere. There were flying dinosaurs and water based dinosaurs. I don't know how to make this clear or easy to understand..But perhaps..Dragons are dinosaurs..and the fact that we think they can breath fire keeps throwing us off the trail of the possibility of them being a dinosaur..I just confused myself but hopefully someone out there gets my point Hehe. *Sweat drop*
(27.03.2005, 17:32)

I just watched this very interesting thing on Animal Planet the other day where they actually found the dead bodies of real life dragons. They were found in the Carpathian mountains, in a cave formed in a glacier. They had been frozen for hundreds of years and still had all their features including skin, talons, etc. No one knew about this cave till reasently, because of the intence snow build up on the mountains, but with global warming they could find and search the cave. Inside the cave they found two dead, frozen dragons, not skeletons. they also found alteast 5 human corpses(with shields and weapons), which they believed killed off 1 dragon which was the baby of the other. The mother, then killed those men. Believe it or not the mother dragon killed those men with fire breath.(not Bullshit) If you want to learn more about this topic i would advise visiting the animal planet website and searching this topic. I'm not bullshitting you guys, this is all legitimate information. The show i watched was called "Dragons" "legends to real life" or something like that.
(27.03.2005, 20:55)

I would also like to add a comment, how is it that almost every culture had a history with dragons, hundreds of years in the past. Back then it would have been very difficult to travel across the world to tell each other of their experiences with dragons. If you guys that don't think that they are real, still don't think they are real, then how is it that multiple cultures had experiences with dragons, at parallel times. They have pictures of dragons in their paintings, and they have stories about them. I highly doubt that people even knew half the cultures around the world that there are today, let alone tell them about stories of dragons. This is something you people should think about, before you make blunt assumptions about the non-existence of dragons.
(27.03.2005, 21:03)

To okkervil River Fan - - Dragons did have the ability to breathe fire. With the evidence from the frozen dragon they found in the Carpathian Mountain, scientists found that these dragons had a second pair of lungs. These lungs were able to collect the Hydrogen that rose from the food disolving in their stomachs. Hydrogen alone cannot create a flame, so the dragons ate mineral contents of platinum. they would hold the smashed platinum in their mouth, and mixed with the hydrogen created a fire. To protect itself from swallowing the fire it released, the dragon had a small pouch on the top of its mouth, like a crocodile. The crocodlie used this pouch to block out water when it eat something underwater. The dragon used it to block out fire and smoke that it realeased, from entering their lungs. The scientists also discoved that the walling of the dragons mouth was almost armor like, and helped it withstand the heat generated from the fire it realeased. If you still dont beleve that dragons breathed fire, than you should visit the animal planet website.
(27.03.2005, 21:15)

TV Special:
If you had watched the TV special in its entirety then you would have noticed that the "discovery" of the corpses were just part of the show. IT DIDN'T ACTUALLY HAPPEN. Re-watch the show again if you don't believe me. Another point: if scientists had actually discovered what they believed to be a dragon carcass, you wouldn't be able to turn on the tube without hearing about it for a week at least.
(28.03.2005, 14:06)

proving dragons are real:
fire breathing dragons also known as the acid breathing dinosaur. acid can catch fire at certain heat so if it spat acid in a hot area like a desert than it is feasible that it could have breathing fire i dare u to prove me wrong! if u can ill pay u with everything i own
(28.03.2005, 15:08)

want 2 see sum cool images of dragons than go 2 this site it tells alot about dragons -
(01.04.2005, 15:05)

The comment about maybe all of the cultures just found dino bones and made up dragons is plausable but the similarity in fire breathing wouldnt connect. It makes sense from what was on the Animal Channel, which they didnt really find a dragon. I know it sounds like they did at first but watch the making of thing at the end they say "we came up with this idea of what if we found a frozen dragon"
(02.04.2005, 07:07)

Jerry Violette:
Don't forget the Bible and the book of Job, chap 41. When you read it tell me it's not talking about fire breathing dragons!
(07.04.2005, 07:28)

Dragon Luva:
Um in Star Ocean:Till the End of Time(game) they had an explanation for how dragons breathed fire, that matched up pretty well with the scientists decision, just a coincidence?
(11.04.2005, 10:55)

Volodimir's(go 2 google,type:dragons'click da second 1 down,then see the 1st link down) intro to the book he was going to write(got 2 old...sad...) is awsome,the animal planet thing is amasing,and the book of Job give great evedence!
(20.04.2005, 16:13)

oh, and the Volodimir site explains fire breathing!
(20.04.2005, 16:14)

back to reality:
The animal planet "documentary" is very much fiction and pretty trashy fiction at that. As the previous comment points out, if there were a frozen dragon body found you would probably have to be frozen yourself to avoid the press coverage it would get. Although the programme did provide what some experts cite to be an explanation of how fire breathing might work the majority of the scientific community is still very much of the opinion that a living creature which contains fifty tons of hydrgen and methane gas inside it AND eats platinum for breakfast would be little more than a ticking time bomb, talk about an evolutionary dead end. To answer the comments made concerning dragons' appearances in various mythologies; to conclude that this alone is evidence enough to prove the existance of dragons is tantamount to concluding that because of all the socio and cultural hub-bub ascociated with santa clause during the past five hundred years, that he must also exist.
(28.04.2005, 09:28)

every colture has a dragon myth. the aztecs the eskimos the chinese these countrys NEVER talked to each other and NEVER conected with each simply is to hard to belive that they were all making it up. how do all these cultures come up with the same basic idea of the same animal at the smae time! theres a qute fro mthe animal planet special. thats what I say to you non belivers! Dragfons existed!!!!! It was humans that killed them! it was us!!! there is goes to show you we just think we can crush every species in ourpath, well whoeer thinks that is wrong. once again dragons existed!! cya!
(28.04.2005, 15:08)

look i dont think they lived in rain drops but i hav done research over 2 years and i hav found that they were around when the dinosaurs lived and evolved into marine dragons when the dinos died and evloved back into land dwellers that had 6 limbs 4 legs 2 wings and one of my theorys is they could breath fire with the right components
(28.04.2005, 15:15)

and towards the 50 million years ago when the first humans were alive there was to much oxygen so they had to live in the mountains and that was when there was about 70 left and thanks to humans we killed the last of the dragons off
(28.04.2005, 15:18)

aron is totally correct how did we come up with the ideas of dragons like the chinese dragons if u study them u would c they hav sort of webbed feet which comes to my theory they came to evolve to 6 limbed dragons again from them and thats what the chinese saw a sea based dragon coming to live on land again
(28.04.2005, 15:21)

John F. Huth Sr.:
I watched a show the other night dragons myths or real on the discovery channel. It appears that once that they really did exist in our past and maybe now. The ancient Indian myth,s talk about huge birds that preceeded storms, capiable of picking up a human victim. I've seen shows that witnessed that event.
(03.05.2005, 02:53)

I agree with Anon how can almozt every ancient culture have a myth based on the same creature and most of them never talked to each other? That would be proof engouh for me! that whole platmuim-eating thing is a little bit out there. but i think that some kind of giant lizard (flying or not) did escape the KT event (end of dinos) and eventually (and possibly) died out in the late 1600's. And the stories about the Locke Ness Monster could be the last to the remaining Marine Dragons.
(07.05.2005, 10:26)

History and myth can become intertwined as time passes. It's like the Beast of Gevaudan... we will never know if there were any real animals that could fit or live up to the legends of these bygone times. As far as I know, the phylum chordata has never yeilded any 6 limbed creatures that could fit the concept of the accepted western dragon ( 4 legs, 2 wings ). The special that was on Animal Planet about dragons was fairly entertaining, but was a lot of hypothesising and conjecture. But anything is possible. :) - Dru- the last scientifically based draconologist in Missouri.
(09.05.2005, 01:01)

dragons could have been real, just not the way that we here of them today. maybe just closely related, such as heated breath insted of fire, and flaps underneath the arms, like the fliying lizzard, instead of wings. it is all changed through millions of years of stories.
(11.05.2005, 00:48)

Scott: tells among other things of possible teradackle like creatures in I think New Guinea. I also heard in about 2000 a female archologist say she found a Trex- like skeleton with bonemarrow in England near the surface.
(15.05.2005, 08:36)

In the Bible it says God made the land animals on the sixth day, which would include the dinosaurs. They apparently survived the flood because the apatosaurus type and another are described in Job 40:15. You can tell its not a hippo because a hippo has a dinky tail - this thing has a tail shaped like a cedar tree. Plus he lives around the river, eats grass like a cow (can't be a gator), is so big it doesn't bother him when the river floods, and was made along with the man. One of the most heavily hit sites on the net for good reason is which is put together by PhD scientists who believe in a young universe (as did Newton, Pasteur, and most every other big gun scientist of history). The scientist who invented the MRI believes that.
(21.05.2005, 21:30)

answering to: "back to reality: - The animal planet "documentary" is very much fiction and pretty trashy fiction at that. As the previous comment points out, if there were a frozen dragon body found you would probably have to be frozen yourself to avoid the press coverage it would get. Although the programme did provide what some experts cite to be an explanation of how fire breathing might work the majority of the scientific community is still very much of the opinion that a living creature which contains fifty tons of hydrgen and methane gas inside it AND eats platinum for breakfast would be little more than a ticking time bomb, talk about an evolutionary dead end. To answer the comments made concerning dragons' appearances in various mythologies; to conclude that this alone is evidence enough to prove the existance of dragons is tantamount to concluding that because of all the socio and cultural hub-bub ascociated with santa clause during the past five hundred years, that he must also exist." - - - Man, even the tale of santa is based on true facts. I rest my case
(02.06.2005, 21:54)

All I have to add to this is the fact that all myths are based on truth. Only with the invention of writing for entertainment did we start using our imaginations to create myths and fiction. I am sure people of our past had imaginations so dont start with that, but they didnt waste time passing on stories, written or spoken, that didn't teach about their past or other subjects needed for survival. (i.e. Surviving a dragon attack!)
(17.06.2005, 23:00)

J McCracken:
Jeez guys, Use your heads...The "Dragon" or "Serpent" is a reference to the constellation "Draconis" which in acient times was used along with a rather ingenious device known as the "Celtic Cross" ( to navigate the oceans by some very wealthy merchants intent on keeping the the Lions share of the wealth for themselves. Imagine, what better way to keep the true (spherical) world and its riches a secret from the masses of the known (flat) world than to use their own ignorance and fears against them. By starting rumors and stories which in time turned into legends these ruthless merchants managed to secure lucrative trade routes throughout the world. Until the advent of the World Wide Web many dynasties maintained their grip on their populations by placing knowledge (i.e. Law, Medicine, Physics etc.) out of the reach of the commoner. This tactic is still used to this day in several countries (Can you think of any?).
(27.06.2005, 12:48)

Basically what you are saying, is that because there isnt any scientific proof that dragons exist, other then the legends of at LEAST a dozen ancient cultures and civilizations, that date back before "Jesus" it can't be true??? Then we might just as well throw out christianity and the bible. Its all heresay and legends. Nothing proven. Just something humans wrote long after the Dragons had faded away. -Dracoligist
(13.09.2005, 17:43)

i say they are real today because the mite just be eating people in the beremuda triangle!
(19.09.2005, 05:11)

Dragons of Life and Mind will rise during a period to 2012. Quick evolution of the spirit to a reptilian side to us we will be able to cast out into the sea(space) a new one, and live on of what we no now. " I will make you fishers of men" exemption of the body. Live in the realm which defines you.
(19.09.2005, 18:30)

Booga man:
hello... i didnt read this caz it lokked v\boring o i did read it anyway...jibba jbba...tell mea about dragons and where they live and that and know...
(21.09.2005, 01:39)

Booga man:
ehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe...dragons...who belive in dragons....i do....the kamdodo or what a really smaller versin\on of a dragon i think..lololololololol
(21.09.2005, 01:41)

Booga man:
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(21.09.2005, 01:42)

Booga man:
opps...sorry that was my friend...ishouldnt of told my friend or friends about this web site...sorry!!!!lol
(21.09.2005, 01:43)

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