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The Bast Theory


There are two obvious camps whenever Ancient Mysteries are debated - those that cite a lack of hard physical evidence, and those that trust their instincts. Prime examples are the pyramids and flood myths. These were global phenomenons in ancient times, and the similarities appear obvious to the layman, which is why so many books on the subjects are published and sold. Serious academics, who went through university adhering to strict scientific principals, will argue that there isn't enough evidence to show that ancient societies were in contact with each other. Flood myths apparantly arose from local flooding, and global pyramids... it's all just a coincidence, they say.

It is as if 100 people witnessed a murder, and knew the murderer personally. The murderer fled. Each witness told their children, who in turn told their children. Amazingly, two generations later, the murderer returns to hand himself in. Hundreds of grandchildren of the original witnesses know who he is and that he is guilty, because of the details they had been told. But he will not be punished, because there is no physical evidence, and no original witnesses.

There is little likelihood of anything surviving the ravages of time unless it was specifically designed to do so. Even today, we are finding that we are unable to contain nuclear waste forever, and settle for a few hundred years of safety ( see here ). Ancient texts like the Dead Sea Scrolls have come to us only through a fluke of circumstances.

In the search for answers I have decided that starting with evidence and then developing theories is the wrong path. There is unlikely to ever be enough definitive evidence, and if there was, scientists and academics are the best qualified to do so. So I have begun with a theory, based on instinct and obviousness, and am now trying to gather enough proof to convince the majority of humans that are sane, regular people. I have little desire to change the opinions of academics, but I have respect for some of their methods and standards - where appropriate I will choose to quote academics over laymen, and as much as possible I will provide verifiable references for anything I find. Which means any mentions of Zacharia Sitchin or Erich von Daniken are unlikely, regardless of how well meaning and intelligent they appear to be.

I also choose not to mention UFOs. I wouldn't be too surprised if we had alien visitors from time to time, but evidence is lacking. And it would be difficult for me to remain a non-fiction author with the number of possibilities they allow.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

The Starting Point

In its purest form my theory is based on these assumptions:

  • Ancient cultures communicated with each other in some way
  • Mysterious Elders have appeared from time to time to guide us
  • Pyramids and mounds had a purpose other than burying royalty
  • Evolution doesn't generally occur in small stages
  • Global cataclysms have occurred within the last 12,000 years
  • Our galactic neighbourhood could be more dangerous than is commonly acknowledged

These assumptions are certainly not unique, and many books have been written on each, with perhaps the last being debated less often than the others.

The Theory

In One Sentence: Every so often a force from space causes global cataclysms and mass mutations.

  • The Anicent Mayan Calendar ends in 2012. We would be very foolish to ignore this warning, a doomsday date that may have been given to the Maya by others
  • Pole shifts have occurred in the past and will occur again. There is no known terrestial mechanism that can cause pole shifts, so the trigger could well be extra-terrestial. With the universe being the mystery that it is, we should accept that anything is possible.
  • Mass extinctions and rapid evolution occur at the same time as cataclysms. Rapid evolutionary change can only be achieved via extremely high rates of mutations, and by mutations that are not random. Unicorns and dragons once actually existed, they were mutant strains that didn't survive very long.
  • Cosmic rays cause mutations. A huge influx of cosmic rays would cause high rates of mutations. Although scientists are unsure about where all the cosmic rays come from, the source might be the same as what powers the pole shifts.
  • The ancients were aware of the dangers of cosmic rays and cataclysms and encoded information about them into their calendars, myths and monuments. I also believe that pyramids may have been designed as cosmic ray shelters.

All of these topics are, or will be, dealt with in-depth within these pages.

Why am I investigating these ideas?

As a human it is not surprising that I like humans. I don't want them to be wiped out. And I prefer them just how they are, as opposed to any mutant strain that might occur. The Mayan end-date is not far off, and if it happens to be the date of the next cataclysm, I would like to help some of us to prepare, and survive.

Discuss Survive 2012 at our forum

Give the author your thoughts, and discuss any 2012 ideas with others, at 2012 Forum


Comments from Visitors

Think about it: 12/20/2012 (approximately). Very symetrical. I would not be surpised at all if a pole shift occurs around this time. Hopefully, modern technology will help keep human tragedy to a minimum if/when this occurs.... [depends on which calendar you use - Rob Bast]
(30.04.2005, 12:19)

No amount amount of physical evidence will ever convince a majority of earth inhabitants of the coming changes. Individuals will need to learn to trust their instincts increasing their ability to follow their own connection to REALITY until they are able to grow up and serve a REality beyond their own little internal worlds.
(02.05.2005, 21:32)

Sedna could not effect our orbit. It is so small it is not evenclassified as a planet. if it came near earth then it would simply continue around the sun, since our grvity only extends to a certain distance. it would actually have to pass between the moon and us to effect our orbit, and if it was an orbit of 10500 years, it would have hit us several thousand times already. and, the next pole change isn't due for about ten thousand years. if it did come, it won't matter. all a pole change is is when the north star changes. it won't affect us hugely, except maybe a big scientific scramble if there are any changes
(06.05.2005, 14:56)

L. Cranston:
Robert, - - You have an interesting site. It is well done and covers a large amount of material. One thing seems to be absent. Have you read the Kolbrin? I think it would fit right in. LC [from Rob: It looks like fiction to me, but if anyone is willing to read it all and find relevant quotes, I'll consider it]
(13.05.2005, 13:19)

Harold the Tiger:
I don't get how UFO's are more fiction then "unicorns and dragons"! Can you explain to me how that works out? [what I mean is, unicorns are unicorns, but UFOs could be anything, mean anything, and they are too difficult to assess - Rob]
(14.05.2005, 13:57)

read the Orion Prophecy, it talks all about 2012 and these researchers went to the pyramids of giza which are aligned perfectly with the orion belt , all of the pyramids have 5degree angles and there is a labryinth holding many ancient texts , there will be a magnetic shift and we need to figure out the best place to ride out the global catastrophes
(28.05.2005, 19:06)

well......2012 is a very hard to put your finger on. terrence mckenna dicovered a link between the i-ching and the mayan 2012 thing.......heres a good site to get a good idea!
(04.06.2005, 23:40)

Bob Stone:
every 65 million years or so the solar system pass through the galactic plan. our next tresspassing will be in 2012. The galactic plan is the most dense part of the galactic disk. that will be the best time for something to run into us, or us to run into something. - simple as that.
(16.06.2005, 17:44)

you had me going till you started talking about unicorns and dragons
(02.07.2005, 11:04)

Tecun Uman:
I have just read about the topic I discussed earlier. (How 2012 may not be "THE END OF THE WORLD" or "THE END OF OUR SPECIES" but perhaps a GOLDEN AGE for our world) Click on my name and it will take you to the website. If it does not work simply copy paste this: - - - and heres another: - - - The last one however also relates to a cataclysimic end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it-and-I-feel-fine event
(03.07.2005, 13:01)

7 years until 2012... - The interesting thing is that the Chinese Zodiac, the dragon is on that same year. Perhaps 2012 is the year we become "GOLDEN" or enlightened. All I know is we don't know a lot about the Maya, heck, we don't even know why they left their great cities.
(03.07.2005, 13:05)

Joe Randazz:
Ok people, lets get one thing perfectly clear: We are not in control of anything!(cosmicly speaking). We can speculate, ponder, guess, premonate, research past speculations, premonitions, ponderings and guesses all we like. Realistically, ALL PLANETS GET BOMBARDED FROM TIME TO TIME BY SPACE DEBRIS. It could happen tomorrow, next week or not for another 100,000 years. Unless you have your own "hubble" and a vast knowledge of the stars and galaxies including comet and meteor tracking, you will never know when it will happen. Governments WILL NOT allow the knowledge of an event like a major collision from space to be made public until the absolute last minute possible. The reasons are obvious (mass looting, mayhem, etc.). So, except for entertainment and personal knowledge, the study and reading of these events is really insignificant in our daily lives. My words of advice: if you care about the end of the world and its effect on you or your kin then read, read some more and prepare yourself however you feel necessary. If you don't care about the end of the world then live your life the way you want to (you wouldn't be reading this anyway). In both cases, love yourself, your family, your friends and your neighbors. Be good. Do good things. Think good thoughts. Contribute to your community in a positive way and all will be good in your world.
(05.07.2005, 22:03)

You are ALMOST right. The Pyramids were intended to reflect cosmic rays. I do not think that they are now operational due to the poor state of repair. It is unfortunate we are denied access to the info that is under the sphinx, as that is how to make the Pyramids once more operational. As well as other data as to why we are here and our role in the cosmic scheme of things.
(08.07.2005, 00:54)

I like your site. Just a suggestion but take a look at this from all possible angles and include in your studies the Pyramid at Giza, Stonehenge, the constellation of Orion, crop circle evidence, gematria and Bible prophecy. You might change your thoughts on what will happen in 2012. Good luck and happy hunting!
(10.07.2005, 21:47)

Lora Reynolds:
Has anyone heard of gravity changing along with polar shifting, with the posibility of moving heavy objects similarily as one moves heavy objects through water? And what about the equator? Is it less effected than the rest of earth during polar shifting?
(16.07.2005, 13:19)

Knowledge - In the Indian time cycle's known as yuga's we are in the current Kali yuga which is known for the lowest moral standards for people out of the four cycle's. Interestingly this cycle is about to end. The earth has and will continue to go through destruction. This is the way it is. Unfortunatly people like to turn a blind eye to it. They treat it like death and dont think about it. When the reality finally come's to them it's to late. If anything, regardless of weather a pole shift or asteriod strike's you should be at peace with yourself. Having read dozen's of books on this subject I can say one thing,I have changed the way I live. Should I perish I know I have lived a good life and treated people well. Should nothing happen I have bettered myself as a human. If everybody take's this course of action the world will be a better place. Should a event not happen we will usher in a new era regardless becouse we have changed our state of mind. Please think of it in these terms. The mind is more powerful then we give it credit.Fear will only create more fear. Prepare yourself but not with supplies and material things, but with thought and treatment of your neighbor and you will survive regardless.
(28.07.2005, 13:38)

why do you have a picture of machu pichu on the front page? thats not very mayan. I'm not trying to bash your work in any way, i completely respect you; but that sort of put me off.
(03.08.2005, 00:21)

Ok, I had to leave my own ideas about 2012 here, after reading what other have left. Let me begin with my personal belief. I do believe that something is coming down on or around 2012. I also believe our governments are well aware of this, but refuse to give info in fear of causing a panic. Nowm will there be an astroid, comet or will things be like Y2K nothing happened. I believe that what ever is happening , has to go with climate change, big time changes! If you pay attention, you will see that much is happening. There has been many shows on TV to do with climate change, I am talking about the history channel weather channel and various other channels. I think they are giving us warnings,sutle hints. The wheels are beginning to turn. I believe as wre approch 2012 or whatever date things are really going to start changing. I think its best to head the warnings sutle or not. Red Cross had a whole show on emergeencies, weather emergencies, and said to prepare. I thinkpeople, its time to prepare. Whatever is cooking you dont want to be unprepared! I find it better to be prepared than not!
(10.08.2005, 05:24)

Prof, put down the joint and buy a clue. Nothing is coming at us from space. Why don't YOU do your research:
(12.08.2005, 02:41)

Michael Hendrix:
If you really want the public to listen, just tell it as a discovery. Once you start saying you want to save the human race, people stop listing. You even had me laughing with dragon and unicorns. Dragons could have been real, but it is a bad way to get new people interested. Stating possibilities as facts is simply a bad idea. Your paper would have more of an effect if you just presented it as a theory.
(19.08.2005, 15:40)

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