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The Bast Theory


There are two obvious camps whenever Ancient Mysteries are debated - those that cite a lack of hard physical evidence, and those that trust their instincts. Prime examples are the pyramids and flood myths. These were global phenomenons in ancient times, and the similarities appear obvious to the layman, which is why so many books on the subjects are published and sold. Serious academics, who went through university adhering to strict scientific principals, will argue that there isn't enough evidence to show that ancient societies were in contact with each other. Flood myths apparantly arose from local flooding, and global pyramids... it's all just a coincidence, they say.

It is as if 100 people witnessed a murder, and knew the murderer personally. The murderer fled. Each witness told their children, who in turn told their children. Amazingly, two generations later, the murderer returns to hand himself in. Hundreds of grandchildren of the original witnesses know who he is and that he is guilty, because of the details they had been told. But he will not be punished, because there is no physical evidence, and no original witnesses.

There is little likelihood of anything surviving the ravages of time unless it was specifically designed to do so. Even today, we are finding that we are unable to contain nuclear waste forever, and settle for a few hundred years of safety ( see here ). Ancient texts like the Dead Sea Scrolls have come to us only through a fluke of circumstances.

In the search for answers I have decided that starting with evidence and then developing theories is the wrong path. There is unlikely to ever be enough definitive evidence, and if there was, scientists and academics are the best qualified to do so. So I have begun with a theory, based on instinct and obviousness, and am now trying to gather enough proof to convince the majority of humans that are sane, regular people. I have little desire to change the opinions of academics, but I have respect for some of their methods and standards - where appropriate I will choose to quote academics over laymen, and as much as possible I will provide verifiable references for anything I find. Which means any mentions of Zacharia Sitchin or Erich von Daniken are unlikely, regardless of how well meaning and intelligent they appear to be.

I also choose not to mention UFOs. I wouldn't be too surprised if we had alien visitors from time to time, but evidence is lacking. And it would be difficult for me to remain a non-fiction author with the number of possibilities they allow.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

The Starting Point

In its purest form my theory is based on these assumptions:

  • Ancient cultures communicated with each other in some way
  • Mysterious Elders have appeared from time to time to guide us
  • Pyramids and mounds had a purpose other than burying royalty
  • Evolution doesn't generally occur in small stages
  • Global cataclysms have occurred within the last 12,000 years
  • Our galactic neighbourhood could be more dangerous than is commonly acknowledged

These assumptions are certainly not unique, and many books have been written on each, with perhaps the last being debated less often than the others.

The Theory

In One Sentence: Every so often a force from space causes global cataclysms and mass mutations.

  • The Anicent Mayan Calendar ends in 2012. We would be very foolish to ignore this warning, a doomsday date that may have been given to the Maya by others
  • Pole shifts have occurred in the past and will occur again. There is no known terrestial mechanism that can cause pole shifts, so the trigger could well be extra-terrestial. With the universe being the mystery that it is, we should accept that anything is possible.
  • Mass extinctions and rapid evolution occur at the same time as cataclysms. Rapid evolutionary change can only be achieved via extremely high rates of mutations, and by mutations that are not random. Unicorns and dragons once actually existed, they were mutant strains that didn't survive very long.
  • Cosmic rays cause mutations. A huge influx of cosmic rays would cause high rates of mutations. Although scientists are unsure about where all the cosmic rays come from, the source might be the same as what powers the pole shifts.
  • The ancients were aware of the dangers of cosmic rays and cataclysms and encoded information about them into their calendars, myths and monuments. I also believe that pyramids may have been designed as cosmic ray shelters.

All of these topics are, or will be, dealt with in-depth within these pages.

Why am I investigating these ideas?

As a human it is not surprising that I like humans. I don't want them to be wiped out. And I prefer them just how they are, as opposed to any mutant strain that might occur. The Mayan end-date is not far off, and if it happens to be the date of the next cataclysm, I would like to help some of us to prepare, and survive.

Discuss Survive 2012 at our forum

Give the author your thoughts, and discuss any 2012 ideas with others, at 2012 Forum


Comments from Visitors

Errr...Bobby, in your efforts to be the control freak that you are, didn't you just forget to DELETE my comment above? C'mon, you're slipping! [Rob replies: "control freak", well it is my site after all. An admission of being vindictive adds light to any other posts you may make]
(15.12.2004, 13:39)

I think visions of cataclysms from movies, tv shows, video games, books and the like are a way to prepare us for the end. I would not know whether to tell the public if a global catastrophe is about to happen. In the movie "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact" (in both) the NASA sends a rocket to destory the an asteriod that's dangerously approaching the Earth. I just found out a rocket is being sent to land on an asteroid to take samples of its surface. What do you think? Am I watching too much tv?
(21.12.2004, 23:47)

Rachel K:
That Mark of the Beast/ID chip thing isn't true, just check I've heard variations on this theme with more vampires mixed in, like we're supposed to evolve into vampires or something. Of course, the kid who told me about all this thought he was a vampire and had been born in 1950 (he was 19, and this was a few years ago).
(26.12.2004, 16:03)

Many of times i have been very RUDE and UNPLEASANT too Jehovahs wittnesses when they came knocking at my door, however i did give them the chance to"explain" if you like there theory of "the end of this system of thing" and the dates they have caluculated. I would be very intrested in hearing from you and too give me your opinion on theyre theory
(29.12.2004, 20:21)

Mrs r smith:
Hello everyone i have just been directed to this web, i find it very intresting i will be doing some of my own research cuase at the end of the day words are cheap. I do have a question for you mister Bast dont u think that if the infomation you are giving happens to be true then you should be sharing "survive 2012" with everyone in the 150-200 languages throw out the world free of charge. I dont think that kind of infomation should have a price too it do you Mr Bast? And anyway if your theory was also true, what would you do wth the profit from selling your infomation on how to survive if the world is going end in 2012. [from Rob: how am I making money? Feel free to translate my work yourself.]
(29.12.2004, 20:34)

lets say the mayan end date is correct that would mean that the starting signs should be evident now the earthquake and tsunami in asia also if the end is 2012 that would mean religous wise a majority of us will be gone in 2005 considering the fact that christ comes then seven years pass and christ comes again then its over well 2012 minus 2005 equals 7 so christs first coming is in 2005 and then again in 2012. if not deleted i hope all of you take this into consideration right your wrongs and live everyday as its going to be your last
(30.12.2004, 13:18)

H.K. people:
Asia EarthQuake is 2012 years The End Of World Have Happen . - I Belive 2005 years Have Very Big Happen !!!!!
(03.01.2005, 02:40)

Im not a Jehovahs Witness but i do understand what they are preaching. The history of man has been involved in a legal case concerning Jehovahs "right to rule". Satan asked the question "Does Jehovah have the right decide what is acceptable and what is unacceptable? Does He have the right to punish those He finds to be wrong doers? Just because He created all things does that give him the right to judge?". So God give Satan a day in court so to speak, to prove his case. Is creation better off without Jehovah and His laws? All the prophesies and signs point to the end of this "day in court" when Satans case will be proven wrong and Jehovah will be proven right. 1914 is the generation that will see the end of the system of things. In the year 2014 they will be 100 years old. Most people do not live that long..
(04.01.2005, 00:24)

After reading the comments and the information/theories you are trying to present, I wanted to wish you all the best. I am actually amused at this point that people are only now beginning to worry about these things. Many of us have known/had theories/or have been studying various subjects you are including in your book. What I would like to question, is exactly what your position on the outcome is. The world is not going to end per say, but what I and others have discussed is 1) Weather changes will continue to cause increased natural disasters, crop failures, decreased drinking water supplies, famine. 2) Much of these are as a result of the pollutants we have put into the air, soil, water, our bodies, and into space. 3) There is going to be a new spiritual/psychic awareness. Some people have already begun tapping in and many more will follow as the time grows closer. 4)12/21/12 is only the beginning of the major changes. 5) There will be another large war after this occurance. 6) The world population after all is said and done should be only 20-25% of what is currently is. 7)The world map will look very different as many land masses will move/disappear. There is so much more and what you are writing about only scratches the surface. But as the time grows closer, you should see an increase in traffic to your site, however, I feel it will probably be too late for most. Much success to you on your quest.
(04.01.2005, 06:11)

It'll probabably be too late for you Christine...Get off the drugs and get a grip.
(07.01.2005, 07:58)

"Anon" lol i have to agree with you there.. get off from what ur on and come down to earth and face the REAL facts. Maybe you to scared to realize what bast says might just be true....
(08.01.2005, 11:26)

I for one think this bulletin board has gotten out of hand and should be shut down, or be open to registered users only. It wastes time to go through all the gargbage people post, those who DON'T believe the world will end in 2012! We need to have our own private furum with a Moderator, because we all need each other in the Last Days which have been prophesised for so long. Ahhh,sweet, beautiful 2012! Such sweetness when the Earth shall finally be no more. I am really looking forward to it and the beauty is I won't even have to spend any money on funeral arrangements since the entire poulation of the worlsd will be dead, anyway. And I believe all these truths to be true because it's so patently obvious from all the credible sources and scientific evidence provided here by Mr. Bast that the worls has had all these prior cataclysms, it's a wonder we're here today. I just hope we don't nuke ourselves before 2012, or it will spoil the Prophecy of the End in 2012! Let's keep our fingers crossed and meditate on that lovely day of 12-21-12 when all shal be no more.
(10.01.2005, 14:34)

12-21-12....RUSH....(SEE:360 AS OPPOSED TO 365 YEAR SPANCE... - Lance - p.s.(2013)Thank you
(13.01.2005, 06:25)

Hey Anon. There are no drugs involved and I'm not to late. Instead of bashing people who don't agree with you, or have different ideas, maybe you ought to open up your mind to other possibilities to broaden your own understanding. It's people like you that the earth needs to rid herself of, and please let me be the first person to say farewell, you won't be missed.
(13.01.2005, 22:30)

Linx Arakuta:
More information on the entities of 2012 can be obatained by contacting my email.
(15.01.2005, 13:24)

I see bobby's been bust deleting things he doesn't "aprove" of! What an important job you have bobby! [from Rob Bast: as I keep saying, it is my site, and at least I put a name to what I write]
(19.01.2005, 02:49)

Anon you are in denial! You know there is a lot of truth on this site! Otherwise you would't be posting here every day. Just accept it, what you fear the most is always very close to the truth. (fear leads to anger and anger to hate, the dark side of the force)
(31.01.2005, 04:34)

if anyone needs info assuming there will be anyone left in the aftermath or anything go to or possibly its useful
(03.02.2005, 09:56)

Yei Ozomahtli:
Your premise is false, the Maya never predicted the end of the world in 2012, absolutaley not, what ends in the year 2012 is the long count and since you obviously have no idea what that implies all you can do is join forces with idiots like Arguelles to promote some really absurd scenario. The problem you and the people that believe you have is one of tremendous eurocentrism and mesianic miopism. Perhaps you should entertain living in the Maya lands like a mayan indian and hubling yourself at their temples, maybe then you could understand not the Lonc Count but just how idiotic your presumption of knowing what the ancient Olmec created, since it wasn't even the Maya but the Olmec who came up with the long count..
(09.02.2005, 17:27)

Dear Yei...please elaborate on the true meaning of the long count...those of us raised in a eurocentric environment can only learn through the kindness of those who have something to teach rather than using their words to intrigue and tantalize. I really do want to hear what you know. It is fairly obvious that Something Large looms on the meta/physical horizon...please share
(10.02.2005, 19:17)

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