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Nazca Lines
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Pole Shifts
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 - Velikovsky
 - How could they Shift?
 - Hapgood and Bowles
 - Evidence Part I
 - Evidence Part II

Global Pyramids
 - Middle East / Africa
 - The Americas
 - Europe
 - Asia and Pacific

Patrick Geryl
 - 2012 Polar Reversal
 - North Becomes South

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 - Cosmic Rays
 - 2012: Year of the Dragon

Einstein supported both Hapgood and Velikovsky


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Cosmic Danger Books

Earth Under Fire: Humanity's Survival of the Apocalypse
by Paul LaViolette

Ancient myth and esoteric lore from around the world tell frightening tales of humanity's suffering through destructions by fire and flood, legends of catastrophe so extreme and so pervasive that now we tend to discount them as imaginative exaggerations. Paul LaViolette thought so too, until he discovered an ancient time-capsule cryptogram written in the constellations that relates the Galactic cause of these events. In Earth Under Fire he explains how this scientifically advanced message combines with ancient esoteric lore to alert us to a cyclical cosmic disaster-one that could recur today virtually without warning

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The Orion Prophecy: Will the World Be Destroyed in 2012 by Patirck Geryl & Gino Ratinckx

Will the world be destroyed in 2012 ?
Prophecies from the Maya and the Old Egyptians

In the year 2012 the Earth awaits a super catastrophe: its magnetic field will completely reverse in one go. Phenomenal earthquakes and tidal waves will destroy our civilization. Europe and North-America will shift thousands of kilometres northward and end up in a polar clime. Nearly the whole Earth's population will perish in the apocalyptic events.

These predictions stem from the Maya and Egyptians. They are descendants of the legendary Atlantis, which is currently buried under the South Pole. The Atlanteans had highly evolved astronomical knowledge and were able to exactly predict the previous worldwide flood in 9792 BC. They built tens of thousands of boats and escaped to South-America and Egypt.

The authors launch this world-shattering message after having cracked several ancient star codes (that are over 10,000 years old) of crucial importance to civilization as we approach the year 2012. In that year Venus, Orion and several other stars will take the same 'code-positions' as in 9792 BC, the year of the previous cataclysm!

But there is more. For thousands of years historical sources have told of a forgotten time capsule of ancient wisdom located in a massive labyrinth. They speak of secret chambers filled with artefacts and documents from the previous flood. This 'Hall of Records' was created by this antediluvian race and the Old Egyptians, who held strong apocalyptic beliefs and wanted to preserve their accomplishments and wisdom for posterity.

Geryl & Ratinckx have established to locate this famous labyrinth. The authors prove their points with extensive scientific and archaeological research. The excavation of this time capsule will have enormous implications, archaeologists and scientists will see it as an invaluable insight into the technologies of a hitherto undiscovered race... if they proceed in time!

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