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Real Dragons?

Did the dragon once live?

All of the Oriental dragons were intimately associated with water.  Dragons lived in lakes and rivers and seas, even in raindrops.  They controlled the tides, floods and rainfall.  If they really existed, then a source that immediately comes to mind is the Chinese alligator, Alligator sinensis.  They are not as large as their American cousin, ranging from an average two metres in length to sometimes three metres.  But they are dangerous, reptilian and water-based - all good reasons for linking them to the Oriental dragon.  But only if you haven't heard of the predecessors of the real-life Komodo dragon .

Australian monitor lizards all belong to the genus Varanus.  They are easily identifiable by their streamlined shape, elongated neck, semi-erect posture, and a forked tongue - which can give the effect of fire-breathing.  They all look very similar except for their size differences, which are extreme to say the least.  The smallest is the pygmy monitor Varanus brevicauda (20 centimetres long, weighs 8-10 grams).  The largest in Australia is the perentie or Varanus giganteus, which can attain a length of two metres.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

Larger still are the Komodo Dragons (Varanus komodoensis) of Indonesia, a country that the ancient Chinese would certainly have visited. [20]  They can reach lengths of three metres and weigh 150 kgs, [21] making them the world's largest lizards.  They are formidable predators, like crocodiles that are able to run quickly across land.  They were probably the reason that the stegodonts (pygmy elephants) [22] became extinct in this area. They might even have wiped out the 1-metre tall, miniature humans, Homo floresiensis, who lived there up until 12,000 years ago.

These dragons were previously more widespread, with evidence of them once occurring in Mongolia coming to light. [23]  And in Queensland, Australia, only becoming extinct 19,000 years ago (take that date with a pinch of salt), was a bigger lizard still, a cousin of the Komodo dubbed Megalania prisca.

Megalania prisca

Megalania prisca, as we have learned from fossil evidence, grew to be a staggering seven metres in length and weighed 600 kgs [24].  Although it was technically a lizard, it must have had the presence of a dinosaur, and almost certainly ate a few of the humans of that era.  But it's usual meal was more likely to have been rhinoceros-sized wombats.  [Strange days indeed with gigantism seeming to be rampant.]  These meals are believable when you consider that Komodo dragons have been known to kill water buffalo weighing three times more than themselves. [25]

Which brings us back to ancient Rome!  Pliny, the Roman naturalist, said that the dragon of India was

"so enormous a size as easily to envelop the elephant with its folds and encircle with its coils.  The contest is equally fatal to both; the elephant, vanquished, falls to the earth and by its weight crushes the dragon which is entwined about it."

He also mentioned the dragons of Ethiopia, which, with a length of only thirty feet, were too small to kill elephants.  Other European myths state that dragons always jumped onto elephants from out of trees.  Is this all just fantasy, amazing stories concocted to scare children with?  Or is it just as reasonable to suggest that dragons once lived?

So where are we heading?  On the one hand there are myths connecting dragons to global destruction and rebirth.  On the other are links to DNA, ancient languages, ancient calendars and the I Ching.  And now I am taking a big breath and suggesting that the mythical dragons were rooted in reality, that knights in shining armour actually killed real dragons, and somehow it all makes sense.  This is where a new theory of evolution comes in.. stay tuned.

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Dragon Myths

1. Introduction / Ouroboros
2. African / Scandinavian / Babylonian
3. The Americas
4. Ancient Greece & China
5. DNA & the I Ching
6. Were Dragons Real?

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Comments from Visitors

noah(dragons are real):
if they cloned them there would only be one sex of dragonsso i doubt theyll stand off unless they are hermahodites - (dragons are real u have to be of humble heart and mind to see them)
(17.03.2005, 15:29)

In my opinion, dragons (or something dragon like) had to have existed at one point in time. As has been pointed out before, every culture in the world had dragon mythology of some form. And we have already found that 23ft lizards lived in..I believe it was Australia, around the same time that a 1 meter tall species of man existed. Didn't they kinda dissapear at the same time? Hmmm....
(20.03.2005, 13:47)

correcting anonymouse:
The Animal Planet special does not present solid evidence, it presents what it would be like if evidence were found.
(20.03.2005, 19:59)

well first i want to say jesster Kommoto dragons are lizards and i want to thank you for this site i needed to do a speech convincing people dragons are real so thanx
(20.03.2005, 21:11)

Correc, Correc Anonymous:
the animal planet special does give evidence they had a dead baby dragon and they presented their hypothesis on how it died connecting laws of nature evidence and the lore of the land that the dragon was found in. Dragons were real.
(21.03.2005, 15:16)

I would have to say, that after having watched the animal planet special... I would have no problem believeing they existed. People claimed that giant sea monsters such as the "giant" ship-destorying squid of so many sea tales were rediculous. Go figure that we have since identified several sub-species of giant squid which are documented to have reached sizes comperable to those of myth. Given past experience in dealing with human ignorance on so many subjects, I refuse to believe that something so highly regarded in so many cultures in so many times could possibly be bogus. - - Simply I say this. We give far to little credit to the intelligence of our ancestors, and give far too much credit to ourselves. - - Not only is it possible, but I am leaning toward a probability.
(22.03.2005, 02:22)

Has anyone heard of Volodimir Kapusianyk, Ph.D, following link; - - he claims to have seen the last living dragon... - has anyone seen any images...?
(22.03.2005, 18:58)

Just because you cannot see something today, does not mean it did not exsist thousands (or millions) of years ago. A dragon could possibly have been a type of dinosaur that exsisted years ago. They seem to relate rather well since some of you keep insisting they are associated with water and flying. Maybe a dragon really is some type of dinosaur and fantasy keeps meddling with our minds, telling us they still exsist somewhere. There were flying dinosaurs and water based dinosaurs. I don't know how to make this clear or easy to understand..But perhaps..Dragons are dinosaurs..and the fact that we think they can breath fire keeps throwing us off the trail of the possibility of them being a dinosaur..I just confused myself but hopefully someone out there gets my point Hehe. *Sweat drop*
(27.03.2005, 17:32)

I just watched this very interesting thing on Animal Planet the other day where they actually found the dead bodies of real life dragons. They were found in the Carpathian mountains, in a cave formed in a glacier. They had been frozen for hundreds of years and still had all their features including skin, talons, etc. No one knew about this cave till reasently, because of the intence snow build up on the mountains, but with global warming they could find and search the cave. Inside the cave they found two dead, frozen dragons, not skeletons. they also found alteast 5 human corpses(with shields and weapons), which they believed killed off 1 dragon which was the baby of the other. The mother, then killed those men. Believe it or not the mother dragon killed those men with fire breath.(not Bullshit) If you want to learn more about this topic i would advise visiting the animal planet website and searching this topic. I'm not bullshitting you guys, this is all legitimate information. The show i watched was called "Dragons" "legends to real life" or something like that.
(27.03.2005, 20:55)

I would also like to add a comment, how is it that almost every culture had a history with dragons, hundreds of years in the past. Back then it would have been very difficult to travel across the world to tell each other of their experiences with dragons. If you guys that don't think that they are real, still don't think they are real, then how is it that multiple cultures had experiences with dragons, at parallel times. They have pictures of dragons in their paintings, and they have stories about them. I highly doubt that people even knew half the cultures around the world that there are today, let alone tell them about stories of dragons. This is something you people should think about, before you make blunt assumptions about the non-existence of dragons.
(27.03.2005, 21:03)

To okkervil River Fan - - Dragons did have the ability to breathe fire. With the evidence from the frozen dragon they found in the Carpathian Mountain, scientists found that these dragons had a second pair of lungs. These lungs were able to collect the Hydrogen that rose from the food disolving in their stomachs. Hydrogen alone cannot create a flame, so the dragons ate mineral contents of platinum. they would hold the smashed platinum in their mouth, and mixed with the hydrogen created a fire. To protect itself from swallowing the fire it released, the dragon had a small pouch on the top of its mouth, like a crocodile. The crocodlie used this pouch to block out water when it eat something underwater. The dragon used it to block out fire and smoke that it realeased, from entering their lungs. The scientists also discoved that the walling of the dragons mouth was almost armor like, and helped it withstand the heat generated from the fire it realeased. If you still dont beleve that dragons breathed fire, than you should visit the animal planet website.
(27.03.2005, 21:15)

TV Special:
If you had watched the TV special in its entirety then you would have noticed that the "discovery" of the corpses were just part of the show. IT DIDN'T ACTUALLY HAPPEN. Re-watch the show again if you don't believe me. Another point: if scientists had actually discovered what they believed to be a dragon carcass, you wouldn't be able to turn on the tube without hearing about it for a week at least.
(28.03.2005, 14:06)

proving dragons are real:
fire breathing dragons also known as the acid breathing dinosaur. acid can catch fire at certain heat so if it spat acid in a hot area like a desert than it is feasible that it could have breathing fire i dare u to prove me wrong! if u can ill pay u with everything i own
(28.03.2005, 15:08)

want 2 see sum cool images of dragons than go 2 this site it tells alot about dragons -
(01.04.2005, 15:05)

The comment about maybe all of the cultures just found dino bones and made up dragons is plausable but the similarity in fire breathing wouldnt connect. It makes sense from what was on the Animal Channel, which they didnt really find a dragon. I know it sounds like they did at first but watch the making of thing at the end they say "we came up with this idea of what if we found a frozen dragon"
(02.04.2005, 07:07)

Jerry Violette:
Don't forget the Bible and the book of Job, chap 41. When you read it tell me it's not talking about fire breathing dragons!
(07.04.2005, 07:28)

Dragon Luva:
Um in Star Ocean:Till the End of Time(game) they had an explanation for how dragons breathed fire, that matched up pretty well with the scientists decision, just a coincidence?
(11.04.2005, 10:55)

Volodimir's(go 2 google,type:dragons'click da second 1 down,then see the 1st link down) intro to the book he was going to write(got 2 old...sad...) is awsome,the animal planet thing is amasing,and the book of Job give great evedence!
(20.04.2005, 16:13)

oh, and the Volodimir site explains fire breathing!
(20.04.2005, 16:14)

back to reality:
The animal planet "documentary" is very much fiction and pretty trashy fiction at that. As the previous comment points out, if there were a frozen dragon body found you would probably have to be frozen yourself to avoid the press coverage it would get. Although the programme did provide what some experts cite to be an explanation of how fire breathing might work the majority of the scientific community is still very much of the opinion that a living creature which contains fifty tons of hydrgen and methane gas inside it AND eats platinum for breakfast would be little more than a ticking time bomb, talk about an evolutionary dead end. To answer the comments made concerning dragons' appearances in various mythologies; to conclude that this alone is evidence enough to prove the existance of dragons is tantamount to concluding that because of all the socio and cultural hub-bub ascociated with santa clause during the past five hundred years, that he must also exist.
(28.04.2005, 09:28)

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[20] Some ancient Chinese texts even tell of Australian kangaroos and boomerangs

[21] Auffenberg 1981

[22] Diamond, Jared.  1992.  "The Evolution of Dragons."  Discover  13(12):  72-80.

[23] Wilford, J.N., After 60 years, Scientists Return to Fossil 'Paradise' of the Gobi. Science Times. The New York Times, Tuesday, July 29, 1990, pp. B5 and B8.

[24] (Hecht 1975; Auffenberg  1981; Rich 1985).

[25] Auffenberg 1981


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