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Real Dragons?

Did the dragon once live?

All of the Oriental dragons were intimately associated with water.  Dragons lived in lakes and rivers and seas, even in raindrops.  They controlled the tides, floods and rainfall.  If they really existed, then a source that immediately comes to mind is the Chinese alligator, Alligator sinensis.  They are not as large as their American cousin, ranging from an average two metres in length to sometimes three metres.  But they are dangerous, reptilian and water-based - all good reasons for linking them to the Oriental dragon.  But only if you haven't heard of the predecessors of the real-life Komodo dragon .

Australian monitor lizards all belong to the genus Varanus.  They are easily identifiable by their streamlined shape, elongated neck, semi-erect posture, and a forked tongue - which can give the effect of fire-breathing.  They all look very similar except for their size differences, which are extreme to say the least.  The smallest is the pygmy monitor Varanus brevicauda (20 centimetres long, weighs 8-10 grams).  The largest in Australia is the perentie or Varanus giganteus, which can attain a length of two metres.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

Larger still are the Komodo Dragons (Varanus komodoensis) of Indonesia, a country that the ancient Chinese would certainly have visited. [20]  They can reach lengths of three metres and weigh 150 kgs, [21] making them the world's largest lizards.  They are formidable predators, like crocodiles that are able to run quickly across land.  They were probably the reason that the stegodonts (pygmy elephants) [22] became extinct in this area. They might even have wiped out the 1-metre tall, miniature humans, Homo floresiensis, who lived there up until 12,000 years ago.

These dragons were previously more widespread, with evidence of them once occurring in Mongolia coming to light. [23]  And in Queensland, Australia, only becoming extinct 19,000 years ago (take that date with a pinch of salt), was a bigger lizard still, a cousin of the Komodo dubbed Megalania prisca.

Megalania prisca

Megalania prisca, as we have learned from fossil evidence, grew to be a staggering seven metres in length and weighed 600 kgs [24].  Although it was technically a lizard, it must have had the presence of a dinosaur, and almost certainly ate a few of the humans of that era.  But it's usual meal was more likely to have been rhinoceros-sized wombats.  [Strange days indeed with gigantism seeming to be rampant.]  These meals are believable when you consider that Komodo dragons have been known to kill water buffalo weighing three times more than themselves. [25]

Which brings us back to ancient Rome!  Pliny, the Roman naturalist, said that the dragon of India was

"so enormous a size as easily to envelop the elephant with its folds and encircle with its coils.  The contest is equally fatal to both; the elephant, vanquished, falls to the earth and by its weight crushes the dragon which is entwined about it."

He also mentioned the dragons of Ethiopia, which, with a length of only thirty feet, were too small to kill elephants.  Other European myths state that dragons always jumped onto elephants from out of trees.  Is this all just fantasy, amazing stories concocted to scare children with?  Or is it just as reasonable to suggest that dragons once lived?

So where are we heading?  On the one hand there are myths connecting dragons to global destruction and rebirth.  On the other are links to DNA, ancient languages, ancient calendars and the I Ching.  And now I am taking a big breath and suggesting that the mythical dragons were rooted in reality, that knights in shining armour actually killed real dragons, and somehow it all makes sense.  This is where a new theory of evolution comes in.. stay tuned.

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Dragon Myths

1. Introduction / Ouroboros
2. African / Scandinavian / Babylonian
3. The Americas
4. Ancient Greece & China
5. DNA & the I Ching
6. Were Dragons Real?

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Comments from Visitors

Dragons...dragons...dragons...they existed, at least before, if not now. - - drago
(04.07.2004, 21:32)

zeus god of lightning:
I of all people complete agree with what you are writing and i think you should try and finish what you have started.....i lvoe dragons :)
(10.07.2004, 17:23)

Dragons are definity real they are just waiting for something to awake them
(21.07.2004, 13:13)

John Blackburn:
Meteorites, trailing fire and roaring as they fall to earth, could well be interpreted as dragons. Likewise, when they landed and were later discovered, they could have been thought of as dragon eggs...taking 1000 years to hatch! - Just a theory of my own.
(09.09.2004, 14:25)

That be cool if the government sent out a search thing to find, maybe uncharted islands or a undiscovered continent. Maybe just maybe there's some mythical beasts. (dragons exc.)
(12.09.2004, 09:37)

I also think that, wait, look up a the sky, there are millions of stars, or distant suns. Each supporting their own planets. I think that they could hold life. God could of gotten bored, and mack some more life on other planets. To adapt to their envoroment, i think unreal beasts are real, and could posibly live some where out there.(sighs)if only we could reach them.
(12.09.2004, 09:44)

If we find dragons,on our planet i think that if we use proper technecs, we could catch them. Then,like horses,train them to ccarry riders. Think about the advantage in war. Their tough scaley hide portecting them frommost of the firearms. or just for pleasure rideing fealling the wind in our faces. It's not fair! Where are they!
(12.09.2004, 09:50)

I think that we could make dragons. Conjoin lizard and eagle. Give human hormone growth junk and it could grow to the size of a whale.
(12.09.2004, 12:59)

Has anyone ever thought that Dragons may be Dinosaurs? I can see the resemblance.
(13.09.2004, 14:29)

I believe that dragons did exist(maybe still exists) where else would we get the idea.Alot of people say they are all faifry tales but every fairy tale has to have been inspired.Think about it,where would we get the idea of dragons?Yeah snakes,crocodiles and lizards do resemble dragons but none can fly.My theory is that dragons did exist but some reason became extinct(rarer) like the tasmanian wolf,dodo bird etc.As for the fire breathing part I believe that is exaggerated.Thanks for hearing me out peace.
(17.09.2004, 18:49)

Sarah Carter:
I agree with this Les chick. I'm sure all these scientists that "claim" they have found dragon fossils have actually just come up with some unknown dinosaur fossils.
(25.10.2004, 18:02)

jackie laferla:
It's strange how the dragon is the only 'mythical' animal in chinese horoscope. Must have existed before. Or it is a combination of 3 animal elements; lizard, eagle and lion.
(01.11.2004, 13:20)

if it is a combination then it would have to be a snake or a monitor lizard(tongue),crocodile(skin and jaws),deer(horns or antlers),tiger not lion as they are not found in china(claws) and a catfish(whiskers and the assiciation with water)
(26.11.2004, 20:55)

There is evidence that the ancient Greeks and other mediterranean cultures uncovered dinosaur fossils 2,000 years ago. If they found the bones of a pteradactyl or other flying dinosaur, this could easily be why they belived in dragons. All they could tell from the bones was that there were or are giant flying animals. Their imaginations probably did the rest. And if Greeks found fossils, so could others all over the world.
(28.11.2004, 23:15)

The history and discovery channels have programs on these topics and theyre awesome, especially when your blazed. You can learn alot from watching tv.
(28.11.2004, 23:19)

Thank you so much for this! I have just completed a would-be otherwise boring R.E. project, but i decided to do about dragons!!! And this helped me with loads of ideas; my inspiration!!! *huggles!!!* Thanks!! - - Lol, im a bit crazy at the moment.
(30.11.2004, 12:36)

Finally somewhere I can explain my theories about these mysterious creatures. First of all, I believe they were once real. And I'm still debating whether or not they were dinosaurs. They might've been but that, to me, is pretty far fetched. I'm thinking more it's its own race. Dominant to all others and, in a religious perspective, mabe God killed or dormented the creatures for the sake of man kind. In the bible it says that God wanted man to watch over all his other creations but that would also leave the questrion, "Why would He have left the other animals, such as the lion, shark, tiger, etc. if he wanted us to rule all other species?" This is still a mystery to me but after I do more research on this theory I'll post A.S.A.P.
(04.12.2004, 20:39)

Black Dragon:
i am hokked on Dragons just like some people are hooked on cars or music... - i think Dragons are talked about too much to be a myth.but the storys of Dragons have been around too long for them to be untrue... - but there again, the story of jesus has been debated for a very long time too. - there just isnt enough evidence to prove either existed... - personally,id belive there were Dragons before i would belive in jesus. - offence to religion.also i might add that i take my passion for dragons the same way as some would respect thair religions.
(10.12.2004, 14:35)


(19.12.2004, 13:15)

Ancalagon the Black:
As far as fire-breathing is concerned, certain chemical compounds found in hissing lizards such as desert monitors are in fact flamable. From this it is not too far fetched to believe that by simply exhaling with a mixture of this secretion, if a spqrk could be formed (possibly through teeth or otherwise friction-based kinetics), a breathed napalm would in fact be possible. And I am absolutely convinced that dragons were and at least hopefully are alive on Earth.
(20.12.2004, 23:53)

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[20] Some ancient Chinese texts even tell of Australian kangaroos and boomerangs

[21] Auffenberg 1981

[22] Diamond, Jared.  1992.  "The Evolution of Dragons."  Discover  13(12):  72-80.

[23] Wilford, J.N., After 60 years, Scientists Return to Fossil 'Paradise' of the Gobi. Science Times. The New York Times, Tuesday, July 29, 1990, pp. B5 and B8.

[24] (Hecht 1975; Auffenberg  1981; Rich 1985).

[25] Auffenberg 1981


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