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2012: The Year of the Dragon

Far off, unknown, beyond the range of thought,
scarce reached by gods, the years' rough haggard mother,
stands a primeval Cave in whose vast breast,
is Time's cradle and womb. A Serpent encloses,
the Cave, consuming all things with slow power,
and green scales always glinting. Its mouth devours,
the backbent tail as with mute motion it traces,
its beginning. At the entrance Nature sits,
the threshold-guardian, aged and yet lovely,
and round her gather and flit on every side Spirits.
A Venerable Man writes down immutable laws.
He fixes the number of stars in every constellation,
makes some of them move and others hang at rest.
So all things live or die by predetermined laws...
When the Sun rested on the cave's wide threshold,
Nature ran in her might to meet him; the Old Man bent
grey hairs to the proud rays
. [1]

Claudian (c. 370-408), Roman poet

Of all the world's monsters, the dragon appears to be the most universal.  Dragons appear in the early literature of the English, German, Irish, Danish, Norse, Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, and Egyptians - and in oral tales from every inhabited corner of the globe.

The word "dragon" is derived from the Latin dracon, which came from the Greek word for serpent, spakov.  Spakov can be traced to the Greek aorist verb, spakelv meaning "sharp-sighted one" (a reference to the perceived good vision of snakes), and is related to many other ancient words to do with sight, such as darc (Sanskrit for see), derc (Old Irish for eye), torht  (Old Saxon) and zoraht (Old High German) which both mean clear, or bright.

The distinctions between words that describe dragons and snakes are often blurred, and are to some degree interchangeable.  The old German word for dragon, "lindwurm", literally means "snake-worm" The ancient Anglo-Saxon word "wyrm" has been translated as meaning any of "dragon," "serpent," or "worm".  An English folktale which dates back to the early fifteenth century tells of Sir John Lambton battling "the Worm."  The original story makes no mention of this "worm" having legs.  Early pictorial representations of dragons were almost always shown as large snakes, but from the sixteenth century onward images associated with the Lambton story are of four-legged dragons.  We must consider ancient dragons to be more like giant serpents, and less like the more modern fantasy images that we know so well from role-playing games and books like The Hobbit.

The Bible interchanges the words dragon and serpent liberally.

"When the dragon saw that he had been hurled to the earth, he pursued the woman who had given birth to the male child."

"Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away with the torrent. But the earth helped the woman by opening its mouth and swallowing the river that the dragon had spewed out of his mouth."

(Revelation 12:7)

[ A good Biblical description of a dragon can be found at Job 41 ]

The themes of chaos and disaster are often linked to dragon lore, as well as the processes of fertility and re-birth, and the revolutions of the cosmos.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...


Dragons or serpents having importance in the cosmos are present in most ancient cultures.  Also common is the image of a serpent swallowing its own tail. It is commonly known as the Ouroborus/ Uroboros.


The image is from The Chrysopoeia of Cleopatra - an alchemical tome. The words in the centre mean "the all is one".  The dark and light halves represent the same opposing principles as the Chinese yin and yang.


Old Sages by the Figure of the Snake
Encircled thus did oft expression make
Of Annual-Revolutions; and of things,
Which wheele about in everlasting-rings;
There ending, where they first of all begun ..
...These Roundells, help to shew the Mystery
of that immense and blest Eternitie,
From whence the CREATURE sprung, and into whom
It shall again, with full perfection come ... [2]


( image of unknown source)

Rattlesnake Disk of Moundville AL

North American Indians

A ceremonial disk found at Moundville, Alabama, USA (diameter 12.5 inches)

[curious about the eye in the hand? Visit - a very large single page]

The Ouroborus was known as far back as the twenty-first dynasty in Egypt, on the papyrus of Dama Heroub.  It shows up in alchemical texts such as Chrysopoeia and Codex Marcianus, and the Greeks used it to symbolise the universe.  It represents the revolutions of the cosmos, an eternal cycle of destruction and renewal.  It shows catastrophism and the re-emergence of life at its most basic.

Dragon Myths

1. Introduction / Ouroboros
Next >>> 2. African / Scandinavian / Babylonian
3. The Americas
4. Ancient Greece & China
5. DNA & the I Ching
6. Were Dragons Real?

Discuss Survive 2012 at our forum

Give the author your thoughts, and discuss any 2012 ideas with others, at 2012 Forum

Discuss Survive 2012 at our forum

Give the author your thoughts, and discuss any 2012 ideas with others, at 2012 Forum


Comments from Visitors

kana gopal:
i suggest you speak to the brahma kumaris on this topic. they too subscribe to a 5000 year cycle like the mayans & predict a major destruction before earth becomes a paradise. - - write to karuna shetty, their media director at - or check out the website for details on the nearest centre to you.
(06.04.2004, 15:02)

(13.04.2004, 07:36)

Tonui Andrew:
The book of Joel 2:28-31 describes a similar scenerio to what the Maya had foretold. The age of the aquarius could be attributed to the pouring of the holy spirit. For in verse 28-29 it says " And afterwards, I will pour out my spirit on ALL people. Your sons and daughthers will prophecy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even in my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my spirit in those days. - - Quite interesting, a new age is coming.
(22.04.2004, 23:59)

this site is all bogus. sure, mayb somethings going to happen, but the world's not gonna end. i dont care how you make it sound...its all bull. there have been countless people predicting the end of the world, some only to go and kill themselves because they are wrong. and they hav convincing arguments. i dont see how the world could just end by what you are saying. i dont believe it for one second. i think this site is all bogus and the people viewing this site need to really stop and consider how they're wasting their time.
(30.04.2004, 20:46)

Excuse me, there are countless people saying that they world is going to end on Dec. 21, 2012, maybe you shouldn't kill yourself over it but you should concider it because maybe the world will end on this day and maybe you should think about what you want to do until then
(01.05.2004, 13:14)

Just because countless people say that it's going to end for "scientific reasons" doesn't mean it's going to happen. Yeah i'll think about what I want to do until Dec. my life like I already am. I already try to live everyday like it's my last--if you're saying this whole world's gonna end thing is true, then how come you're just going to change ur life around because of it? Shouldn't you already be living like that? Exactly...and just because a lot of people believe this site doesn't make it true...I believe something will possibly happen on Dec. 21, but not the end of the world. Don't you think that's a little extreme? No one knows when the world is going to end, not even scientists, Mayans, and anyone else.
(02.05.2004, 11:49)

the sun will influence magnetic field so the - 2 poles will colapse and we have a new - sunfload in 2012.
(03.05.2004, 13:00)

I'll admit, I'm worried about what happens on 2012. However, I'm still not totally convinced something will happen. I read the details and all, but I really don't get it. Can someone basically tell me in a normal way (not with scientific terms) what is going to happen? Maybe I can understand it better then.
(03.05.2004, 17:45)

came across abnormal time snag in 1998-2000 for all planets (maybe polar shift of saturn?)- - 2012 planets will align w/ sun making linear vortex- also the year when neptune returnes to it's ruling sign pisces. jesus christ was said to be born when all plantes were in their ruling signs and houses, the piscean age, hence the fish symbolic of god. came across a book called the aquarian gospel of jesus christ and it relates to the era of times-following the aquarian era is our present era-the piscean era once again. needless to say, a planetary alignment is researchable yet the mass of linear gravitational force that such an alingment will create - figuring if our moon's gravity effects our tides - what would the combinded force of all the planets plus the sun do to the fabric of space for life as we know it will most definatly change.
(06.05.2004, 03:51)

not just a man:
It sounds like everyone is to busey learning to die and not learning to live. Ther will be a change. Man has distroyed the meaning of life through our own idiotsy and greed. It's all written ther in your history books. All we can do now is understand we all shall perish a horrable death and learn how to live a life we were ment to have. Find this meaning in no book nor church, it is in you and the life all around you. The 7 curses have started. You may not see it but it is happining. So i say good luck to all. Yea and if it dosent happen in 2012 we will sure kill our selves if no changes happen in the near future.
(07.05.2004, 10:40)

The condition of the world is slowly deteriorating. Governments are all fighting with eachother when really everyone should be working together so society can make the transition. Even if the world doesn't go through great physical change, people themselves are going to change the way the think and act. They have to.
(08.05.2004, 00:09)

Xoe Stone:
The concept of an "end" does not and need not mean the end of the world so much as the "end" of an epoch, an age, a specific time in the long history of the Universe and this planet, as well as our own species. We humans often tend to think in "human" and not "geologic" time spans, thus it is often hard for us as individuals and as a species to understand and accept the fact the planet Earth and our species has been through this before and survived. Those people were, in fact, our ancestors, and if they survived then we in this/our time in history can do so as well. - - However, thus far, from all who have spoken in this conversation - none have suggested that the situation and at least a portion of the damage/chaos/upheaval we all believe is coming, is not only within our individual and collective (human) abilities to minimize, but also perhaps to survive in many of the same manners and ways as our ancestors managed it. - - Whether our species remains here or escapes to stars in ships of our own making, none of us is without the skills, abilities, and knowledge to prepare ourselves and others for the times that are coming. Difficult times require difficult solutions, but our ancestors left us with many tools and much knowledge with which we as individuals and as a species can face the coming times. Things may indeed look gloomy for us, but we are far from doomed.
(17.05.2004, 17:23)

Possibly a Renaissance for those who view Exisience as constant change. - Possibly an Apocalypse for those who wish to hold onto the "old" and resist change. - Possibly an expansion of awareness for Humanity and the Planet as a whole, and maybe the whole of Existence. - The "hundredth monkey" theory gives us a better chance of changing with whatever "shifts" may occur. - To make any judgement calls on whether upcoming events will be positive or negative, depends on personal viewpoints. - One can only be now and here (nowhere), in the present moment. - The future will occur, with us or without us, and though foresight is useful, the future cannot be predicted, just as the past cannot be relived. - We can only be in the endless stream of present moments.
(27.05.2004, 03:12)

First of all, I would like to thank the author of this website for all of his hard work and research. I read the entire website about 2 years ago. It kept me very interested and occupied at a boring job. It also tipped my interest as I realized how many true mysteries there still are out there, and countless nations who found proof for their own predictions and calculations. I started researching my own mysteries due to the inspiration from this website and a couple others, and my journey is long from over. Please try not to be so judgemental of the website or the people criticizing it. we are all going through this together and one way or another, we will get through this... together. i have known since i was in elementary school that i was going to live through something huge, that Something was going to happen. the thing is, the future is just potential, we make it happen. we are the planet of evil and darkness, the worst one in the universe. so if you have doubts and fears of things happening in the future, it's okay, it's not meant to be easy, that's why we come here in the first place, to spiritually evolve faster than you are able to anywhere else in the universe. this is what my heart sings in harmony with, yours probably tells you something different, but we need to love each other for our differences and not be so harsh and judgemental and reactive. we need to look within for the answers and trust that we will find them. love yourself. love, a fire dragon.
(30.05.2004, 22:32)

Icarus rising 39:
What has been seen is seen - What has been written is written - What has been will be - The end will be when the end is. - We will walk the path already chosen - Yet not see the path we will choose. - If all those that seek enlightenment are blind - To the beat of their own heart they should - Be quiet and listen to it beating.
(03.06.2004, 16:52)

No need to fear 2012. We are very naive and understand very little of anything outside our current, physical world. If it were all revealed to you, you would not understand... like trying to explain quantum physics to a jellyfish. Simply accept there are mysteries we don't understand, and that myths, evidence of pre-history, etc... may offer just a glimpse of the bigger picture. I await 2012 with interest...
(05.06.2004, 11:10)

Icarus rising 39:
Indeed Theot did I not say that, it is not a fear but a lack of heart.
(05.06.2004, 13:38)

My name is Mary Im 24yr old and I live in Sydney. I had alittle read of you question and the best way I can explain what has been told to me by my guides and what I have read. - - firstly understand this...what ever happens in the sky (planets and their alignments) effects planet earth and therefore effects our subconscious, behavior and feelings etc. - "The kingdom come, the will be done as it is in heaven" Jesus - - In 2012 all the planets as we know will all align together (so picture a straight line of all the planets including the sun) the last time this happened was around 4525 years ago. - This is pretty huge - - But the world is not going to end, its just going to change and it will be change quite rapidly. - - So dose that explain things alittle better?
(10.06.2004, 05:13)

Rob Bast:
Mary: There is no planetary alignment in 2012, but the biblical quote is worth keeping in mind for the supposed galactic alignment that happens in 2012
(10.06.2004, 19:31)

1.The Mayan Calendar(created in August 13, 3114 BC)ends at 23rd December 2012 - the date when they believed the world will end. By the way, the Mayans have the most accurate calendar in the world. - 2.The Mayans have been correct with EVERY prophecy and prediction up to date. - 3. On June 7 2004, Venus crossed the Sun in exact alignment with Earth. Venus will cross into allignment again in 2012. Now that doesn't sound erie but the last time it happened was over 120 years. "This is among the rarest of astronomical events," says's Night Sky Columnist Joe Rao. "Between the years 2000 BC and 4000 AD there are only 81 Venusian transits." - but the weird thing is why does one happen within the same 8 years and regularly happens in over 100 years apart? - 4.The Irish scholar and Anglican archbishop James Ussher (1581-1656) calculated that the date of creation was in the year 4004 BC. - 5.According to Coe, the Book of Chilam Balam of Tizimin, an ancient Mayan book, prophesizes the following about the date December 23, 2012. - - Then the sky is divided - Then the land is raided, - And then there begins - The Book of the 13 Gods. - Then occurs - The great flooding of the Earth. - Then arises - The great Itzam Cab Ain. - The ending of the word, - The fold of the Katun. - That is a flood - Which will be the ending of - the word of the Katun.
(17.06.2004, 22:10)

6. MANY MANY ancient bibles from all around the world have a similar description to the propecy of 2012. - 7.Our galaxy has a centre which all the stars take millions of years to revolve around, and it is located in the starriest part of the Milky Way, as seen from Earth. On four occasions within the 25,800-year cycle our galactic centre aligns with the sunrise of a solstice or equinox. The last time it occurred was on a fall equinox 6,450 years ago, approximately the dawn of Old World civilisations. On Dec 21, 2012, which is a winter solstice (Northern Hemisphere) this centre will align with our sun once more - 8.George Bush must have his own 2012 theories, hence his statement when asked what history will say about him and his Presidency, he replied, "There won't be any history, we'll all be dead". - Does he know something we don't, or is he just an idiot? Both may be true!
(17.06.2004, 22:11)


(17.06.2004, 22:13)

Sorry if it is a little big...
(17.06.2004, 22:14)

I have read in many places that the world will end, or human life anyways, on the year 2012, and I for one believe it. It is the end of the 5,200 year relovation, and life as we know it will cease to exist. But, more life will come after that. The poles shifting, huge asteroids hiting earth, and volanic eruption is predicted. - And SupaChris, good job with all that research :-)
(21.06.2004, 14:44)

the mayans didn't say the world ended on that day, its just that their calendar ends its cycle on that day, like an odometer rolling over from "9999999" miles to "0000000", or perhaps "10000000" .. they had the most accurate calendar known to man since its time beacuse they used the sun, mercury & the moon to calculate time, so it's something to think about.. by no means does it necessarily mean the END, of anything, or perhaps just the end of a played out era.. think about it, everything needs to end at somepoint: your childhood ENDS and you become an adult, etc.. it doesn't mean your child self is "dead" or that it has been destroyed. it's just not what you remain after you transcend it.
(15.07.2004, 22:58)

The Ouroboros, cited in a comment above, refers to an exercise of circulating vital energy through the spine to integrate the psyche. It can be found in many mystical schools, and most recently in a clear and easily practised fashion in the Arica School of Knowledge,
(31.07.2004, 00:06)

spiritually, thier are alot of 'Dragon' spirits showing up, i for one, am one, my dear friend Rain is also one - im not sure if dragons, serpents or whatever you want to call them, could be connected to david ickes information on 'Reptialians' - and ET race which has been around right underneath are nose raising mankind in his image? - i wont bore any one with this but things are possible - could it be possible that, thats why 'serpents' used to be worshipped etc by the aztecs? reptilian ET thing would explain alot....
(03.08.2004, 07:02)

so about REPTILES now. it seems that most cultures around the wold have either made reptiles into gods, or worshiped them as such. i realize that dinosaurs died eons before this even happened, but wouldn't it be more likely that there were still living ones a few thousand years ago? i mean if nelly is real, then lochness could still be a home for one today. so would that possibly have an impact on what they called a god because of it's mysteriousness?
(13.08.2004, 04:15)

the Creator is opposed to chaos. Evil is essentially chaos, goodness is subscription to the natural order. Eventually the world starts to come undone by chaos. "All the thoughts and the imaginations of the hearts of men was evil continually." was said of us before we were destroyed by a flood of water. Those of you who would preen about your enlightened state note that pride is a big of a sin as the foulest murder. Perhaps the Creator is about to restore order.
(15.08.2004, 17:26)

Reality Check:
There is no pissed off "creator" coming to restore order. It is the nature of all systems to expand and collapse. They expand and collapse according to a natural order that humans (at least modern day humans) can't wrap their brains around. The "chaos" we are experiencing in all areas of existence is simply one of the effects of systems (including universal cyclic periods) that have expanded to the point of collapse. The human species is being driven mad by the expansion and pending collapse of all systems...not the other way around. There is no creator that says..."tut tut...bad humans ....must destroy". That is the view of humans who's emotional age is two years old. ..projecting a fierce daddy who will punish us onto the universe. Not true. There are simply endless cycles that move the universe and planets and human civilization. What goes up, always comes down. The Mayans and many other civilzations were wisdom cultures (something our own culture is not) and understood the cycles of time (creation/destruction). Many of the ancient calendars record not only future collapses, but ancient collapses. No God, no Satan, just endless cycles.
(20.08.2004, 20:51)

Loved the comments by "Reality Check" All too true.There are cycles and we are but a small part of the "Big Picture" Most humans still hold on to this we are the center of things mentality.Example 5 years ago if you asked a professional astronomer if theres life in the universe they would have said theres no proof of this.Now these days in our "Modern Age" we now know of at least over 100 different solar systems outside our own.We dont have absolute proof of intelligent life yet but we are getting damn close to that.In a universe thats 14 billion years old and has a population of over 50 billion galaxies ,our own included with a steller population of 400 billion stars I think its fare to say we are small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.We are like scared animals in a cage sometimes driven mad by isolation.We have only ourselves to talk to and this gets a little old after awhile.I cant wait for the day we do have contact with another civilization.We will finally have something new to talk about.I dont subscibe to the angry god comes and wipes out mankind for his sins.I do believe we better get our act together and start learning to cooperate in space before an angry asteroid comes and kicks our butt.To talk about the possibilty of this happening and to do nothing would be the greatest sin of all.
(21.08.2004, 02:49)

dont you think its possible that the end of the 26,000 year cycle is just that, the end of a cycle, just like the end of a year or day or motnh or century or whatever?
(03.11.2004, 19:38)

I beleive the world will "rebuild" itself after the major event happens. The world can't really "end". Woa, I havent looked at this site forever... - Anyways, thanks for reading my proof of the destrustion of life on earth. If you have any comments etc., e-mail me
(13.11.2004, 00:23)

Can all of this collective energy from "commentors" be used a bit more constructively?.. I wonder. Is it possible that all of "us" fabulously researched and connected individuals who seem to "know" our future may possibly be able to use this insight and knowledge on a broader range in order to help educate and guide our "clueless" or possibly "mis guided" fellow human beings toward a brighter future for the betterment of all man-kind? Just a thought - Thank you for the research share!
(28.12.2004, 22:28)

I accept the maya were clever, but didn't they practice human sacrifice in order to prevent what they claim to be inevitable? - The one weak link in all this truth seeking is human speculation. I have no doubt that the universe in its vastness turns as it does, I also have no doubt that we are of little import within it. - This may frighten or offend many and that is perhaps how this whole quest started. - nothing is forever anywhere..only perhaps in our incredulous imaginations.
(14.01.2005, 01:08)

Could you pls instruct me on the meaning of the word Chrysopoeia ? [from Rob Bast: no idea]
(16.01.2005, 17:25)

what ever "Chrysopeia" means there are 797 listings for it in Google. May I suggest you start there. - chrysogerul,chrysolite etc.etc (look in a dictionary) is all pertaining to the colour I sugest you go from there.
(20.01.2005, 22:05)

chrysopeia ..a term used in alchemy ..pertaining to Gold making
(20.01.2005, 22:13)

Think about this one SUPA CHRIS "There won't be any history, we'll all be dead". - The reason G W Bush holds to this view is because ... He is a "born again" Baptist who believes in the "rapture" and the second coming of Christ. This may not make him an idiot but it may as well, it certainly makes him dangerous.
(13.02.2005, 02:55)

hey im righting a paper about the mayans and was wondering if they really made a clock that was only 13 seconds from satillite time?
(22.02.2005, 10:19)

Craig D. E.:
I have a theory.A society (isolated) could advance before others.Look at our own, and how in the past 200 yrs we've gone from horse and buggy to computers and the moon.Just because we know about electricity doesn't mean each of us could build a lightbulb and power it from scratch.If an advanced society did exist and a small portion of those people survived, they would try to educate thier children in thier new dark age state.Unfortunatly the need to survive would out-weigh the need to pass knowledge.Much would be lost, but the need to warn the future peoples would be evident. Signs and warnings have been put in place for us.These are not as clear as they could be, right?It is safe to assume that some of the current languages would survive.So store a wealth of knowledge at some point in space, say in capsules. Program it them to retun to earth at point in the future to utilize this knowledge and rebuild.We have the means and the know-how.It is said that the lost city of Atlantis had airplanes. Could they have been mere decades away from space travel. There are hints of thier survival...math,enginering,agriculture, and so on. Purhaps this was the best they could do to pass on thier knowledge. The meaning behind thier warnings were lost as a result of no written records. If things aren't written down they are forgotten or become folk lore.This is my theory, what do you think?
(25.02.2005, 23:41)

Ive been hearing alot of talk lately that people have discovered a real dragon trapped in ice, like a mammoth would be. im skeptical, but id like to learn more about it. i thought id just share that. i also heard tho that the calandar we use is a few years off, which i find perplexing. it seems my spiritual and intellectual endeavors never end...v.v - Another thing id like to mention is that science only proves the existance of God. thats what i believe, for science can never answer the question of "How we got here" they can figure out a scientific process, but they have yet to figure out how all of this came to be something from what should be nothing. however, i do believe in science, but i beleive that just because science disproves many religious theories meant to explain our universe, that does not mean it disproves God. Infact, religion and science work very well - ...together.
(02.03.2005, 19:40)

Barney Breet:
Fire Breathing Dragons, a myth? Maybe not, too much mention from all corners of the earth over the millennia. Descendants from marine dragons (i.e, Nessie)who survived meteor strike 65 millions of years ago, into the last millennia. (St Georges Dragon?). Not so far farfetched...
(05.03.2005, 15:48)

Templar King:
when dealing with date's especially 2012 - we must consider a few things - first, the year today we know as 2005 is ONLY calander time, not solar/commic time - as used by the ancients. The star of bethlehem has been accuratly dated to 7BC *mars jupitor conjunction 3 times in piceses* - so we are in calander terms 7 years ahead of the real time used by the ancients - which was the stars. Therefor all documented dates from before the gregorian and other calander changes took effect are 7 years past the correct date - meaning: - 2005 in calander years IS 2012 in star years. - As a side note may 28th is the next "star of bethlehem* conjunction, only this time with all 7 planets. So....Get your bottled water or pray or whatever - 2012 is this year!!! - REX MUNDI
(06.03.2005, 08:35)

i really like this site, and lots of you ask cool questions...check this site out, esp. these 2 links i've pasted here...many are asking "where we came from" and this site has quite the mind blowing articles that make you think...check it out - - - - -
(14.03.2005, 17:14)

John Blackburn:
My own theory on dragons and major catastrophes is that there is a tenth planet which periodically swoops in close to the sun, dragging (no pun intended!) an entourage of asteroids/meteorites with it. The incursion of these bodies into our atmosphere would appear as roaring, fiery, snakelike phenomena in the sky. The end result would be smoking caves in hillsides and hot "eggs" scattered around. The obvious explanation--dragons!
(18.04.2005, 14:37)

First of all....humans in technically advanced countries are morons. Most of our lives our based on sex, don't get me wrong I love sex as much as the next guy. We are also the only species that destroys itself. We are idiots. We may be the best off right now, but when the pole shift happens we will not survive. We lack the "savage or basic survival skills." Countries that we consider "third world" will be the ones that prosper. They have not lived with all the things we take for granted, they are still in survival mode. And another thing there is no angry creator, it is just a cycle. People who live by the bible base there lives on a lie, to live by it is like living by Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings. Science has not proved where we come from and neither has religion. If you ask your preacher or priest who created god, he will tell you not to ask, b/c he doesn't know b/c there is no god. I for one think that the rebuilding of the human civilization will be good for us, we have lost all essence of what life really is. We rely too much on material things and what is right and wrong. It is ironic that i say that and am using a computer. Good luck to all when it happens. If you survive pass on to your children the true way of life.
(23.04.2005, 18:21)

The Supreme Atheist:
Whether by galactic forces, cooling of the core, or our own star the Sun, Earth is doomed. Religious people are merely arrogance in human form. Their inability to conceive of a Universe without them is proof of that. To me VV Cephei is God. It's unbelievable size and the effects it will have on Space when it explodes dwarfs any power man attributes to it's imaginary superdeities. I am very happy I am not one of the sheep blindly following priests or reverends without asking even the most basic questions which render religion for what it is, wishful thinking. I sure would like to know what they plan on doing in 70 quadrillion years as they cruise through Eternity. The notion is so absurd it stuns me that so many people profess belief in a god. No superintelligence would be within 500 parsecs of Man, if it was truly intelligent that is. Far more wondrous and exciting that we came from the furnaces of a star long gone Supernova. I am sad that my 12 year wedding anniversary is the so called date of destruction. I truly believe, and have believed for many years that all of us will see terrible things in the years ahead. I think the tsunami was the beginning, but I hope I am wrong. The destruction of Planet Earth is an inevitability and no opinion or theory of Man's will matter in the end. This website is a pleasure to ponder upon, thanks.
(30.04.2005, 01:21)

i think you need to also mention and research kundalini, the "serpent within" and the trancendental force of the hindu vedic meditation tradition represented a serpent that rises from the base of the back to the head.
(31.05.2005, 13:19)

J McCracken:
"Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My"...Has anyone bothered to research the "Celtic Cross"? ( & The "Serpent " (a.k.a. Draconis) is the constellation used by some acient sea faring navigators (Merchant Illuminati?) to tell time (very precisely) in order to find their global position. This would really be a nifty trick (secret advantage) way back when the Earth was still flat. Uh Oh...I hear the Earth is changing shape again (becoming flatter) according to a new corporate philosophy (hyper-communications brings everywhere, everyone and everthing closer and into view). WOW, that sounds almost Celestine...
(25.06.2005, 11:36)

I remember a Simpson's episode when the family went to China to adopt a baby girl for Marge's sister Selma. In this particular episode, there was a dragon flying by the window of their plane. At the very end of the program, there are 3 flying dragons now flying with the plane returning to the US, but they start singing, "American jerks are going home, Now we sleep for a thousand years. When we wake the world will end." (Credits) I found that very creepy. The Simpson's are a very popular show and not just in the US. Do you think that this has anything to do with what may happen in 2012, maybe a sly message from Matt Groening (creator of the simpsons).
(11.09.2005, 20:01)

the aztec symbol is quetzocuatl who is half bird half serpent. The image of him consuming his own tail, i believe, symbolizes infinity. I heard this at a museum when i saw a similar aztec image. It could have been mayan. but nonetheless the guide said it was quetzocuatl
(11.09.2005, 20:55)

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